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Top 11 “R” Songs

11. “Rip This Joint” – Hella-kinky musing on the delicious pain of mutual, consenting shoulder dislocation.

10. “Runaway Jim” – Ever wonder what happens when you put Old Man Jim in a tractor tire and roll him down a big hill? Spoiler alert: SPLAT!

9. “Ride Me High” – I mean, ride me any way you want. Just saying it might be better if we were both a little high, is all.

8. “Roggae” – This lilting Phish original honors the author of the Jamaican Thesaurus, who was tragically and fatally mauled by a circus bear.

7. “Ramble On” – This is the song that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to write The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

5. “Ramble On, Rose” – This song consists of 100 verses in ragtime that, like “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” really leave you wanting more.

4. “Ramblin’ Man” – They couldn’t even pull over onto the shoulder of Highway 41 and let Dickey’s poor mom give birth in a hollow or something instead of the fume-laden back seat of a moving Greyhound? Chrissakes, the 1920s were brutal.

3. “Rhinoceros” – William Corgan’s touching paean to the endangered, gentle giant of the African steppe. Or perhaps the Spearmint Rhino gentlemen’s club franchise. No one really knows, and Corgan isn’t saying.

2. “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” – Other than “B-A-N-A-N-A-S” by Gwen Stefani, name a better spelling song than this one. You can’t do it. N-O-P-E.

1. “Run the Jewels” – This raunchy banger was the single on the debut album Run the Jewels by Vermont rappers and frequent Phish collaborators Run the Jewels.

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, comment by Mr_Draned
Mr_Draned Nice list, but what about "Red House?"
, comment by bigperm
bigperm You forgot "Rollin' With My Homies"

, comment by ColForbin
ColForbin Image
, comment by EdwardGRobinson
EdwardGRobinson Really?
Rather read reasonably
relevant reviews regarding
ridiculous raging.
, comment by Mr_Draned
Mr_Draned My apologies if my post was misconstrued as dissing the list.
The list is great, end of story.
, comment by EdwardGRobinson
EdwardGRobinson Me too. I just wanted to use 11 "R" words.
, comment by ProfJibboo
ProfJibboo John Mellencamp disagrees with this list.

, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd N-O-P-E ???
How about
g-l-o-R-i-a !!!
, comment by Rick_like_an_Antelope
Rick_like_an_Antelope 12. Rift* - a song about the San Andreas fault line, and the impending doom of the big one.

*New verses to be debuted at The Forum near the end of Tour.
, comment by hobartian
hobartian you made a mistake --- "Run Like Hell"
not sure how that doesn't make the list
, comment by JesusFreak
JesusFreak Weird post. Don't have much to say about it except that JRR Tolkien did not write "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." LOL
, comment by Hendrix_Phishinfloyd
Hendrix_Phishinfloyd List needs a Reprise
, comment by curleyfrei
curleyfrei Good lord... did we really need an ENORMOUS "11" image for this? ;)
, comment by UbiquitousSmokey
UbiquitousSmokey ::nods to 6-3-11::
, comment by PhreePhish
PhreePhish I thought it was odd.
, comment by IM_SORRY
, comment by RobPJohnson3
RobPJohnson3 If you don't realize the Tolkien/Narnia mixup was a joke, there are probably a lot of other things in this clever, funny post that went right over your head.

I enjoyed it. Not every article on this site needs to be serious music discussion. It was entertaining and worth my 5 minutes.
, comment by mikh2wg

Another contender for best spelling song ever.
, comment by MarcoEsc
MarcoEsc One of my two favorite spelling songs:

, comment by MarcoEsc
MarcoEsc Do I have to spell it out?

, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd @hobartian said:
you made a mistake --- "Run Like Hell"
not sure how that doesn't make the list
A possible issue there is the perception that "Run Like Hell" was rendered forever unclean when adopted by the Disco Biscuits as a regular rotation cover.

(I'm personally a huge fan, but I think I'm in a minority around here on that one.)
, comment by Fluffyfluffyhead
Fluffyfluffyhead "rendered forever unclean"

, comment by Ari_DubLion
Ari_DubLion M-E-T-H-O-D-O-F-L-O-V-E Image

, comment by Piper72
Piper72 What, no love for Round Room?
, comment by IdRatherBeOnTour
IdRatherBeOnTour No Rift, Runin with the Devil, Rock and roll hoochie koo or Rock and Roll any parts...?
, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd Another spelling song (though not an "R" song) rendered forever uncleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaan.

, comment by RebaMaci
RebaMaci What about REBA?!?!?!
, comment by SGguy11
SGguy11 No antelope?
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