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Welcome to the 259th edition of Phish.Net's Mystery Jam Monday, the fifth, last, and hardest MJM of January. The winner will receive an MP3 download code courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. To win, be the first person to identify the songs and dates of the four mystery clips – these clips are connected by a theme, but the theme needn't be part of the correct answer. Each person gets one guess – if no one guesses correctly, I will post a hint on Tuesday around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, after which each person gets one more guess before I reveal the correct answer on Wednesday around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. As always, no sharing or trading of answers is allowed. Good luck!

Answer: Congrats to @12_29_97_4eva, who wins his second consecutive MJM (and fifth overall) by correctly identifying the 9/22/99 Ghost, the 11/16/97 Timber, the 12/9/94 Tweezer, and the 11/14/97 Twist – these jams were played in the states that meet at Four Corners. Special thanks to fellow MJM Emeritus, @WayIFeel, for helping out with this week's MJM – the Four Corners theme was his other idea during the MJM Emeritus Challenge last summer. Given the clips and the theme, I am shocked it didn't even make it to the hint! Stay tuned for MJM260 on Monday, where we'll see a precipitous drop in difficulty as we kick off February in style.


, comment by 12_29_97_4eva
12_29_97_4eva Argh! I've got three of four. I'm certain of the theme. But I have to go to work. #firstworldproblems
, comment by 12_29_97_4eva
12_29_97_4eva Alright, I've got it. I'll hand it to ucpete. There were multiple potential themes in this incredibly challenging MJM. I got clips two and four fairly quickly - they both reeked of Fall '97 and both came from jams I didn't know well. As a result, I checked shows with which I was less familiar and nabbed them (clip 2 - 11/16/97 Timber, overshadowed by the following night's show, and clip 4 - 11/14/97 Twist, overshadowed by...well, maybe I just missed this show in the pantheon of greats from Fall '97).

So now I'm going in multiple directions. Are the clips all from Fall '97? Clip 1 suggests maybe (although I smelled '99), but Clip 3, like Mike, says no. It's obvious the clip is from an earlier era. Do all the songs start with T? Maybe...

Then I notice 11/16/97 was played in Denver, CO and 11/14/97 in West Valley City, UT - two of the four states that make up the four corners. To prove if my theory has any merits, I go immediately to the '99 shows in the southwest and lo and behold, I come across the great Ghost of Las Cruces, NM (9-22-99).

Three for four! I'm confident I have the theme and start poking around early Arizona shows. For whatever reason, after searching unsuccessfully through a couple of shows, I start questioning myself. There's a potential alternate theme here and maybe the Four Corners thing is a ruse! Here's what I had:

Clip 1 - Ghost
Clip 2 - Timber
Clip 3 - ?
Clip 4 - Twist

Could the missing clip be a song that starts with "B" and the theme Good Times Bad Times? I mean, it's been quite a week, hasn't it?

But no, I stuck with the Four Corners hunch until the end and uncovered the third clip, the 12/9/94 Tweezer.

Ucpete, hell of a job. This was not easy.
, comment by illbuyyouaewe
illbuyyouaewe @12_29_97_4EVA you have restored my faith in humanity. nice win.
, comment by ucpete
ucpete Most of the 11/14/97 video is in circulation (FEFY > end; only Jim, Gumbo > Maze missing):

Clip #4 starts at 1:30:12. Anyone who hasn't listened to 11/14/97 is highly encouraged to, in addition to every other show from Summer '97 through Summer '98!

Nice job @12_29_97_4eva – can't believe this one didn't make it to the hint!
, comment by runlikecarini
runlikecarini No way.... I started with 94 because of that third clip and I like to go backwards so 12/9/94 was one of the first shows I checked. I can't believe I missed it. Realistically it saved me hours though haha
, comment by metawhy
metawhy hell yea 12_29_97!!!

that twist from 11-14-97 is pretty epic, as is that ghost from 9-22-99!
, comment by sethadam1
sethadam1 Incredible win. Nicely done @ucpete and @12_29_97_4EVA. Impressive on all ends.
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