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Link Saturday, 10/19/2013
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

Set 1: GinBathtub Gin, MomaThe Moma Dance, Tube > FEFYFast Enough for You, Curtis LoewThe Ballad of Curtis Loew > Ya Mar, STFTFPStealing Time From the Faulty Plan, MSOMy Sweet One, Mike'sMike's Song > HydrogenI Am Hydrogen > WeekapaugWeekapaug Groove

Set 2: Ghost > DwDDown with Disease[1] > Steam[2] > CaspianPrince Caspian > Boogie OnBoogie On Reggae Woman > ThemeTheme From the Bottom > WedgeThe Wedge, SilentSilent in the Morning > HoodHarry Hood

Encore: QuinnQuinn the Eskimo

[1] Unfinished.
[2] Trey on drums; Mike playing his bass and fight bell (among other objects) with drumsticks.

· Mainstreet tease in Weekapaug Groove

Noteworthy Jams: Tube, Steam (highly recommended), Harry Hood

Average Song Gap: 5.86

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: This show was webcast via LivePhish. Weekapaug contained a Mainstreet tease from Trey. DWD was unfinished. During Steam, Trey joined Fish on drums and Mike played his bass and fight bell (among other objects) with drumsticks.

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Audience Recording Audience Recording
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Video "Fast Enough for You" Audience Video
Video "Ghost" Audience Video Blog Recap JamBase Skinny Blog Recap Phish.Net Blog Recap: Sharing the Germs

Song Distribution:
3 Rift
2 The Story of the Ghost
2 Billy Breathes
2 Stash
2 Lawn Boy
1 Joy
1 Hoist

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "2013 Fall Tour."

BurningShoreProphet , attached to 2013-10-19 Permalink
BurningShoreProphet Gin worked well as an opener, possibly because it was so unexpected, but the Hampton crowd sure likes to take a bath. First set was solid afterwards, although I'd personally stop way short of hanging banners from the rafters for 'best first set of 3.0'.

Tube and Yamar were especially tasty funk dishes. Stealing Time was fine, but felt too concise; was hoping for another tripped out extended ending ala BGCA 8.2. Mikes felt like redemption for the sloppy 9.1 version, really laying down the fire with the whole band in synch. Thought they would maybe play one more song after Groove but not this time.

If Carini was night 1's peak performer, Ghost was night 2's MVP. As with Gin, I love hearing the boys start a set with a statement tune like Ghost. Beautiful, stretched out ensemble jamming led into a spooky ambient section that provided the night's first "keeper." One of the longer versions lately also (~17 min). On my 3rd re-listen.

I love Disease and many of the recent sicko versions, but wasnt overly impressed by last night's take, which very quickly wound its way into Steam. Steam, however, was my second big highlight after Ghost. The middle jam was unique and got all experimental with Trey moving over to Fishs drums and Mike doing weird things with a drill again, before dropping back into the tune's last verse. One of the better Steams to date I'd have to say.

Maybe its just me, but Boogie On has really felt ripcorded lately although Theme was its usual soaring self. I guess I'm just spoiled by that 6.7.12 version, but BORW has such potential to be a big dance number every time they clip its wings I am mildly disappointed. Hampton fav Harry Hood brought the set home nicely, although as with the Groove in set 1, I thought perhaps another song was coming afterwards... until Trey said "see you here tomorrow".

Overall above average very fun show. highlights: Gin, Tube, Ya Mar, Mike's, Ghost, Steam
Score: 9
jarpua , attached to 2013-10-19 Permalink
jarpua Normally, I rate shows that I was at 2 seperate ways. I like to rate the show based on the quality of the music, and the pure energy of the crowd.
Musically, I would have to give it 5 stars. This was probably one of the best shows I have ever been too in terms of jamming and song selections.
Speaking for the energy of the crowd, I'm actually looking for a rating higher than 5, like maybe a 7 out of 5. Then again 1st set I was 8 rows from Cactus, and 2nd set I was 5 rows from Cactus, so it might be bias, but Everytime I looked up in the balcony it looked like a party, which Im almost quite sure was just as good as my spot. It's sad that I've heard people say "The Mothership is overrated", because the only way that could ever possibly make sense to me is that you've never been. In fact I got kind of bummed out while walking out of the Coliseum hearing a guy fighting with his girlfriend saying he had a horrible time because he got sold "bunk L"...Do you even realize what you just witnessed...Were you at the same show I was at...

I got my first Bathtub Gin as a first set opener, and from that point on I knew what kind of night it would be. Funk, rage, and jam that continued with Moma.
I loved the Tube > FEFY segue, it was a killer song change, I remember an old head next to me said "Why'd they play this slow song after that killer jam?" I just smiled and said "It's the perfect cool down."
With Curtis Loew which felt like such a tease after FEFY, but I knew it was just going to be a vehicle into a killer jam that ended up being a greatYa Mar, which I am quite satisfied to have in my stats now.
I'll be honest, a Joy song that's not KDF or Light after Ya Mar would have normally brought my energy down a bit, but that STFTFP really suprised me. It's safe to say that's probably the best Faulty Plan I've heard in a while, but I'll attribute that to the Ocedoc during that intro :)
Okay, okay, I'll admit it...I really lost my shit during My Sweet One...I just want to apologize to the people around me...I was the guy jumping up and down screaming "Holy shit" over and over during Fishman's intro. I absolutely love that song, it's really special to me, I teared up a little bit because when I got my tickets in the mail and opened the envelope all I could say out of pure shock was "My Sweet One, I call you My Sweet One."
What is there to possibly say about the absolutely classic Mike's Groove other than, listen to it. I remember late in the Mike's Song jam I was helping a young girl no older than 10-11 pick up glowsticks to throw (I approve of young Phans throwing glowsticks, she was having a great time), then suddenly I heard it slow down and I was down on one knee and said "I feel the Hydrogen." Then as I stood up to Trey's little solo 2 people hugged me and said "thank you for bringing the Hydrogen." Which made me laugh.
During set break I was so happy, shocked, and wired from that Mike's Groove that I didn't even care that I had to go to the bathroom. At the time it was far more worth it to move up 5 rows than to drain the main vain.
Getting closer to Mike was worth it...he dropped so many bombs between Ghost > DWD > Steam, it shook the need to piss right out of me. All I can tell you is that Ghost really did happen...2nd set opener, killer jam, the boys were having fun. That DWD is what I consider continued Ghost insanity, plus I had a great time jumping with Trey. Also that Steam gave me a whole new appreciation for the song, I loved the way they had been playing it in the summer, and I got to witnessed it first hand, with Trey jamming out on the kit with Fishman. Into a Caspian, which is another song that is close to my heart.
That Boogie on Reggae Woman, was the exact type of song I was looking for out of Caspian. Mike's bass is always killer in that song. Theme from the Bottom had me waiting for the vocal jam at the end, I just wish people wouldn't have sung with them during that part, that was the only part of the show where I was upset with the crowd lol, halfway ruining my favorite part of the song either way, it segued into an awesome Wedge. Silent in the Morning with no Horse ;) either way I knew they were going to end the set with either a fire YEM or Hood, it happened to be 3rd in 5 shows, but also my favorite surpassing this years Merriweather Hood.
ENCORE LIGHTERS! How was that on the webcast? Was it crazy? It was crazy inside the Ship. Trey and Page couldn't help but eat it up. They gave us a Quinn which was great. An encore I have always wanted to see.

Music 4.8/5
Energy 7/5
Score: 3
TwiztAround , attached to 2013-10-19 Permalink
This was my 27th show, started seeing the boys in 1997. However, this was the first time that I was actually up close. Normally I'm a lawn lizard or sit up in the seats of an indoor show, but this time we decided to get as close to the stage as possible. I was literally 15 to 20 feet from Cactus the whole night. Watching a show that close and actually hearing the music through the band members' speakers and not the house PA speakers was a whole different experience. Being able to watch the band interact with each other and being "under the lights" instead of in the back was amazing. This show was the only one of the fall tour that I was able to make, and I wasn't disappointed.

Set 1: Bathtub Gin, FEFY (my first time getting this, never realized how hard it could rock at the end), Ya Mar, Mike's Song

Set 2: There wasn't a bad song choice in the entire set, but my favorites were Ghost (might be the best one since 12/31/10), Steam, Theme, The Wedge, and Hood. Cap it off with a sick Quinn the Eskimo encore and I left that show with a completely different perspective of my favorite band.

There's not very many bands out there that you can see 27 times and still learn things about and be completely surprised by. That's what keeps me coming back. Here's to a great rest of the fall/holiday tour and hope I get to see my boys next summer! Boogie on everybody!
Score: 3
Feeding_Fear , attached to 2013-10-19 Permalink
Feeding_Fear Just a note on Steam...the extended jam with Trey on drums and Mike on drill/bell was due to Trey's amp taking a shit in the middle of the song. I was up front and watching as Trey tried to figure out what happened. Mike picked up on the issue and started doing his thing. While the tech was working, Trey made his way over to Fish's kit. It was cool seeing him get the thumbs up from his tech, and come charging right back into the jam.
Score: 3
white_lightning , attached to 2013-10-19 Permalink
Pretty sick show.

Best 1st set I've seen in the 3.0 era. The Gin opener was tight and let us know that the boys meant business. Highlight of the 1st set for me was Mike's, which was unique and really well played.

2nd set was solid with great song selection and really good execution. Highlights for me were dwd, theme and boogie.

Trey all but said "show up Sunday" at the end of the show....
Score: 2
ProfessorFrink , attached to 2013-10-19 Permalink
Well, I feel a little badly to be the first negative reviewer, but...did nobody else feel like Fish was off his game? Moma and Ghost both had some weird hiccups, and I just generally didn't feel like he brought the fire he was showcasing during summer tour. Everybody has off nights though--we all know he'll bring it back.

Other than Gin and the Mike's Groove (which was absolutely BURNING hot), set one felt a little stiff to me, especially as compared to night one. Crowd energy was great though, seemed like the Mothership was ready to party from well before night one, and the celebration as Weekapaug began was the icing on the proverbial cake.

Set two was definitely an improvement; Ghost through Caspian was a fun stretch, nothing too off the charts in the jamming, but definitely some good stuff to sink your teeth into. Floor was PACKED for most of the set. Boogie On didn't really do it for me, but was fine if you're a fan of the tune. Theme was gorgeous, as it is wont to be; Wedge felt a bit sloppy (maybe just my vantage point in relation to the speakers, hard to say), SITM did what it does, but Hood! Short intro, but that was just fine, because the rest of it was smoking. Moments of beauty juxtaposed with the harsh darkness that tune brings out for just the right amount of time, tight composed sections, harmonies felt dead on, crowd loving it, that's how you end a set.

Loved seeing Trey saying, "Wow," over and over again as he looked at all the lighters out for encore--nice to know they can still be impressed by fan participation! Standard reading of Quinn, which is to say, a blast to be a part of.

All in all, nothing to write home about, but definitely not a waste of time either. Can't be too unhappy at a Phish show! It's been touched on elsewhere, but Mike's cold was definitely a bit of a hindrance--somebody get the Cactus some Emergen-C and get that cleared up, we'll be good to go for the Mothership closer.
Score: 2
tweezedout , attached to 2013-10-19 Permalink
This show is beautiful from start to finish... don't know why its just a 4.1 rating... I thought it matched night 3 of Hampton... the first set is awesomely phun and a beautiful fast enough for you and set 2 has 3 improved gems in ghost, dwd and steam all in a row (total jam/dance fest) and an incredible hood that goes type 2 for a while... great show, hard for me to pick a fave between H2 and H3...def believe this deserves a higher rating... keep it playin
Score: 0
triplesevener , attached to 2013-10-19 Permalink
A solid show, no question about it. I thought the first set was well played, nothing mindblowing, but just solid. Good to see I Am Hydrogen back in the rotation, as well as a few firsts for this noob (My Sweet One, Curtis Loew, FEFY). I also thought the Weekapaug was outstanding (one of the better 3.0 Paugs?),even though Mike's voice was shot. Second set was also solid, the Ghost being especially good.
I could only go to one show on the Hampton run, and this was a good choice overall.
Score: 0

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