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Dinner and a Movie

Music: Anastasio

Lyrics: The Dude of Life

Vocals: Phish

Albums: Junta, Live in Brooklyn, At the Roxy, Live Phish 09, Live Phish 19, Live in Brooklyn DVD

Debut: 1987-11-19

Historian: Charles Franz, lumpblockclod

Last Update: 2012-07-29

"Dinner and a Movie” is an odd little ditty. Early versions consisted primarily of different vocalizations of its one line, “Let’s go out to dinner and see a movie.” Backing music, sighs, and the occasional scream have been added to fill it out. Fishman commented before the 5/18/91 version that “Dinner” celebrated “America’s favorite pre-nuptial ritual.”

Played fairly frequently in 1989 through 1992, its appearances have diminished since, as the band members agree that its one-joke nature has worn thin. It often served as a first set opener or was paired with “Bouncing.” 4/18/92 Palo Alto, CA is a particularly good version (an excellent soundboard of this show circulates), which precedes an incredible “Harry Hood.” The 7/11/91 and 7/15/91 versions with The Giant Country Horns are worth digesting as well. “Dinner” was resurrected for the 3/1/97 Hamburg, Germany show, but that version was not selected for inclusion on Slip, Stitch and Pass. 242 shows later, “Dinner” opened up the controversial 2nd set of 9/29/00 in Vegas. "Dinner" made one appearance in Phish 2.0 at Brooklyn's KeySpan Park on 6/17/04, presumably a nod to the fact that the show was being simulcast in movie theaters across the country. More recent servings can be found on 8/13/0912/4/09 and 6/17/10.  It's hard to say if that's an aberration or a logical consequence of Phish's post-breakup touring itinerary.

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Recommended Versions: 1991-07-15, 1992-04-18

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Butters Reply
A song I find epic in it's simplcity. Something about the winding nature of Page's keys in this one. I love it.
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nichobert Reply
nichobert The earliest version that circulates, 11/19/87, is almost 8 minutes with 2 awesome mini jams in it. Only jammed out version as far as I can tell. And well worth the listen!
Score: 0
skippy11 Reply
skippy11 Show opener at my first show and it was my first time hearing it! couldn't of worked out better! was not prepared at all but love the mess out of it!
Score: 0
dkast85 Reply
dkast85 people consider this one of the harder Phish songs to play. Am I right about that?
Score: 0
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