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Link Thursday, 05/26/2011
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Bethel, NY

Set 1: Waves[1]

[1] A Love Supreme themes.

Average Song Gap: 77

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: This performance was from the Tech rehearsal for Phish's 2011 Bethel Woods run. This stunning version of Waves (with A Love Supreme themes) was first revealed on Kevin Shapiro's "From the Archives" #15 in the early morning of 7/1/11 on The Bunny @ SBIX.

Song Distribution:
1 Round Room

Songs by Debut Year:

NOTE: This Phish performance does not count for stats purposes.

ColForbin Staff , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
ColForbin Best jam of 3.0 (as of 8/8/11), hands down.
Score: 7
TheEmu , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
TheEmu Yes indeed, best jam of 2011, top 10 all-time jam IMHO. It's tear-inducing. Really, no hyperbole. Gorgeous doesn't begin to do it justice.
Score: 7
IlleQuiNosOmnesServabit , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
Really wish you'd get the whole setlist up there, Phish played for hours.

I snuck in for this soundcheck with 4 other fans (and a baby) and we sat on the edge of the lawn in front of the pavillion. Gorgeous day, and we felt like the band was playing just for us. I believe we snuck in around Stash? We heard a Rift, Foam, and many others for the hour and change we sat there before being kicked out (one of the guys we were with kept screaming towards the end, which alerted security). They busted in to Mound as we were being escorted through the gates.

I know they played for at least 3 hours, and the entire soundcheck setlist must exist. What a lucky little experience that was.
Score: 7
Kurtzboy , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
Kurtzboy Wow. That's all that really needs to be said about this Waves. Phish has amazed me before, but this, is something else.
Score: 6
bmrobin , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
bmrobin when i heard this for the first time i had trouble believing this was Phish 3.0. I have never agreed with the point of view that if Phish wasn't jamming longer than 20min then it wasn't a good jam, but when I saw how long this was before downloading I got butterflies in my stomach. there's just something about the way they improvise when no one is listening (i.e., headphones jam). in the last few tours we have seen trey pull "the ripcord" on jams, sometimes to fans disappointment, but this soundcheck should satisfy any Phish phan's soul.

Score: 5
skillz , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
Can't believe they played this before the summer tour started
Score: 4
BurningShoreProphet , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
BurningShoreProphet also heard a crosseyed tease in that cosmic stew ...this is even more stunning given its a soundcheck...they were just messing around and BAM >>> orbit...
Score: 4
sharininthegroove09 , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
sharininthegroove09 As the reviewer mentioned ( @CannedWalrus ) above, this was some the best Phish I have ever heard. Ever. Kevin Shapiro, thank you Brother. I am still at a loss for words, and I don't think there are any words in our language that can encapsulate what I just heard. Amazing.

Now let's just figure out how to get our hands on a recording of this, so we can all experience it, for anyone who was not listening to The Bunny.

Score: 3
n00b100 Staff , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
n00b100 This is generally considered one of the best jams Phish has played in 3.0 (and not only that .0, either...), and quite rightfully so. From the end of Waves proper, Mike takes over and the jam moves into a weirder range before hitting on something of a theme and exploring it, Trey's odd guitar tone melding well with Page's organ work as Fish pushes the tempo. This is definitely strange stuff, the sort of thing they generally play only at soundchecks (or when they're really feeling it during a show), and after a quick discussion they move into a more melodic (but no less driving) jam, Mike still taking the lead as Trey starts coaxing some weird noises out of his guitar. Page starts going to the theremin (I think), Trey finds a really interesting riff, and we enter the passage for which this jam is most famous, an absolutely *gorgeous* segment where every single member is equally contributing to the music that is just flowing forth. This jam is pretty much the stuff of legend, and if you haven't heard it yet, I urge to you to do so as strongly as I possibly can.
Score: 3
CannedWalrus , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
CannedWalrus This was some of the best Phish I have experienced in awhile. Truly phenomenal. I cannot articulate how wonderful that jam was.
Score: 2
TheEmperorJoker , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
TheEmperorJoker Quite simply the best piece of music they have placed since 3.0 began. The kind of jam that makes you wish you could get an SBD of every soundcheck
Score: 1
robertchampion , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
Why isn't the date entered into this show? Where is the setlist?
Score: 0
HotPale , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
HotPale This Waves is most awesome...the one from the next night is super tight too!
Score: 0
WaxBrain , attached to 2011-05-26 Permalink
WaxBrain Seriously, one of the sickest jamz I've ever heard the boys put together.
Shit get's "Bitches Brew" in there round 13th, 14th minutes. Just beautiful....
Score: 0

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