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Hi everyone. My name is Trey Anastasio, and I am a proud graduate of the Washington County public drug treatment court.

I can't begin to describe how moving it is for me to be here today. In 2006, my life was a wreck. I was arrested and sent into drug court. At the time, it seemed like the worst thing that ever happened to me. I was in drug court for 14 months, and then a couple years of probation. Today, I say from the depths of my heart, that that was the greatest thing that ever happened in my life -- for me, for my wife, for my kids, my parents. It's indescribable. I just want to dig deep down and say thank you to all of you. I don't even know if you can be aware of the positive effects you are having. Not just on the drug court participants, but on their families and everyone they come into contact with. I am a huge supporter of drug court, and a huge supporter of everything that all of you do. So thank you.

I am going to say one more thing and then I get to introduce the senator. My case manager's name is Melanie Vaughn. She could not be here today. When I was in drug court, she scared me. [laughs] I ended up going to jail, and you know everything that happens in drug court. Today, she is one of my best friends. We text each other all the time. The reason she couldn't be here is 'cause in Washington County -- which is in New York, upstate New York, very economically depressed part of the country -- there is one case manager in Washington County drug treatment court for probably about 60 or 70 participants. She couldn't afford to be here and she couldn't take the time. But she sends her love. And I send my love to you, Melanie, and wish you could be here. And like I said, thank all of you. Keep doing what you are doing.

So I am going to introduce Senator Robert Menedez. And I grew up in New Jersey, so it's an honor for me to introduce the senator from New Jersey. Senator Menedez is a true champion of drug courts. In 2008, Senator Menedez co-sponsored legislation declaring May as National Drug Court Month. Senator Menedez has supported drug courts, not only in New Jersey, but has insured drug courts throughout the country receive the funding they need by signing letters to his colleagues supporting drug courts. Senator Menedez, we all rise to thank you for being a supporter of drug courts.

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, comment by TheProfessor
TheProfessor It's amazing what stories and feelings Trey can convey from the heart and not from a script. Thanks for posting a better video of this!
, comment by PlainDan
PlainDan Trey is lucky to have something in his life that he feels passionate and can turn to other than drugs, too many others never find their way. It's not easy to be so consumed with something and then have to turn that part of your life off and try to find something to fill the void...........I still hope you smoked the hooter I threw on stage at the Ogden for Trey and Tab.......that's not a drug!!!
, comment by phishead
phishead so happy for trey
, comment by barefootbob
barefootbob Most of you who know me here know this. I got sober back in '03. There is only one thing more powerful than addiction, and that is sobriety. It is a lifestyle choice that I and many other before me have done successfully - in our community and all over the world. I, fortunately, did not have to go through drug court, but I know many that have. Trey has become a father and husband that he always wanted, and all this, while giving joy and inspiration to thousands of fans through his music.

Thank you Trey, and all those who helped you in your process.
, comment by MiguelSanchez
MiguelSanchez it impresses me that trey and a handful of other celebrities will go out in public and be quite open about their past problems and living with and overcoming addiction. many want to just say they are fine and "move on." hats off to trey for stepping up and trying to help something that helped him!
, comment by freedomfunk
freedomfunk So glad we have Trey here and that he is doing so well. I know his soberiety will be a life long challenge, but he seems to be doing great and my life is certainly enriched by a sober Trey and the music that fills my soul every time I hear it.
Go Trey!!!
, comment by iandisoftheworld
iandisoftheworld A very heartfelt speech. Thanks for getting clean, Trey. Seeing as I've only seen 3.0 shows, words can't describe what I would've missed out on had he not cleaned his act up. But aside from any petty selfish championing of his recovery, I am truly proud of him for his recovery. Who knows how the community may embrace this changing of the guard, there certainly are plenty of individuals in our community who could benefit from a similar lifestyle change.
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