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Real Name: TwiceBitten

Date Joined: 11/27/2011

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Bio: I own a record store and a record label, play in many bands and edit a music blog. First heard Phish at summer camp in '94 and was heavy into tape trading by Summer '99. Didn't see the boys til 2.0, but I've caught some good gigs so i can't complain...

Music: I have very diverse musical tastes. I like obscure private press LPs, krautrock, Old Weird America, New Weird America, free jazz, pysch rock, downer folk, punk, hardcore, noise, Grateful Dead.

Phish, in a few words: Phish for me was a really important stepping stone to other musical terrain. I have them to thank for Eno, Sun Ra, Velvets...I got out of touch with the band and its music after being obsessed 99-04, but am now firmly "back in the fold"

Location: Boston, MA

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