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Last year, we blogged about "The Spreadsheet" and talked a bit about Kevin's tireless and unrelenting quest to provide this invaluable tool to the fan community. Working selflessly & quietly, Kevin has continued to update & add to this amazing set of links including side shows. At some point last night, Kevin reports that the spreadsheet has surpassed the absolutely incredible goal of 1,000,000 downloads. All of that in less than three years. Stunning.

To give you an idea of how many downloads are done from the spreadsheet, and how many fans use it: As of Noon today, the download count was already up to 1,001,032.

Kevin says:

"Honestly, I can't believe the amount of time I've put into it, myself!
This seemed like such a simple idea back when it all started, but has
since blossomed into a full-time hobby. It is an extremely rewarding
use of my time, though, knowing how many people use it and appreciate
the efforts I put into it.

Another cool stats I just came across on mediafire's statistics page
is that links from the spreadsheet have been downloaded from 10
different countries. Here's the list (in order of amount of bandwidth

1. U.S.
2. Canada
3. U.K.
4. Czech Republic
5. Germany
6. Australia
7. Spain
8. China
9. Poland
10. Israel

We will catch up with @hoydog23 in the coming weeks for a follow up to the blog piece from last year with some furthur information, stats and looking to the future.

So raise a virtual glass (or real one!) and let's toast to Kevin and his hard work!

And while you are at it...why not fetch a show you've been dying to hear? The Almighty Spreadsheet

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, comment by forbins0218
forbins0218 Is it safe to say definitively now that Phish Phans are obsessive?
, comment by Lemuria
Lemuria We'll need to do more research on that one, @forbins0218.
, comment by Doktahgonzo
Doktahgonzo I'd say that I'll need at least a few pie graphs & bar charts before I could arrive at any conclusions.
, comment by forbins0218
forbins0218 I think a triple ven-diagram would also aid in the research.
, comment by tvlxql9x
tvlxql9x Didn't call the Czech Republic being the 4th most Phish-listening country in the world.
, comment by gskatz
gskatz wow Israel made the list! I didn't meet anyone over their recently that even heard of Phish. time for a world tour!
, comment by Fluffyfluffyhead
Fluffyfluffyhead What happens to all of the remasters that were on Megauploads dot com?
Seized by the feds?

, comment by josh_vaughn
josh_vaughn The only problem with The Spreadsheet is this: What am I ever going to do with that huge box of Phish tapes collecting dust in my storage closet? :)
, comment by ZapRowsdower
ZapRowsdower So two Pollocks are downloading the Bomb Factory...

, comment by Dino_Spumoni
Dino_Spumoni Thankyou so much @hoydog23 for your dedication to the spreadsheet! if it wasn't for you and the spreadsheet i would not be the fan that i am today.
, comment by forbin1
forbin1 1 million users can't be wrong...
, comment by jcorn
jcorn weird how this post doesn't provide a link to the spreadsheet....
, comment by parrott56
parrott56 FUCK YEAH CZECH REPUBLIC!! I mean, I might have downloaded a couple shows when I was there fall 2010, but that's awesome. I guess, maybe, we are everywhere.

Oh, and -- THANKS, KEVIN!
, comment by PhishFanWill
PhishFanWill @Lemuria said:
We'll need to do more research on that one, @forbins0218.
See it's funny because...
, comment by n00b100
n00b100 I just wanted to tell @hoydog23 that I would not be half the Phish fan I am today without his diligent work on the spreadsheet, and I'm also not sure if that's a good thing or not.

(j/k, it totally is)
, comment by JuliusRoggae
JuliusRoggae Kevin great job sir, with your efforts we as Phish Phans can stay up to date with the band we love most. All I gotta say is, Tour or New CD is the midst what does everyone think? Hoping for both myself.
, comment by redbandana19
redbandana19 @josh_vaughn said:
The only problem with The Spreadsheet is this: What am I ever going to do with that huge box of Phish tapes collecting dust in my storage closet? :)
Send me whatever you don't want ...
, comment by caseyjones
caseyjones I love the Spreadsheet!!! does anyone know when its gonna be back up and running?
, comment by ReeYees
ReeYees ~ Come to Australia ~ Come to Australia ~ Come to Australia ~
, comment by Dressed_In_Gray
Dressed_In_Gray @Fluffyfluffyhead said:
What happens to all of the remasters that were on Megauploads dot com?
Seized by the feds?
I contacted Kevin, and his hands are tied. It will be up to those who own those remasters to reseed them with Media Fire or an equivalent.

So don't hold your breath.
, comment by tmwsiy
tmwsiy @jcorn said:
weird how this post doesn't provide a link to the spreadsheet....
The Hell are you talking about? ; )
, comment by westbrook
westbrook Thank you Kevin!
, comment by TheArgus
TheArgus Thank you for everything you do Kevin!!
, comment by SlavePhan
SlavePhan With all the shows being available, we'll finally get to crack the main question - are highly rated classic shows a mere artifact of that show's availability at the time? With all the access, we'll really be able to get a thorough gauge of how whole tours stack up. Don't forget to rate shows in the phish.net setlist archives!
, comment by therealburnham
therealburnham @SlavePhan I'm currently trying to listen to all the shows available in the spreadsheet in order (currently at 11-02-89, first Kung for me!) So far quality has been mixed but there have been some absolute ragers that hold up over time. All of October of that year is pretty awesome especially 10-26). Bring back In A Hole!!

Thanks Kevin!
, comment by packone
packone I use the spread sheet a lot to check if there are differences between what I have for early shows (86-94) and what he has on The Spreadsheet.

Currently listening to every show from 1992 and The Spreadsheet is an indispensable tool for me for cross referencing and downloading shows that I may be missing.

And when I thought I had a previously unlisted show, though it was questionable, Kevin took the time to listen to it and talk to me about the recording I had.

All around a stand up dude for the Phish community.
, comment by MountainKung303
MountainKung303 Thank You Kevin Hoy, Scott Marks, and all the folks who work on the spreadsheet! It might be my favorite site on the world wide web.

Viva la Spreadsheet! Viva Phisheads!

, comment by Billy88
Billy88 would love to see the boys back in Canada.........summer 2000 is a long long time.
, comment by FantasticBastard
FantasticBastard Someone asked about this above, but I am also wondering about the Spreadsheet's function, what with the inicident last year that broke 80% of the links. I know I still run into problems with downloading, but maybe it's just me. Is the thing mostly up and running, and I've just been choosing shows that aren't?
, comment by nlruggie
nlruggie Go Koy!
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