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Speaking of gems- this one is a true beauty! On many people's "All Time" list, this Piper from Las Vegas in 2003 was an absolute monster. This video captures the spirit of the show and the song beautifully. Filled with raucous energy from front to back, this Piper delivered an infectious, rhythm filled jam complete with exceptional playing by all band members.

This great video features full panned shots of the crowd, Kuroda's lights, close-ups of Trey being quintessentially Trey (around 10:00 min), glowstick wars, and other all-around zaniness.

Unfortunately this video is clipped into two other parts. Enjoy Parts 2 and Parts 3 also. Each part is not to be missed!

Also, if you haven't visited lately, you are in for a nice surprise. Check out the all-new PhishVids 2.0 with blazing fast search and new design. Powered by the API of course! Dan, co-writer of this feature on, spent a ton of time on this invaluable site for Phish video buffs. Be sure to leave your words of thanks either here on on Twitter (@Phishvids).

Enjoy the glorious Piper and see you next week!

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, comment by lumpblockclod
lumpblockclod Anyone who denies the greatness of 2.0 should be strapped to a chair and forced to watch this video. I'd say put it on a loop, but one time through should change their view. The Viper is that good...
, comment by docgonzo1972
docgonzo1972 2/15 is definitely the better show of that two day run; still, had a blast. Wish they'd come back to UNLV.
, comment by westbrook
westbrook One of my favorite Pipers. Great video.
, comment by nichobert
nichobert While I can totally get that some people are much more interested in compositions and therefore look askance at 2.0, I've never found your average 03 show to be any sloppier than 99/00.. And as for improv, the long jams strive for so much more in 03 and the 04 shows that aren't a total disaster (Although Coventry Melt is no joke too!)

It's understandable that people have bad memories of this time, but at some point they gotta meet the music on its own terms. Writing off music made by people whose partying was out of control is a pretty sure way to knock a solid 50 of the 100 best albums ever made right out of your playlist.

I wonder how many women Miles Davis choked during the Kind of Blue sessions?
, comment by roybelly
roybelly Thanks for putting up a vid from that winter 2003 run......that run was pure magic and doesn't get nearly enough love.
, comment by TwiceBitten
TwiceBitten 2.0 detractors are falling off by the dozens every day I would imagine...

wow!!!! clean and efficient. I'm lovin' it!!!
, comment by weekapaugrooven
weekapaugrooven These Vegas shows are pure magic. I have many fond memories of the roadtrip adventure my college buddies and I took from southern New Hampshire to Vegas for these shows. This Piper hits you low, hard and deep. Absolute sick, nasty, dark and dirty jam. 2.0 is like the California gold-rush, the really good stuff isn't everywhere, but it's not hard to find when you know what you're looking for. This is Phish doing what they do best, and doing what no one else ever can. Magic.
, comment by Runaway_Tim
Runaway_Tim Epic piper part of an epic run!

Side note: anyways is not a word
, comment by andrewrose
andrewrose I'm beginning to think that 2.0 detractors are a myth. February 03 was one of the best tours the band has ever done, from right out of the gate.
, comment by ucpete
ucpete Summer '03 was epic as well IMO. Though '03 (and especially '04) was filled with flubs, they almost always got past them and went epic with their jams time and time again.

Random question (or suggestion?): is there a place where all of the Videos of the Week are aggregated on a single page? That would be cool.
, comment by louhemp007
louhemp007 To count out the shows from 03 just because of "issues" is cheating the good music that was made. I agree the winter 03 tour Has some great stuff, and the following summer isn't to shabby either. Sme of the shows I have the most affinity for come from 03. That's just me though.
, comment by Manteca
Manteca boy, im glad i watched that! nice, nice, nice!
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October 20, 1995
22 years ago
Five Seasons Arena

Set 1: My Friend, My Friend, Ya Mar, Ha Ha Ha > Divided Sky, Fee[1] > Rift > Free, Hello My Baby, Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace[2]

Set 2: Timber Ho! > Scent of a Mule > Simple > Maze, Gumbo, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, My Long Journey Home[3], I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome[3], Bouncing Around the Room > Run Like an Antelope

Encore: Sleeping Monkey, Rocky Top

[1] Trey sang verses through megaphone.
[2] Johnny Bagpipes Johnston on electric bagpipes.
[3] Acoustic.

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