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Night and Day

Music/Lyrics: Cole Porter

Vocals: Instrumental

Original Artist: Ella Fitzgerald

Original Album: Anything Goes (1934)

Debut: 1989-08-12

Historian: Ellis Godard

Though Phish opened a three-set wedding reception with a long lost set of jazz standards, it was the second set that included the band's only version of this Cole Porter tune (sometimes labeled “Wonderful You”). Introduced on Broadway by Fred Astaire and Claire Luce in the 1934 play Gay Divorcée (and then in the film version), the original version outshines all others, including Phish’s.

Nonetheless, the Moroccan-inspired structure (48 bars rather than the conventional 32) fits well in Phish’s repertoire of offbeat structures and twists on the conventional. While Page and Fishman make most of the noise, Trey noodles a bit (after Page lays down the melody) in a style that would well accompany a Sunday brunch buffet. Then Page brings up the rear, extends the length of notes a bit, and draws Mike into some marginally interesting play before a squeaky clean ending.

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