, comment by steamstash
steamstash YES!!!!!
, comment by Live_Eels
Live_Eels The jam that gave me nightmares...
, comment by elfinito
elfinito I love how CK spells PHISH with the lights on the screens, and dissolves it over and over...never noticed it before this show.
, comment by IamHIGHdrogen
IamHIGHdrogen Ill take my phish just like I take my coffee; dark, strong and exploratory (I drink some good coffee!!)
, comment by elfinito
elfinito I wish Trey would have kept with that cool guitar lick he dropped in the last minute.

This following that DwD blew my mind -- but I still can't help wonder if they took this one the next step from that riff....
, comment by safetymeeting
safetymeeting Meh. Not as good as some of the "Carini"s I saw in '95/'96.
, comment by conradjohansen
conradjohansen @safetymeeting said:
Meh. Not as good as some of the "Carini"s I saw in '95/'96.
Debuted in '97 bro, nice try though.
, comment by elfinito
elfinito @safetymeeting said:
Meh. Not as good as some of the "Carini"s I saw in '95/'96.
I assume you are just mocking the "Jaded vets" -- and fully aware this song was debuted on the '97 Europe tour.

If so...funny.

If not -- wow, some people surely do distort their memories of the past.
, comment by User_11821_
User_11821_ @conradjohansen said:
@safetymeeting said:
Meh. Not as good as some of the "Carini"s I saw in '95/'96.
Debuted in '97 bro, nice try though.

Either way, I was laughing by the time I finished reading @conrads post.
, comment by n00b100
n00b100 Jam of the run.
, comment by RyanW
RyanW Ron's Funky Mix 2012.
, comment by themindpilot
themindpilot This Carini is the shit!

- Carini's i've seen live and love:

- Bethel Woods Carini 05/27/11 (You can hear a phan shout it out before the band starts the 2nd set, and you can also hear trey say "eh, what the fuck.." as he lays into the intro to Carini! Gotta love the all request band! lol)

- Worcester Carini 06/07/12 (This one is just sick. Words cant describe. Also probably my favorite show I attended in 2012 besides 12/28/12)

- Commerce City Carini 08/31/12 (Part of the "fuckyou" first set. What a night, check this one out if you somehow have not already.)

More Carini's in 2013!

...and a Festival 10! That would be great. lol
, comment by TwiceBitten
TwiceBitten close second favorite to this classic

, comment by TwiceBitten
TwiceBitten Actually...after listening to both side to side, I like 12/30/12 better...who woulda thunkit?
, comment by elfinito
elfinito Agree -- I find 12/30 builds more nuance behind the space, ans comes out with more creative build-ups.

As I said above though -- I would have loved to see them push through with that last groove that they fell into, and that really cool almost Latin-style riff Trey drops in at the end.

But can't complain -- DwD-> Carini blew me away!!

It actually reminded me a lot of what happened at Red Rocks 2 (7/31/09). With that awesome melodic Tweezer jam, that I wanted to keep going more...but instead got fuzzed out into BDTNL.

That show also had a great Type 2 start, with Drowned-> Crosseyed, then a a Joy break, and a sweet Tweezer, that should have been 10 min, longer, instead of getting BDTNL'ed.

I like BDNTL -- just wished it came about 10 minutes later in both of those sets. Regardless these are still 2 of my favorite Phish sets that I was at, and not just 3.0.
, comment by phunky58
phunky58 the 30th was easily the best night of the run thanks to the 2nd set particularly DWD and Carini. though the energy was high the other nights those special moments where IT happens were nowhere to be found. I live for the improvisation that was prevalent all throughout the dick's run. especially the fuck your face show which is def the best show of the year imo without a doubt. aside from the tweezer, dwd, carini, and piper everything was played straightforward. i enjoyed myself but i was left wanting much much more especially on new year's.
, comment by RunawayJoe
RunawayJoe DWD-> Carini was NASTY. Carini is becoming one of my favorite tunes. Everytime they play it the jam keeps getting better and darker. Love this jam, but it could of went on for longer, Fish was pushing this jam but Trey wanted #line, which was kind of buzz-kill at the time.

Cheers for Summer '13!!!!!
, comment by ledzepmaster
ledzepmaster How you gonna let @safetymeeting troll you all like that? Everyone knows when Carini debuted... it was a monster. I thumbed him up one, I saw the humor.

Anyways, Fishman's heartbeat of a kickdrum makes it. Gordo was even reminiscing the 6/7/12 Carini at one point.
, comment by fhnsab
fhnsab Loved most of the 12/30 second set, especially DwD > Twenty Years Later > Carini. Twenty years later is one of my favorite "new" songs and looking back this seems like the perfect spot for it to have exploded into something incredible. Even though it didn't, I still love the song and thought it fit well in this sequence of songs/jams.
, comment by funkbeard
funkbeard Still no video from BGCA3? Please release it to DVD and blu-ray.

For the time being, how bout that Theme-> Rocky Top?

This Carini is damn fine.

Anyone pit it against the Essex, VT version?
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October 20, 1995
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Five Seasons Arena

Set 1: My Friend, My Friend, Ya Mar, Ha Ha Ha > Divided Sky, Fee[1] > Rift > Free, Hello My Baby, Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace[2]

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Encore: Sleeping Monkey, Rocky Top

[1] Trey sang verses through megaphone.
[2] Johnny Bagpipes Johnston on electric bagpipes.
[3] Acoustic.

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