, comment by SidewayJill , attached to 2016-10-31
SidewayJill What a great twist! high energy and very juicy. Has a section akin to the Grateful Dead's Drums. finishes strong. Just love it.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2016-10-18
n00b100 This is Mike Gordon's jam; it could have fallen apart a few times (rather unsurprisingly, there's a few awkward moments when a band used to having one guitarist is now dealing with two), but Gordon keeps the band on point and practically yanks them into improv-land like the hook yanking someone off a vaudeville stage. Quite a nice little piece of business from a tremendous show.
, comment by TweezingSpaceRanger , attached to 2015-12-31
TweezingSpaceRanger Watch out for machine gun trey
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-12-31
n00b100 The final five minutes of this jam, when Trey goes Super Saiyan as the band cooks up a particularly gruesome witches' brew behind him, are so heavy that they should be allowed to take the "(She's So Heavy)" subtitle away from that Beatles song. The true Big Bad (if not my favorite jam - that's the NMINML, of course) of 12/31/15, a show groaning under the weight of its embarrassment of riches.
, comment by chrismbona , attached to 2015-12-31
chrismbona highlight of the night
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-08-23
n00b100 More fun than you can shake a stick at, and that's *before* you get to the Immigrant Song -> Weekapaug bit.
, comment by beyondthebeyond , attached to 2015-08-12
beyondthebeyond Listening back to this and the 7/31/2015 version, it sounds to me like the wondrous peak in this version is born in the final 2 minutes of ATL. Compare ATL riff to Philly peak.
, comment by CameToPlay , attached to 2015-08-12
CameToPlay This jam gets serenely jazzy from the jump and plays around in that space for a few minutes before yielding to a segment that starts out with a kind of a calm but weirdly foreboding feel. See the "Living on a Thin Line" quasi-tease at around 7:00. After a few minutes, we get a Miami Disease-esque segment starting around 11 minutes. Then as if the jam could have any less of a sense of urgency, it comes to almost a complete stop. What emerges after the 13 minute mark is what this jam will be remembered for. A slow build of the final theme, where we get the closest thing to Reading Disease since Reading. Trey centers himself and unleashes a joyous, melodic, perfectly constructed solo. Among the best versions of Twist Phish has played.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-08-12
n00b100 A jam that just takes you on a marvelous journey in fine 3.0 fashion, with an absolutely heartening peak at the end. If they'd played this at Magnaball, there'd probably be a statue of it somewhere by now. As it stands, it's the worthy centerpiece for one of those sets where you could say "it's the best set of 3.0" and I'd say "yeah, I can see it".
, comment by beyondthebeyond , attached to 2015-07-31
beyondthebeyond I believe this version begets the 2015-08-12 "yellow" version.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-07-31
n00b100 Nothing *too* earth-shattering, just some of that lovely Three Point Oh Hose we all know and love at this point, as part of the extraordinary mosaic that is 7/31/15 II. It's entirely possible that I'm still underselling it.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-07-24
n00b100 You know that line at the end of the first trailer for The Force Awakens, talking about "the dark side.......and the light?" That's this jam, right here. A gruesome, nasty, um, twist on the usual Twist jam, followed by sheer candy-coated 3.0 upbeat bliss. The centerpiece of 2015's first indisputable classic show.
, comment by Bulletproof , attached to 2015-07-24
Bulletproof In a show with a handful of highlights, this jam was THE highlight for me. Fantastic communication between all band members and full development of two themes, one very dark and funky and the second which was complete and total extacy.
, comment by ThomasFunkyEdison , attached to 2014-10-28
ThomasFunkyEdison Love this version. Just one of the great jams of a great three-day run at Billy Graham. The last 4-5 minutes are quintessential 2013-14 Phish and I hope we hear more of this in 2015.
, comment by Palmer , attached to 2014-10-28
Palmer Well said^. Twist is a make or break song imo, either it settles down the mood or carries it out ( thinking Japan). This twist is a double combination and takes it to a unique zone which we all love to hear.

I enjoy the Glens Falls Twist also, worth a check.
, comment by ckess22 , attached to 2014-10-28
ckess22 Really special. A few weeks after fall tour, this is the cut I've been back to most. Just beautiful music. Must hear.
, comment by hdorne , attached to 2014-10-28
hdorne One of the best-ever Twists, in my opinion. This is the kind of patient jamming I really crave from Phish. They go into a very introspective musical place, and you can tell they've surrendered to spontaneous inspiration and emotion. Oh, and the flow. They've surrendered to the flow. They don't force anything. It sounds like it was written.

One of my favorite Twists, right up there with Fukuoka, Nassau '98, and Glens Falls '13.
, comment by Pinhead_Larry , attached to 2014-10-28
Pinhead_Larry Simply put, one of the most delicate, and melodic jamming I've heard in a Twist since Fukuoka. I think it's Trey who gets some Pink Floyd-like effects going on in the background a la Echoes.

Very nice serene and blissful jamming. The entrance into the music is hardly noticeable as they almost flawlessly depart from Twist proper into one of the top jams of 2014, maybe even the best Twist of 3.0 (IMO, of course).
, comment by Bulletproof , attached to 2014-10-28
Bulletproof I did not see this jam coming from this song. This jam took me someplace far far away where words can not describe the emotions it envokes.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2014-10-28
n00b100 You and me both, buddy.
, comment by TweezingSpaceRanger , attached to 2013-12-29
TweezingSpaceRanger outstanding type 1 version. This unbelievable set wouldn't be the same without it
, comment by TweeZtHIS , attached to 2013-11-01
TweeZtHIS I'm gona go ahead and say that a Get Back tease should be added around the 8:09 mark.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2013-11-01
n00b100 This is my personal favorite Twist, as of right now; it's certainly one of the most fun, between the teases and the goofy Under Pressure quote (still kinda think it should be Twist -> UP -> Twist, but nobody asked me), but delivers the goods improv-wise with that gorgeous hose segment right before Under Pressure starts up. Fall 2013 has no shortage of signature jams, and this is one of the signature-iest.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2013-10-23
n00b100 Twist was played 3 times during the now-legendary Fall 2013 jaunt, and each version was better than the last; this version, in the middle of a show sort of left behind due to how good the tour got immediately after, deserves multiple listens. It's a beautiful piece of business.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2012-06-22
n00b100 One of 3.0's signature jams (to me, at least), as it effortlessly slides out of the Twist theme into something darker and more powerful, before molding into the Heaven On Our Minds theme and then magically snaking its way back to Twist proper. If it was planned, they need to plan these sorts of things more often. A superb masterpiece, and the king of 2012, a year with absolutely no shortage of exceptional jams.
, comment by newbornelph , attached to 2004-06-20
newbornelph The bouncy funk section that develops in this version is one of my favorite jams EVER!!!
, comment by CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2004-06-20
CreatureoftheNight One of my favorite all time moments of live Phish. Bouncing on the balcony rail was an experience I will never forget. This was also the last 4 song set in Phishtory.
, comment by Pinhead_Larry , attached to 2003-07-30
Pinhead_Larry The Camden '03 shows are both, in their own rights, excellent and an example of 2.0 shows that could be considered "good" in any era (IMO). This set opening Twist sets the mood just right, capturing that murkey Summer 2003 sound that I've grown to love. Though, I've been listening to so much of the Fukuoka Twist, I was half-expecting to hear a laid-back, bliss-filled groove. But as soon as the jam starts, I was brought back into reality.

This Twist is playful, dark, and thrilling. Trey and Page in particular complement each other quite well to create a lot of the soundscapes. But dont't just listen to the Twist, stay for that epic SASS, YEM, and really the whole show. Who does't love an incredible first set with a 4-song second set?
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2000-06-14
n00b100 I've noted that the "Jam" is my favorite piece of improv from this all-timer show, but the "Twist" that proceeds it ain't too damn bad, either; it's remarkable how the jam almost seems to fold in on itself as it goes on, like someone slowly drawing the covers over themselves as they lie in bed. Fukuoka's greatness lies in the fact that they rarely play jams like this; the closest they've gotten in the modern era, IMO, is in another Twist - 10/28/14's.
, comment by cphish12 , attached to 1999-12-31
cphish12 Big Cypress was the culmination and perfection of the 99' ambient sound. This version of twist is a fantastic snippet of phish at its best in 99: beutiful, srence, patient it takes you on a magical ride. The jams floats through the air like fog; beautifully haunting.
, comment by wildwind , attached to 1998-04-02
wildwind This is probably my favorite Phish jam, and it's the one that finally convinced me to go see them live after I watched the absurdly awesome video of Kuroda's lights. "Bands can do that? This I gotta see!" Essential viewing and listening for any fan or anyone who wants a taste.

, comment by aybesea , attached to 1998-04-02
aybesea I am absolutely in love with this version. It accurately forecasts the dark jams of 2.0 and lays down a template that I just can't get enough of. My very favorite Twist (at least that I've heard so far). is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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