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In a Misty Glade

Music/Lyrics: Anastasio/Marshall

Vocals: Fish

Albums: Party Time

Historian: Martin Acaster (Doctor_Smarty)

"In a Misty Glade" is one of two Trey and Tom songs sung by Jon that appear to form a demented couplet. Originally recorded during the Bearsville sessions in March 1998, this odd couple didn't feel the warm glow of an official Phish release until Party Time was unleashed as part of the Joy box set in 2009. Unlike its counterpart ("Shrine"), "In a Misty Glade" is a sparse and ominously psychedelic derangement that feels like it is careening through the mind of a serial killer taking refuge in a coastal forest as he plans the hunt for his next college coed victim shortly after he has buried the last. "In a Misty Glade" has not been performed live to date. If and when it debuts, it would truly be a "Crime of the Mind" if it were not paired with its hapless Makisupan pursuer.

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