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Quadrophonic Toppling

Music: Gordon/Fishman

Vocals: Instrumental

Albums: The Siket Disc

Debut: 1999-12-31

Historian: Ellis Godard

Last Update: 2013-03-01

Bass and drums control this track, though not in the standard “B+D,” late-’70s-Cadillac-on-hydraulics kind of way. This is a rather idyllic tune, minimalist in structure, and quite short. As the fifth track on The Siket Disc, it helps balance the insistent locomotion of “Fish Bass” with the noisy, loping eccentricity of “The Happy Whip and Dung Song.” The song made its debut at the legendary 12/31/99 Big Cypress gig, complete with recorded samplings of a voice repeating the title as is done on the studio version.

The original track was the result of a late night jam of Mike pushing buttons on his voice organizer and Fish playing bass. Fish repeated the same bass riff over and over, using the same pedal effect, while Mike’s voice organizer alternated between repeating the phrase “Quadraphonic Toppling” and playing a segment of yodelers from the 12/6/96 Vegas gig. 

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