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Music/Lyrics: Roger Waters

Vocals: Trey

Original Artist: Pink Floyd

Original Album: Dark Side of the Moon (1973)

Debut: 1998-11-02

Historian: Mark Toscano

One of Floyd's more ballsy rock songs, this bluesy butt-kicker is perhaps “Time’s” only rival for Most Radio-Played Dark Side of the Moon Song. In keeping with Dark Side’s exploration of madness, the song touches upon the madness of “moneylove,” in many of its glorious forms. Also like “Time,” “Money” is famous for its signature tape effect rhythm track, consisting of clinking coins, cash register noises, and receipt tears. Alan Parsons had a tough time putting this together, as tape/delay loop machines were still slightly out of the band’s technological reach, so Parsons had to actually spend days manufacturing these tape loops manually. 

Phish also had a fun time with this one at their ‘E’ Centre gig on 11/2/98, kicking it off with the CD’s tape effects playing over the P.A. In fact, when they start up the song proper, close listeners will even be able to hear the actual DSOTM version begin before Paul has a chance to fade out the Floyd input. The Phish version is strong, but like their rendition of “Time,” contains a few sloppy moments that actually do very little to mar the performance. And hey, give ‘em a break – they learned the song only a few hours before the show!

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