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Chalk Dust Torture

Music/Lyrics: Anastasio/Marshall

Vocals: Trey (lead), Mike, Page (backing)

Albums: A Picture of Nectar, A Live One, New Year's Eve 1995 - Live at Madison Square Garden, At the Roxy, Live Phish 02, Live Phish 06, Live Phish 07, Live Phish 08, Live Phish 16, Live Phish 17, Sharin' in the Groove, Gone Fishin', JamGrass, High Neighbors: Dub Tribute to Phish, IT, Hampton/Winston-Salem '97, The Clifford Ball, Ventura, Chicago '94

Debut: 1991-02-01

Historian: Craig DeLucia; lumpblockclod

Last Update: 2014-07-19

Some songs are flat-out meant to rock and roll. “Chalk Dust Torture” is a prime example. One of the most often-played songs since its debut in 1991, “Chalk Dust” has been a frequent set opener because of its ability to whip a crowd into a frenzy. The lyrics speak of teen angst and rebellion, as the narrator seeks to forego the mind-numbing trappings of adulthood while he still has a few spry years left. While most versions of the song feature "Type-I" jamming and screaming guitar work from Trey, it has also served as a large "Type-II" jam vehicle with increasing frequency over the years.

The first memorable “Chalk Dust” was on 5/17/91 at the Campus Club in Providence, RI. The power cut off during the song, but Fishman continued playing; when the lights came back on a strong jam ensued. Other memorable early versions include 3/8/93 where a “Chalk Dust” encore moved into a reprise of a second set “Big Ball Jam,” and 7/23/93 where the song grew out of a typically angry “Big Black Furry Creature from Mars.”

Fans in Toronto on 8/9/93 were treated to the first real exploratory “Chalk Dust.” This show-opening version included a jam based on Jimi Hendrix’s “Who Knows.” Another tasty version is the 7/16/94 Sugarbush “Chalk Dust,” with a tease of Heart’s classic rock radio staple “Barracuda” (and released as part of Live Phish 02). By fall 1994 “Chalk Dust” had grown into a popular concert anthem. The band actually played the song twice on 12/10/94, returning to the song at the start of the encore while they introduced the crew. Phish thought enough of the 11/16/94 version to include it on A Live One. Phish played a shortened version during their first-ever appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on 12/30. It was rumored that “Chalk Dust” was played at Letterman’s personal request.

"Chalk Dust Torture" 12/30/94 The Late Show with David Letterman

The 6/20/95 "Chalk Dust" is a fan-favorite from that year. On 10/23/96 and 7/25/97, the band welcomed Bob Gullotti on a second drum set for portions of the show and “Chalk Dust” was among the selections played. The second set of the Atlanta show on 7/23/97 included a tasty combo of “You Enjoy Myself ” and “Chalk Dust,” with a “Rocky Mountain Way” jam in between. On 7/30/97 the first set included a strong “Chalk Dust” that emerged from “Wolfman’s Brother.” In Worcester on 11/27/98 (released as Live Phish 06), fans were awestruck as the band moved freely in and out of “Mirror in the Bathroom” and an atypical, bluesy “Dog Log” while also teasing “Wipe Out” and never losing sight of the “Chalk Dust” theme. 7/10/99 stands out as the most remarkable version from that year, acknowledged by the band with Live Phish 08. On 7/11/00, Phish performed “Chalk Dust Reprise” for just the second time ever (after a rocking “Drowned” and before a wonderful “Chalk Dust” proper) and then whipped it out again in the encore.

But all “Chalk Dusts” prior to the second day of the IT festival on 8/3/03 were just a glimpse of what the song could be – a jam all-star of epic proportions. To close the year, Phish moved seamlessly between “Chalk Dust” and “Slave to the Traffic Light” on 12/31/03 in a highly interesting and unexpected segue. The tumultuous year of 2004 brought two more extended versions of "Chalk Dust," on 6/18/04 and 8/9/04

Since returning to the stage in 2009, "Chalk Dust" is as frequently played as ever. While the primary role for “Chalk Dust” initially retreated into its familiar, frenetic “type-I” jamming role, the song reprised and then surpassed its initial development to the point that it has become one of Phish’s most reliable jamming vehicles. If long, “Type-II” jams are your thing, there is perhaps no song you’d rather see open a second set than “Chalk Dust.” Six 3.0 versions stand above the others. The first is 6/25/10, a sprawling Mike-dominated 15 minute version. Second is the 8/31/12 version from the Dick’s “Fuck Your Face” show that reached a blissful type-II peak. The third, a sprawling, multi-themed monster, occurred precisely one year later (also at Dick’s… “CDT” fans should circle that 8/31/14 date on their calendars now), and begat a mini-trend of epic set opening “Chalk Dusts.” Next, 12/30/13 starts off reminiscent of 7/10/99 before culminating in a powerful, rhythmic-based jam. Epic “Chalk Dust” #5 was powered primarily by Page and opened the second set on 7/9/14 at the Mann (the third noteworthy version from a Philadelphia area summer shed). Just four days later, Phish dropped the longest version to date on the third night of an already legendary Randall’s Island run. The Randall’s behemoth travels a winding path that peaks twice – once in the ensuing “Light” and again in the “Tweezer” that followed. If you’re looking for the best hour of 3.0 Phish, look no further.

”Chalk Dust Torture” 7/13/14 Randall’s Island, NY

Several other recent versions of “Chalk Dust” have traveled through alternate paths and merit any serious fan’s attention. Start with the 10/30/10 version from Atlantic City that segued in and out of the first "Whole Lotta Love" in nearly twenty years and fired the first shot in the show-long Zeppelin tribute. The 6/3/11 performance leaves a little extra “Chalk Dust” on the tongue. The 8/25/12 Atlanta rendition featured a tension-filled jam that segued nicely into “What’s the Use?”. More recently, the 7/16/13 rendition (from another Zeppelin-infused set) is an exemplar of the 3.0 less-is-more jamming style, saying more in ten minutes than many jams do in twenty.

"Chalk Dust Torture" 6/25/10 Camden, NJ

On several occasions, members of the band have expressed their affection for this number. Tom Marshall mentioned in The Phish Book that the lyrics are among his favorites, and Fishman remarked that he still loves belting out the song’s anthemic chorus despite the fact that he is obviously not as young as he was when the song was written. Phish even went so far as to lend the music to the Dude of Life, who used it verbatim in his song “Self.”

“Chalk Dust” was adapted to an acoustic format during Trey’s solo tour in the spring of 1999 and is a staple of Trey's acoustic performances to this day. When Trey and Page played the Warfield in San Francisco with “Phil Lesh and Phriends” in the spring of 1999, “Chalk Dust” was one of only four Phish originals played. The worlds of Phish and the Dead again collided over “Chalk Dust” on 10/6/00 when Bob Weir assisted on the tune (even though the song had to be re-started as Weir apparently wasn’t ready the first time).

Fish is not the only one who still loves belting out that chorus. One listen to the crowd every time “Chalk Dust” is played demonstrates that Phish fans young and old still relate to the ramblings of Jezmund, the Family Berzerker.

”Chalk Dust Torture” 8/31/13 Commerce City, CO

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charliefogg Reply
charliefogg Maybe an honorable mention to the double speed, double length, 4-2-98 Island Tour version. Hard rockin' Chalkdust at its best!
Score: 2
Fluffhead Reply
Fluffhead Ignore my other comment. I had a brain fart. I was talking about Golgi Apparatus.
Score: 1
white_lightning Reply
I skipped chronologically in the post directly to the E Center 99 show to make sure it was mentioned (it was, thank you). Cause I really don't see how you can talk about Chalkdust without discussing that version.

Quintessential soaring phish....
Score: 1
loclay Reply
Also worth noting in the history of this song is the strangely slowed and pitched down audio that made it onto the studio release on A Picture of Nectar.
Score: 1
fatkidswag Reply
It seems like they used to play this a lot to open shows at Universities.
Score: 0
moopdog Reply
No mention of Chalk Dust Reprise...?
Score: 0
whatstheuse324 Reply
whatstheuse324 7-15-99 from Holmdel is pure fire.
Score: 0
chalkdustmango Reply
chalkdustmango I think tonight's Randall's version was the longest one. I think it went longer than the IT version.
Score: 0
Fluffhead Reply
Fluffhead It should be noted in this history that if you listening really carefully to the end of disc 2 of A Live One, when Squirming Coil ends, you can hear the music playing over the PA is actually Phish, with Trey cooing, "I saw you, I saw you, I saw you with a ticket stub in your hand."
Score: 0
makisupaman Reply
makisupaman @mmbyem said:
I would certainly add the recent 8/31/13 to this list!
Just say'n
It made it onto the jamming chart, though curiously without the bold print it so deserves. Fishman's work in this version, in particular, merits singular notice. One of the best jams of 2013.
Score: 0
mmbyem Reply
I would certainly add the recent 8/31/13 to this list!
Just say'n
Score: 0
Ravinus Reply
A couple of favorites that I've had the pleasure to experience were the CDT opener in Greensboro '03 and the Boogie On> CDT encore in Austin '99. Placement was the key at both of these shows that have a plethora of highlights.
Score: 0
samcbelk Reply
samcbelk @loclay said:
Also worth noting in the history of this song is the strangely slowed and pitched down audio that made it onto the studio release on A Picture of Nectar.
I had heard live versions before I ever heard the studio version. When I finally heard it in a friend's car I had to ask who was playing it, if it was a cover. At the time we just assumed that they were messing around.
Definitely slowed down and definitely weird.
Score: 0
RebaGreenberg Reply
RebaGreenberg Chalkdust has always been my favorite Phish song. If I can recall correctly it was one of the first songs I ever heard. I had just got the 95 new years cd and listened to it. Just by the name I knew I would forever devour that song. The chalkdust from 6/22/12 was just bountiful with all of the attributes that form the perfect Chalkdust Torture.
Score: 0
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