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Link Saturday, 11/07/1998
UIC Pavilion, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Set 1: My Soul, Mike'sMike's Song, Driver[1], Brian and Robert[1], WedgeThe Wedge, LxLLimb By Limb, Fikus, Billy Breathes, Beauty of My Dreams, WeekapaugWeekapaug Groove

Set 2: BagAC/DC Bag -> Ghost, Reba, Farmhouse

Encore: Guyute, WMGGWWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps

[1] Trey on acoustic guitar.

Noteworthy Jams: Mike's Song (highly recommended), Weekapaug Groove, AC/DC Bag (highly recommended), Reba, Farmhouse

Average Song Gap: 7.75

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: Driver and Brian and Robert featured Trey on acoustic guitar.

Song Distribution:
5 The Story of the Ghost
2 Farmhouse
1 Billy Breathes
1 Rift
1 Lawn Boy
1 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
1 The White Tape

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1998 Fall Tour."

Mdawg , attached to 1998-11-07 Permalink
Mdawg This was a great way to kick off the three night run. After a first set Mike's Groove sandwich I knew it was on for the second set. The mind blowing Bag to open the second set confirmed that my face would be melted right there on the spot. Next thing I know many moments later after intense jamming I was plunged into the story of the Ghost. Funk grooves took me all the way to complete facemeltedness. There really is no other way to describe what I was experiencing and when it was all said and done we crashed into a sublime finish of Reba and Farmhouse. The WMGGW encore was simply the cherry on top.
Score: 1
montaigne , attached to 1998-11-07 Permalink
The amazingly beautiful, spacey jam out of Bag is worth a few dozen listens. This 3 show run was not anything exceptional- or had I become way too spoiled by that point, as is the tendency? However, the jam out of bag has always been one of my favorites.

Score: 1
qushner , attached to 1998-11-07 Permalink
Well, I found the second set to be a bit oversold here. The Bag has a few transcendent moments mixed in with a bunch of noise. Noise is nice and everyone likes long meandering jams... but this was a bit excessive, no? Believe it or not, I found that the most interesting moment was the Farmhouse--this song had come a long way in a year.

What got me excited was actually the first set. (Yeah, I was surprised, too.) Both the Mike's and the Weekapaug are very strong: the former features a slow, patient build followed by one of those patented (though recently rare) F-major jams while the latter has two or three absolutely explosive peaks that just keep spilling over. In between is a song-oriented clump that includes an acoustic Brian & Robert where the band strips down an already lean song, revealing some of the quieter melodic elements. (Page's piano counterpoint on the late verses, for example, comes to the fore a bit more when it's not swimming in the muck of sustained Rhodes blanket tones.) The Wedge wants to scream, as was its habit in those days, but Trey's not quite as surefooted as he is elsewhere in the set, falling out of key a few times. He was, however, totally anchored during While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

(PS: Isn't that a Dear Prudence tease in Ghost?)
Score: 1
mcgrupp81 , attached to 1998-11-07 Permalink
1st Set--Mike's Song is nice with a Simple like melody as the outro. Rest of the songs played were pretty standard. Weekapaug Groove was actually pretty good and reminds me of 7/17/98 Paug a bit.

2nd Set-AC/DC Bag is where it's at. Nice jamming leading into a Ghost which kinda of drifts around for a bit before Reba starts up. Decent Reba but the ending seemed forced.
Score: 0
gratephul , attached to 1998-11-07 Permalink
About the amaaaaaazing Ghost... I would swear that the tease was Dear Prudence, as opposed to WMGGW, which would also have been a great foreshadowing of the encore. But I may be wrong...

What a ridiculous second set tho!! Just found this on my "office trip phishows" 1998 run, the day they released Live Bait 9. Excited for 2013 Chicago shows!!
Score: 0
Palmer , attached to 1998-11-07 Permalink
Palmer One of my favorite fall 98 shows.
My Soul- solid opener, standard.
Mike's Song, very improvisational throughout begins to fade and transform into a little space- like jive before ending. 14 plus minutes.
Driver and Brian and Robert- standard versions.
Wedge- fikus- limb by Limb, beauty of my dreams good, nothing to out there. Great version of Weekapaug 4/5 set 1

Bag- one of the giant jams of the fall, transforms into a momental jam with Trey sending shivers through spines.
Ghost- sick 1998 circa play, great version
Reba- good.
Farmhouse- nice

Encore- guyute > Beatles, awesome! Great show with some really captivating jams including Mikes, bag, Ghost, paug
Score: 0

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