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A three-night run of Phish at the same venue breeds familiarity. A beginning, middle, and an end. By Sunday night, the end, each fan knew the quickest (or most convenient) way to get to this island in the East River. Each fan had their ticket ready at the check-points, knew which beer line was shortest, where to refill the water bottles. And for those of us who were more particular than others (pun intended), the most optimal location to enjoy the show. For our crew, it was on the pavement in front of the soundboard, “just to the right of Mike, even with the first aid tent to the west.” Something to be said for being surrounded by friends, both old and new, from New York City and abroad. Smiling, familiar faces. This particular spot of ours sounded pristine, with just that extra bit of Mike. We were able to soak in some amazing breeze. It provided us with a view of that gorgeous Full Buck Moon on Saturday night. Familiar. A place to call “ours” if only for a few hours.

Phish also breeds familiarity, particularly over a run. What sort of mood is the band in, how nimble are Trey’s fingers, what fashion statement will Mike offer us. With each show, fans check off songs knowing they will not return, shrinking the list of possibilities (by only so much). But with the yin of familiarity is the wonderful yang of the unknown. What keeps us coming back. Knowing that "it" could happen at any time. Well, it happened on Sunday. In such a huge way.

The pre-show music was a mixture of Al Green and some jazz. Good Sunday afternoon music. While, a bit sparser than the night before, there seemed to be a lot of chatter. It could have been due to the projected forecast of rain and lightning -- a forecast carrying enough weight such that @phish tweeted earlier in the day that the 7:00 show would start at 7:15 rather than the understood 7:20. The heavy breeze even felt as though weather was on its way. (Glad that ended up being wrong.)

"Promptly" at 7:23, the band took the stage. We should have known we were in for a unique night as "Sand" opened the show; while “Sand” had begun second sets in the past, I believe this was the first time this song was ever chosen to open a show. It started things off where "First Tube" had left us all the night before. A song with origins in Trey's Tony & Russ trio, centered around a groove. A good song to loosen up the fingers and settle in (rather than, say, a right-out-of-the gates "Buried Alive"). And yes, there was a little extra mustard thrown in there to get us all engaged.

After the eight-minute "Sand,” the eighth selection off of Fuego for the run was played, "Winterqueen." I should admit I've been a fan since I heard the debut last Halloween. It was odd, though, to hear the second song of the set begin without any acknowledgment from the crowd with the exception of some polite applause. Maybe a different placement next time? (::coughWadingcough::) I quite enjoyed Page's utilization of what I would call "that calliope sounding keyboard" a few times during the song.

Aside: I should mention the transition into the closing section was a bit rough. And if I was going to criticize Trey's playing at all this past weekend, it would be centered on the lack of nimbleness in transitioning back into the ends of songs. There seemed to be small hiccups each night at these specific moments.

During the song discussion following “Winterqueen,” I could pick up on some chanting in the crowd coming from in front of us, to the left (Trey side). You could see Trey leaning over that direction, giving that familiar grin and head bob. And just as soon as I made out “Reba, Reba, Reba,” Trey kicked in to the opening notes. I felt this was an average-great version of a song I had been wanting to hear all weekend. I felt the composed section was successfully navigated, sailing into the expected bliss. I quite enjoyed Page’s work on the Rhodes leading into the peak and the “normal” whistling. Trey afterwards: "Thanks you guys. Thanks for the suggestion." You were more than welcome, Trey.

Another aside: I should take a brief moment to comment on how Page’s playing this weekend (among other shows I have heard from the tour) has really impressed me. It just seems he is picking the right instrument at the right time, the right notes and fills, leading jams when needed. Not that other band members haven’t, mind you -- we benefited from standing in front of Mike all three nights -- but something about Page is standing out.

Birds!! of a Feather” was next, despite the large green pig balloons which had appeared at the front of the crowd, with “Guyute” written on them. As Scott Marks noted at the time, Angry Birds won over Angry Pigs

First thing I heard with the opening notes of “Water In the Sky” was “Don't jinx us, Phish!” Thankfully, they didn’t. I should have had more faith.

With “Water,” I decided to take a walk and see how grass felt beneath my feet. I was surprised that once I left the pavement (with the exception of the beer lines), how spacious and comfortable the lawn felt. Room to walk and stroll, people walk, and run into friends. “Possum” was enjoyable enough (I had written “more organ” in my notes. I believe that was a positive thing.) “Runaway Jim” followed. As with “Reba,” this was a song I was pulling for -- I have always loved “Jim.” While I prefer it to be selected as an opener -- as I appreciate the “driving” nature of its structure, with Trey trilling out notes along with Page on the piano -- it still put a smile on my face (despite slight issues, again, transitioning into the ending). “Bouncing Around the Room” seemed more enjoyable on the grass than it would have on pavement. And by the time I made my way back up front, Phish was on to “Maze,” where it seemed Page was conjuring more breeze with his always-full organ solo.

Aside: It would be natural to wonder about the energy of both the crowd and band alike following the three nights. If Sunday, “for the band,” would be able to keep up. And it appeared to me the setlist was constructed with songs that assisted in keeping up momentum: “Sand,” “Birds,” “Jim,” and “Maze.” Each projecting forward. The closing song was also in that vein.

For some reason “Split Open and Melt” was a song completely off my radar when it started at 8:37; just one of those times when other wants and wishes took up space. But that all quickly dissipated like a “steam dream" as it plunged dark and deep. With Trey on the delay and the chanting from the band, one might compare it to early 90s versions. Strong build of tension and dissonance, accented by Kuroda’s work on the lights. The background changed each evening, from a transparent mesh the first night, to a mesh with a white backdrop the second, to the all black on Sunday. It provided a great backdrop to the band, bathed in red light, with moments of color dancing around the stage in time with the music. Trey making his guitar howl as Page banged away, over and over, drawing out the evil like a guitar salve. Or something like that. Let’s settle on a damn good “Split” to close the set.

All in all, a good first as we are growing to expect them these days. A series of stand-alone songs with one or two highlights. I feel the “Bathtub Gin” from night one was the first set highlight of the run, but the “Melt” may be second if I was forced to choose. The setbreak was highlighted by the Bill Withers being played over the PA, complete with a “Lean On Me” sing-along by the crowd around us.

Down came the lights at 9:10. The opening notes of “Chalk Dust Torture” took me a little off guard. And let me say that I remained wonderfully off guard for the next 56 minutes. The opening hour of Sunday night’s show may be my favorite hour of Phish since Big Cypress. Relistens may temper my hyperbole, but I am still glowing from what we all witnessed, with what Phish performed for us. While Mike Hamad illustrates the musicality of “CDT” in a way I can not even attempt to equal, I am simply going to share with you the notes I took in the moment:

Chalkdust - five minutes in starts to get stretched with this great upbeat jam led by Page "butter jam", desk flip; slowly stumbles into darkness as the rain drops fall (Mike led) but not too dark; rhythmic section, darker, then back to the "buttery" section (9:27) Baby Elephant Walk like; Page leading it another direction ; red lights mean dark CK5 :30; Trey feedback with Mike and Page banging away; whale screeches; bombs :34 rumbling bliss as Trey starts playing pretty; Mike teases? Fishman shuffling along as it slowly dies into . . .

What that all means is that you need to listen. A must-hear, hands down. Best “CDT” of 3.0? Give it a whirl and compare away. I will just say that jaws were dropped, grins were plastered, and “Wtf?” laughter all occurred. (FYI: Through the wonders of immediate relistening, it appears there were also teases of the “Piper” from Dick’s ‘11, aka “Roadrunner Tease.” Just something for you geeks to discuss.)

Fishman shuffling along as it slowly dies intoLight,” twenty-eight minutes after the set began. And what a perfect choice to follow the wonder what we just experienced. “The light is growing brighter now,” matched by Trey's piercing guitar that came out of the vocals. I loved how Trey popped in the tease of Sonny Rollins’ “St. Thomas” (thanks, Dan) in the middle of the beautiful jamming -- sometimes teases just fit. The beautiful jamming transitioned into “Harry Hood” territory about nine minutes in. Only to be followed by a jam structured around a descending melody that immediately brought to mind “Mind Left Body” (see here or here). While it may not have been a tease, or quote, it was close enough and had the desired effect -- more joy. Building to a huge climax around ten minutes in.

To be followed by “Tweezer.” Why a one-two punch when you can have a one-two-three punch? It began slow and funky, dripping like we all were. At one point, the band slid in and out of tempos, slowing down as if someone was playing with a turntable, making it even stickier than it already was. Once that was over, Page brought the jam to this soulful section, reminding me what he did with the “Down With Disease” two nights earlier. The jam really began to soar after twelve minutes, building to a huge peak -- complete with me punching the air over and over again. It was that kind of hour of music -- where you lose control of your (sober) body and let the music guide your limbs. A slow old-school Tweezer ending after about sixteen minutes.

Whew. Breather. Times for high-fives and quick exclamations of hyperbole with friends and strangers alike.

The band felt the need for a breather as well, it appears, and offered up “Wading In the Velvet Sea.” Despite any internal groans I may have tried to suppress, I did find myself swaying to the music. See above re: losing control of one’s body. The “Sing Monica” which followed was not what I would have selected. Sounding to me like some 60s Bay Area pop song, it would have come low on my list of song choices. But hey, I was not in a complaining mood and I did appreciate the little reprise of the melody following the vocals-only chorus.

The beauty of “Slave to the Traffic Light” was a fitting choice to wrap-up a run of music in NYC. And I always enjoy Mike's lead, ringing out so clear. Even with its proximity to “Wading,” it felt right.

Before they began their encore, Page took a moment to thank everyone for coming out, noting that they play “for us.” Sentimentality must have been flowing as the encore began with “Backwards Down the Number Line.” A song about friendship and familiarity. “Do you know why we’re still friends? / Laughing all these many years” -- because of the music, Trey. The expected “Tweeprise” that followed, complete with the Mike bombs, put an exclamation point on the evening, the weekend, the first of hopefully many runs on Randall’s Island.

Continuing with the theme, the walk-out music was the Rolling Stones’ “Waiting on a Friend.”

Even before the expected “Tweeprise,” superlatives were being tossed around regarding this three-night run, with many in agreement that this could have been the best run of 3.0 after Dick’s ‘12. Another offered this evening’s “Chalk Dust Torture” > “Light” as the best one-two song combination of 3.0 since the Albany ‘09 “Seven Below” > “Ghost.” I will let those with the knowledge bases and ability to compare such things prepare a blog post. All I will say is that I am happy we can even have these discussions. That this band, after all these years and countless shows, can still create music that some of feel are “Best evers,” topping previous versions. That through all our familiarity and expectations, they can surprise and fill us with such great joy.

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, comment by justnoah
justnoah Awesome review Jeremy. Can't wait to listen.
, comment by cuddlyandmuscular
cuddlyandmuscular love this review

i don't feel like I'm being talked down to like so many others

wonderful assessment of what will certainly become a benchmark modern era phish show

cannot wait to re-listen to the whole weekend.. but sunday night was truly the stuff dreams were made of.

thank you randalls and thank you phish
, comment by heynoww22
heynoww22 i'm glad someone else mentioned that jam from Piper on 9/4/11. I definitely noticed it too.
, comment by dividedsky13
dividedsky13 Great review! Thoroughly enjoyed it!
, comment by ajcmixer
ajcmixer We were probably raging in the same area, Jeremy, on the concrete across the way from the opening to the First Aid station to Mike's left. I was the Dominican Pogo Stick raging along with some of my other friends and one of the absolute most in-tune-to-the band audiences I've ever had the privilege to rage along with. Nobody talking to each other, nobody checking their phones, just strict attention to the musical conversation occurring between the band themselves while involuntarily moving one's booty to the nastiness that was being laid down all night long. Great review, totally captured the spirit of one that Father Time will look back at very fondly.
, comment by BirdsOfAHeather
BirdsOfAHeather Awesome run. Each night was better than the one before. I thought for sure, there'd be one night, probably sat, that I wouldn't have been so pumped about, but that was not how it went. Each show offered something unique and different in the music and in the vibe. This last show has a totally surreal, calm quality to it.

I had been really tired of hearing CDT, it seemed like I couldn't escape it at some point in each run, but I will say that this version (along with 12/30/13) has not only renewed my faith in CDT, but made me actually look forward to hearing it next time. Absolutely amazing.
, comment by SerNelson_TheBrave
SerNelson_TheBrave I would say something about how amazing and somewhat bitter sweet the night was. Or how the Phish gods smiled upon us and didn't let a single rain drop fall. But you completely nailed this review. All the feels.

Also, I may have been standing in line for beer next to you as I distinctly remember hearing someone say "On the pavement next to the sound tent, Mike side." and thinking that sounds like a wonderful spot.
, comment by CosmicJamz
CosmicJamz There was etherial magic in the air on Randall's Island. Phish wove a perfect musical tapestry in a festival like atmosphere. Randall's is NYC best summer venue for Phish and I hope they return many times over. I also thought the NYC Parks department did a fine job hosting. You're CDT review is spot on. I thought I heard a Mike's Song ending jam somewhere in there.
, comment by PennPhan
PennPhan That this band, after all these years and countless shows, can still create music that some of feel are "Best evers, topping previous versions. That through all our familiarity and expectations, they can surprise and fill us with such great joy.

Amen to that, brother.
, comment by ColForbin
ColForbin Fantastic review, Jeremy. Can't wait to listen!
, comment by MDosque
MDosque This was my favorite review in quite some time on .net. VERY well done. I wasn't there but I feel like I was in spirit. The combination of atmosphere and musical observation was spot on. Thanks again brother! I can't wait to give this second set a spin.
, comment by Gratefulphish123
Gratefulphish123 Great review, the .net crew has been doing excellent writing all tour and this special night deserved a review this well written. Can't wait to hear it again (with soundboard quality).
, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd @heynoww22 said:
i'm glad someone else mentioned that jam from Piper on 9/4/11. I definitely noticed it too.
The tease of the Roadrunner tease is surely foreshadowing of a Fire on the Mountain tease tease in the coming weeks.

Its all happening.
, comment by GhostTube420
GhostTube420 For facts sake, there was a conglomerate of fans Page side that were really chanting "Tela" and Trey thought they were saying Reba. Ill take the Reba. But truth be told it was a misheard "Tela" chant.

Unreal 3 night run. Thank you Phish!
, comment by Dividedsky333
Dividedsky333 Awesome review, makes me want to download the show immediately. I'm bummed I missed Reba because of a birthday party. I guess in the end I shouldn't complain, not many people are blessed with TWO families, one that's always home, and the other that makes you feel at home when you travel to shows. I haven't looked up the numbers about how many tickets were sold, or whether the band lost money, but as a local to the metropolitan NYC/NJ area I think the band should turn Randall's into the MSG of Summer. I have no opinion on Dicks, because I haven't seen a run there yet. But for the East Coast, I honestly think Randalls puts SPAC to, that's a bold statement to make.....I'll probably take it back next time I go to SPAC in 2015....but nothing compares to being able to easily, easily, so damn easily...walk up to the front of the stage and make eye contact with all 4 band members. That alone made this venue great. SPAC rocks because of the lot scene -- Shakedown is classic at SPAC, and if the lot scene alone is why you go see Phish, I can more than respect why SPAC is the god of the East Coast summer tour. I just feel like Rosa Parks, every time I go to the front row of the Lawn at SPAC and BAM there I am at the back of the bus, the bus being the venue, all of us on lawn being the black folk, and everyone with seats the privileged class. No man, I'm not going to the back of the bus. And at Randall's I don't have to go to the back of the bus. I can give a big middle finger to the "quote" "unquote" "MAN", and just mosey on up to the front row, blow the band a celebratory thank you kiss, and then mosey on back to the lawn and watch pretty girls and blissed out boys caroling in hoolah hoops, and then mosey on up to the front town as many damn times as I please. Awesome venue.

And it makes apparent how utterly important venue choices are for the band and the fan base. My only complaint about Randall's was the lack of parking. But Harlem was fun to walk through at midnight, lol, so I really have no complaints. It was cool to see the Apollo Theater and get a brief "Wow" about the fact that Harlem, so steeped in music history, was being given a free concert 3 nights in a row. I have no doubt that almost everyone playing dominoes outside on the streets of Harlem were tapping there feet involuntarily to the 3 nights of free music they were gifted.

Anyhow, awesome run. This is the first time since I've been seeing Phish that I seriously want to quit my job and just hop on tour. Every show they loosen up, and every time they loosen up, magic happens on stage.

God bless the Phish.
, comment by jugglerswithfire
jugglerswithfire Stellar review Jeremy! I have enjoyed listening today :) . So happy to see this tour grow!
FACTSAREUSELESS The reference to the Albany -7> Ghost is appreciated but I have to say that I was there and have listened to that jam many times and yet it does not hold a candle to what they are doing now. That jam in '09, as great as it was, was a discombobulated mess compared to the inter-band communication and musical synergy happening currently.
, comment by Tube5972
Tube5972 Fantastic review. I totally felt like the island master by Sunday! Guiding the first time
Noobs to the bathroom and fastest beer line! Cheers!
, comment by CreatureoftheNight
CreatureoftheNight "Some jazz" playing before the show was John Coltrane's Giant Steps.
, comment by Fromagee
Fromagee very nice review.
, comment by TheFuckinBook_Man
TheFuckinBook_Man I'm grateful I can hear. And that I was taught how to read. Thanks for the review. It was grand!
, comment by MOstGhoSt
MOstGhoSt great review!
and what a wonderful night!

with regard to sing monica... i will share that something got stirred up in a great way for some of us when they played that song late in the set, there was suddenly a lot more room to dance. i broke out into a wild jumping hop of a bouncing elated dance frenzy with four of my friends. it is a very very danceable song and the lyrics crack me up every time. i have loved sing monica since first hearing it introduced in atlantic city on halloween with the acoustic version. in my opinion, sing monica is sheer fun and clever amusement.

i think jeremy's description of this song sounding like a 60s bay area pop song is a fair assessment, though popular music of the 60s bay area often contains a depth of meaning in the roots beneath the happy flowers. i felt like one happy flower in a gust of sweet wind as this song was played sunday night!

the lyrics and structure have the unmistakable stamp of phish originality. i can see tom marshall's fingerprints all over those words. the lyrics are in true phish spirit.
i am terrible with remembering dates specifically, but it must have been this past msg new years run, i recall hearing both sing monica and suzy greenburg one night and my impression is that sing monica is of the same wonderful jaded context as susie greenburg. that one darn girl who is just off in her own world and absolutely unattainable. - the manic pixie dream-girl. and phish describes her most eloquently in both cases. though i wonder, what could monica possibly be wrong about?

this song also seems to have a lot of possibility in that the band has already played it in different ways, accoustic/electric. the vocals feature the band as a quartet. i really like the acappella part. and i like the stop start timing i hear.

not all of us are going to have a favorite song in every phish song. the one you don't want to hear is something someone else was just waiting for all night. i spied a little listen during the xfinity sound check on july 1 and heard sing monica and was a little sad they did not play it that night. so i was happily thrilled with this version sunday night.

i wonder who inspired it? they will never tell that secret. but i would be very interested to read something more from tom marshall about how this song came to be last year in the song history notes. who is she? go phish!

and thank you again jeremy for this excellent review of sunday night's experience. it is a night we shall most surely remember.
, comment by ckess22
ckess22 Surprise and joy. You said it, man. Surprise and joy. What a show!
, comment by Jophis
Jophis Best review ever
Can't wait to listen to this show...still enjoying N2 this morning
, comment by timber02
timber02 incredible review, incredible weekend.
, comment by drshaws
drshaws @CosmicJamz said:
... I thought I heard a Mike's Song ending jam somewhere in there.
I'd say you're correct. Right around the 14:25 mark. That count as an official Mike's tease?
, comment by phishalwaysmakesmehappy
phishalwaysmakesmehappy Magical, filled with joy...there was a moment sunday when I just started seeing all of us and the great Phish...10 years from that day @ Randalls...I imagined the little kids that were picking up glow sticks and dancing around being teenagers, I saw my self enyoying myself (older but still moving effortless with the music), my friends, family and THEM just like I did last weekend...I can just really hope that dream comes true.
We are the generation of the Phish, a Legacy to be passed on!
, comment by Piper72
Piper72 Great review. Hopefully they'll be bringing this wonderful magic to Northerly, and you'll be there to write about it.
, comment by everlastingspoof
everlastingspoof Great review.

It's not about the scene. it's not even about the music. It's about the transcendence.

The scene is always there. The music is often great. There are rare occasions in which Phish transcends (and us with them) physicality and musicality, and enter a realm of bliss and glory, the music simply an expression of this realm.

These are the nights that I live for. Sunday was one of those nights. For the entire second set and encore I worshiped at the altar.

Welcome to Our Joy indeed!
, comment by New_be_in_92
New_be_in_92 I got completely hooked up Sunday night. My buddy Corey insisted that I not miss this Sunday at Randall's. A truly great guy I only met last year who plays lead in a LI band called Moondawgs took care of my ticket ( THANK YOU :) ) Chilled briefly in the lot then cruised into the show and took in the great atmosphere. I had the honor of going to the Hartford Civic Center show last fall, but I hadn't been to this kind of Phish party since Camp Oswego many many moons ago. The beer of the borough's was right up my alley. I think I'll go with the Staten Is wheat as my winner in a very tough competitive field of great beer. Kudos to all the brewers! Then the other 'brewers' took the stage and started me off so right with 'Sand'. We positioned ourselves to the left of the sound tent where I enjoyed my first 'Winterqueen', I like the guitar playing in this song. Then smiled HUGE with everyone else for that 'REBA'. 'We're not worthy!" 'BOAF' is a personal fav, so happy & I was losing it . 'Water In The Sky' was a command by the brewers to hold the rain till later while this potion fermented some more. 'Possum' was a blast as always, and mid-set too. Then I ran into some great old friends from my childhood as the 'Runaway Jim' started up. So glad I got to see them during this song, it made our reunion that much sweeter. Then we 'Bounced @', got stuck in a 'Maze', and F'n 'Split Open and Melt'ed big~time on the concrete to the side of 'The Chairman of the Boards'.
{Set Break} I walk really fast, so I found myself back at the Beers of the Boro's quicker than the 2 step fwd & 1 to the side staggerers @ me ;)
2nd Set... WOW! 'CDT' never ended, I can't believe I'm hearing this! Actually, yes I can believe it, it's a Sunday on an Island, and these ALIENS are firing off lasers into all our skulls! The next thing I know I'm going toward the 'Light' with Carolann.
"Yes children, come into the light! This island is cleaned."
A very phriendly crowd anchored down with numerous blankets let me pass to the front. I got pretty close for that beautiful 'Tweezer' - closest I'd been since being up front at Camp Oswego. I was really happy they let a big old guy pass to the front like that. I met some very heady pholks who greeted me KINDly - thank you very much :)
We swayed and hugged, and I totally got in the friggin' freezer! I 'Waded' with my new phriends in the 'Velvet Sea' for a while, and eventually made my way out during 'Sing Monica'. I got back to my original spot for a glorious 'Slave'. Yeah, that's how you do it!
I definitely felt like I was riding 'Backwards Down The Number Line' all night, and then I had my Tweeprise!
We got off the island and onto Manhattan in short time actually. All the way to midtown and into the room before the rain hit. We popped a few more brews and couldn't stop discussing the show. Thank you Phish for another great time!
, comment by PhinePhineMusic
PhinePhineMusic We were chanting "TELA!!" Trey misunderstood us!

Still, such a great one. Had a blast.
, comment by kellaferr24
kellaferr24 Great recap. You captured it perfectly. What a magical weekend. They keep on doing it 30 years later and they're still busting out the best Evers ! I love this band!
, comment by RiftKane771
RiftKane771 You Nailed it !!! Thanx so much. First time at Randalls for me, and I so very much hope Phish returns in the future. Such a large and friendly venue. This run was very special and the performance on all three nights had thier own highlights. For me the second night, second set was eoic. Perfect Encore. See everyone at MPP.
FACTSAREUSELESS This show is excellent. The CDT, while epic, is not on the level of the Tahoe Tweezer (for consistentcy or originality), nor is at the level of Disease> Carini from the New Year's Run or even the Tweezer or Carini from the Hampton run of last year.

However, the totality of this set, CDT> Light> Tweezer, certainly IS on par with those experiences.

What gives me goosebumps is that we had to wait until the Gorge shows last year before there was jamming of this quality to brag about. Then, with the exception of Tahoe, which was the high water mark of Summer '13, the band appeared to peak during Fall Tour. The New Year's run, though it had numerous highlights, displayed a band which seemed to have lost a little of the edge of Fall Tour, as the playing was considerably more ragged and looser than in the Fall.

Yet here we are, only 10 shows into the summer, and they've been consistently hitting peaks which we raved about in the Fall. Even the average shows this tour have had really memorable and noteworthy moments.

At this rate, we can realistically anticipate a tour that will go down in the books as one of the very best ever. The band is truly in a rennaissance period. Who would have thought this possible four years ago?

Phish Destroys The World Again. Could a Europe '14 be around the corner?

BTW, I personally feel that the Light is the best part of this triumvarate jam.
, comment by Dividedsky333
Dividedsky333 Just listened to the show, "Winterqueen" has a lot of potential. Good chill song
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