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Top 8 Doniac Schvices

8. Summer 1995

7. Fall Foliage Spectacular!

6. That one where they reveal the lyrics to YEM

5. Early-to-Mid-Late 1997

4. Passover 1996

3. Election 2000

2. Summer 1995 Limited Remaster

1. That one where Mike’s Corner is really weird

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, comment by aburtch
aburtch Wasn't #1 like...all of them?
, comment by Rick_like_an_Antelope
Rick_like_an_Antelope This whole countdown thing?

It's working.
, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd I like the one with the advertisement to a related entity:

, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd Or the issue that announces exciting new projects:

, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd Or something to do next summer:

, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd And especially where the band tells us what kind of music they play. Or what happens if you don't keep promises:

, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd How many people are Mike?

, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd The "Tiny Edition" really should have been included in this list. Because, Science.

, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd Just, WTF ... ?

, comment by Hendrix_Phishinfloyd
Hendrix_Phishinfloyd This count down thing is scratching me right where I itch! I'm guessing it's a count down of the top 10 largest states in America, so they'll be playing a festival in Alaska!!
, comment by ColForbin
ColForbin Image
, comment by Dianna_2Ns
Dianna_2Ns Image
, comment by Lemuria
Lemuria @johnnyd said:
Just, WTF ... ?
Find success at every turn with new electric fish.
, comment by paulj
paulj @johnnyd said:
How many people are Mike?

My favorite Mike's alias has always been "Whodo McDont" (revealed in an Indianapolis newspaper interview many years ago.)
, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd How does one rank issues with a cliffhanger?


, comment by bertoletdown
bertoletdown @Lemuria said:
@johnnyd said:
Just, WTF ... ?
Find success at every turn with new electric fish.
Look, there's no need to bring iambic pentameter into this.
, comment by dreamed_a_dream
dreamed_a_dream the ones with brad sands' collumn were just THE WORST
, comment by Imaphan
, comment by goatsticks
goatsticks this keeps getting weirder and weirder....
, comment by ObviousFool
ObviousFool Where can I get back issues of the Schvice? @johnnyd?
, comment by Mr_Draned
Mr_Draned I would take any issue!
, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd Not sure, @ObviousFool. Mine are OG. But mostly have order pages ripped out. Note, also, the markups on June '95, above.

I think at one point they were including random issues with drygoods orders, or maybe even selling bunches? Plus, I think I've seen a limited market place of w00ks clearing inventory in some poster groups and what not.

There are some pdf uploads out there too: />
Of course, if you want one of the top 8 issues, those cost extra.
, comment by Piper72
Piper72 How about the one they come out with THIS SUMMER? Just sayin'. :)
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