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Greetings from Stateline, Nevada. Phish just finished up a show in what really amounts to Phish Fantasy Camp. Fans not fortunate enough to be in Tahoe likely listened to the show via the webcast. So, most people interested in reading this have likely experienced the show in one fashion or another. For the rest of you, there's the ten cent version (SPOILER ALERT): The first set will have little to offer you; the second set is must-hear Phish.

Don't get me wrong, the first set was an enjoyable set of Phish, made immeasurably better by the fact that it took place in one of the more beautiful stretches of land this country has to offer, hosted by a truly laid back staff. But that can't and won't be captured on the recordings. An apropos "Party Time" kicked off the festivities, followed by an "Oh Kee Pa" > "Bag." The set remained song oriented with "Mellow Mood," a tasty "PYITE" > "Meat" combo and the first real, if you'll excuse the pun, "meat" of the set in "Bowie." "Bowie" was similar to other recent versions in that it was well-played, particularly compared with earlier 3.0 versions, but never quite made it into the stratosphere. Several songs later, "46 Days" provided the highlight of the set.

Set two, on the other hand, was a different story. After an enjoyable, though non-exploratory, "Jibboo" kicked things off, only the most jaded excuse for a fan could rain on the remainder of the festivities. The "Light" that kicked off a "Light to the Chalk Dust Slave" trio, went through several movements, diving to the bottom of the neighboring lake before emerging for a jam that was at times "Timber"-like and also "Tweezer"-like. The ensuing tease-infused and relatively spacey "Chalk Dust" was a welcome change from the norm before morphing into a beautiful "Slave" where Mike absolutely shined, leading the jam to a glorious peak.

Let's back up to before the show. One intrepid fan passed hundreds of cutout rockets through out the crowd, assuring everyone that Phish would play "Rocket Man" in response. Goddamn if he wasn't proven right when Page took the reins of the classic Elton John tune (that, it should be mentioned was frequently used as post-show music throughout he '90s) with a grin that spread across the Harvey's parking lot. "Harry Hood" has often provided the exclamation point to many a show, but tonight it would be overshadowed by the "Walls of the Cave" that followed. This legendary version seemed to hit peak after peak before closing one of the better sets of 2011 in appropriate fashion. Normally, fans might casually dismiss a "Bug," "Coil" encore, but like most everything the band did after halftime, it worked, especially the "Bug." If tomorrow is as good, we will all reap the benefits: those of us lucky enough to be in Tahoe, those checking in via webcast, and those who download the shows.

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, comment by BigSwifty
BigSwifty Great review, will have to tune in tonight!
, comment by InsectEffect
Nice reveiw! Thanks for keeping it concise!
, comment by BrotherEarth
BrotherEarth "Light" is quickly turning into a Phish 3.0 highlight. I really like this "Light > Dust", as well as Bethel's "2001 > Light", and SBIX "Light > Waves". They are all so good I don't want to choose a single favorite one.
, comment by nichobert
nichobert Thanks Phish!
, comment by Range
Range Last night was so much fun (doing the couch tour for the West). 46 Days really brought the fire and made the intermission seem like it dragged on, and on, for me as I eagerly awaited set 2. I agree with BrotherEarth...Light is becoming a 3.0 highlight (well deserived, great song!). Looking very forward for tonight. Enjoy the show those of you who are going to be there! Nice review lumpblockclod.
, comment by kappy9991
kappy9991 Light was unreal, no one added that Chalk Dust was unfinished.
, comment by OnlinePhishTour
OnlinePhishTour yea it's weird phish net doesn't show cdt was unfinished
, comment by runawayjimi
runawayjimi plus loving cup teases in coil!
, comment by TheMightyGin
TheMightyGin wow. Would love to see an a cappella "Puff" make it into a show. C'mon Colorado, been waiting all summer...
, comment by Dressed_In_Gray
Dressed_In_Gray Nothing compares to being on tour, but that webcast is the best damn seat in the house.

Spectacular second set. Light -> ChalkDust -> Slave was amazing, and I always welcome a Coil encore. It's only fitting that Page stand alone of all of the love once in a while. Since his stint fronting Vida Blue, he has become Mr. Stage Presence during 3.0.

Great show, and great recap.

P.S. They absolutely must stop singing Free. They cannot get those harmonies right to save their lives.
, comment by IamHIGHdrogen
IamHIGHdrogen MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can die now, even if it was via webcast. (Many many highlights of this show, but I've been chasing the meat). in the words of a friend also watching with me, "meat was bananas." Thank you Phish!
, comment by adam42
adam42 The Light jam was a face melter! Great second set.
, comment by Real_out_casty
Real_out_casty i dont know man, the jam btween light & cdt was really good and walls was really good.
the rest, not so much. free, harry, slave, bug.....ehhh. i really try not to be overly critical, so im sayin' that was a pretty cool 1st set.
, comment by AlbanyYEM
AlbanyYEM nice to see a non-truncated light in '11. superball was nice as were various others, but the heat the light brought in fall '10 kinda faded this year so far. for a while there it was *the* go to jam of 3.0. like the rocknroll from gorge, tho, if they are this on it simply does not matter what song the jam was born from.
, comment by ItalianSpaghetti
ItalianSpaghetti Good show.

PYITE > Meat. Sick, Dark, & Dirty. Looked like Trey wanted to, and did for several measures, jam the PYITE intro before falling back into line. Enjoyed it non-the-less & cool to see it in the midway slot.

Set 1 shined here IMO, I wish it had ended with Bowie. But, however, without any real extended jams to speak of, time allowed Bouncing, Horn, Water, which took the steam from an otherwise powerhouse Set 1 (which would of fit well as a set 2 as well.)

Also, laughed my ass off when the camera cut to Trey during "Rocket Man" just as he was using a slide all the way up the neck of the Languedoc. He had a huge fun grin on his face. Never seen him use a slide...

Psyched for tonight.

, comment by Scott
Scott Nice recap, pretty much my feelings exactly. The show would have been even more out there had Trey not flubbed the Dixie quote, as he seemed to be the one moving Chalkdust into another exploratory type II whole band improv vehicle but quickly dropped the song entirely after the quotes. Nevertheless, my favorite set since 7/3.
, comment by jothen2002
jothen2002 I must say the for my first show in 13 years ( First Show in Mansfield Mass 94) Night One was definitely full of more energy. It was still awesome to have them play in my backyard...

Check out Bug... />
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