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If I Told You

Music/Lyrics: McConnell

Vocals: Page

Albums: Party Time

Historian: Martin Acaster (Doctor_Smarty)

"If I Told You" is the Page McConnell solo foray into the world of electronica that was included on the Party Time bonus discRecorded in March 2008, it appears to be a musical response to a question posed. Though the identity of the querent and the nature of the question are not revealed, the hesitation and reluctance toward the subject broached is unmistakable. The lyrics of "If I Told You" lie somewhere between "Beauty of a Broken Heart" and "Heavy Rotation" two other solo tracks (from his 2007 release Page McConnelldealing with similar, if not the same, personal issues Page was therapeutically deconstructing during his time away from Phish. "If I Told You" has not been performed live to date. 

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