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In a Mellow Tone

Music: Duke Ellington

Lyrics: Milt Gabler

Vocals: Page

Original Artist: Duke Ellington

Original Album: Single (1939)

Debut: 1989-08-12

Last Update: 2015-09-11

This Duke Ellington jazz standard with lyrics by Milt Gabler is actually based on an Art Hickman standard, “Rose Room” (not to be confused with “Round Room”). Sometimes referred to as “In a Mellotone,” Phish has only played the song on just one known occasion, at the 1990 Wendell Studio Sessions. Had Phish chosen to play the song before an audience, it would have given the Chairman of the Boards another chance to play the lounge lizard role he has come to perfect in “Lawn Boy.” But a listen to the to the original shows that they were likely wise to keep their version on the shelf. While their rendition was hardly offensive, it’s hard to measure up to the Duke.

Duke Ellington, "In a Mellow Tone"

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