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A Live One

A Live One

Released: 1995-06-27
  1. Bouncing Around the Room
  2. Stash
  3. Gumbo
  4. Montana
  5. You Enjoy Myself
  6. Chalk Dust Torture
  7. Slave to the Traffic Light
  8. Wilson
  9. Tweezer
  10. Simple
  11. Harry Hood
  12. The Squirming Coil

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Thunder Reply
Thunder This live album is pure gold and a good reason why I got into Phish. It got me to my first show and I never looked back. Do yourself a favour and pick this up/check it out.

Bouncing Around the Room [1994-12-31 Boston Garden Boston, MA.]
Stash [1994-07-08 Great Woods Mansfield, MA.]
Gumbo [1994-12-02 University of California-Davis Davis, CA.]
Montana (part of the Tweezer jam) [1994-11-28 Montana State Univ Bozeman, MT.]
You Enjoy Myself [1994-12-07 Spreckles Theatre San Diego, CA.]
Chalk Dust Torture [1994-11-16 Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor, MI.]
Slave to the Traffic Light [1994-11-26 Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis, MN.]
Wilson [1994-12-30 Madison Square Garden New York City]
Tweezer [1994-11-02 Bangor Auditorium Bangor, ME.]
Simple [1994-12-10 Civic Auditorium Santa Monica, CA.]
Harry Hood [1994-10-23 University of Florida Gainesville, FL].
The Squirming Coil [1994-10-09 A.J. Palumbo Center Pittsburgh, PA.]

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wicker15 Reply
wicker15 I've always considered this as my personal fave of Bouncing...BUT its not from 12/31/94. Does anyone know the real date?

I think that this YouTube dubbed over the original, and used A Live One's
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