Wilson included a heavy metal jam, complete with Trey waving his guitar in the air. Kid Rock provided guest vocals from Walk This Way through the encore. Walk This Way and Rapper’s Delight (with funny stage antics from Fish, who danced on his knees like Kid’s sidekick Joe C.) were Phish debuts. You Shook Me (All Night Long) was played in its entirety by Phish for the first time, although it had been jammed on other occasions. Walk This Way was also teased during 2001. Spock’s Brain (first since June 24, 1995, or 391 shows), Dinner and a Movie (first since March 1, 1997, or 242 shows), and American Band (first since November 16, 1996, or 271 shows) returned after long absences. The Carini opener was preceded by a Wilson tease and saw Trey have several problems with his guitar. Meatstick featured Mike and Trey doing the Meatstick dance.
Jam Chart Versions
Walk This Way tease in Also Sprach Zarathustra
Debut Years (Average: 1993)

This show was part of the "2000 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2000-09-29

Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO This venue on these two nights was a complete mad-house. There was no semblance of order whatsoever. I saw zero security and the crowd took full advantage. At one time during the Meatstick I thought the T&M was a drillbit tunneling towards the center of the earth and the harder we danced- the faster we tunneled!! Yeah... THAT fuckin crazy :)
, attached to 2000-09-29

Review by Anonymous

"This is Cock Rock" - Jon Fishman 9/29/00
Indeed. The band really revved up their Rock n’ Roll engines for this show. Was it because it was the opening night of Phish's last Vegas Run before the Hiatus, the frenzied Friday Night crowd, the knowledge that Kid Rock would be sharing the stage later, or perhaps all three? I like to think it was just in the air.
Besides a “Bathtub Gin “ that slowly opened like a flower (reminiscent if my all-time favorite played on 6/28/00) and a short two minute Siket Disc-like meander between “Fluffhead” and “Meatstick”, the Grand Funk Railroad impersonators onstage seemed to skip any real jamming. In fact, a standard version of “Meatstick” might have been the only other tune The Kid might have deemed a "Hippie Song". “Moma Dance” and “Fluffhead” were tight and all business. Nearly flawless. Even “Chalk Dust Torture” failed to show any glimpses of the jam vehicle it sometimes has been since the Hiatus (and occasionally before). Only pure adrenaline here.
From the grinding “Carini” opener to the arena rock of "Frankenstein" and the punk "Dinner and a Movie", all through Kid Rock's lengthy appearance; both band and audience never let up on the fury. During "Rapper's Delight" Fishman rapped and danced a Joe C. imitation while those in attendance waved their arms in the air and sang along. The lack of apology for "supposedly" offending vocal improvisations was, for me, woven into the ferocity of the music that night. Whether or not the audience was tired of his posturing and screeching; the momentum was just too much not to bring Kid Rock out for the encore. The ovation after, while the lights came up, left me with visions of The Boys smiling tired smiles while wiping the sweat from their hair with towels backstage. After all, this was "Cock Rock".
, attached to 2000-09-29

Review by DrSFJones

DrSFJones I still don't know which was more heart-breaking for me, the announcement of the Hiatus on Night 2 or the inclusion of the Ass-Clown Kid Rock in such a major portion of set 2 on Night 1. While I have never re-listened to this show, I remember it being really great until Kid Rock walked out. I clearly remember thinking "how does this guy deserve to be anywhere near that stage with those 4 musicians?"
, attached to 2000-09-29

Review by Abe_Froman

Abe_Froman FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY IN VEGAS. By the third song of the show, Thomas and Mack was on fire.

Musically, Wilson>Spock's Brain>Bathtub Gin and Set II Moma Dance>2001>Fluffhead>Meatstick are all worth the download. That is some really solid Phish.

The Kid Rock tunes? To each their own, right?
, attached to 2000-09-29

Review by Gahooley

Gahooley Living large in the land of sin.

We went to this Kid Rock show and the opening band was pretty good.....

We left the always classy Stardust in two taxis from two separate companies, and pretty sure we started a taxi war. The lot was happening and on our way in we saw Kid Rock. Initially cool, there is Kid Rock. Then, what is he doing here? Then NO! Please NO!

Enjoyed the Mellow Mood and Spock's Brain. Gin was great and the second set opener of Dinner and a Movie is always enjoyed. Loved the Moma Dance and 2001. Things were building nicely, it was a madhouse inside and...

Then the headliner appeared. At first it was funny, especially the Rapper's delight. Then it just became tedious. We kept thinking he would leave, and he kept coming back....Not my favorite Phish moment.

Afterwards we were released into the madness of Vegas including the Hard Rock Casino Cafe where we didn't fit in, but we certainly had fun.
, attached to 2000-09-29

Review by The__Van

The__Van Kiiiiiiid Rock

Carini, Rift, and Frankenstein open the show in great, energetic fashion. Mellow Mood once again this tour is a bit of a breather. I love this song. Wilson really gets the crowd moving and has a fiery little metal jam. Really nice stuff. I wish they played Spock’s Brain more. It’s got such a cool groove. Gin is another rocking upbeat version but it’s got some real nice intensity that the others on this tour have been lacking. Mike is the star here pushing the jam higher and higher. Zero closes a great first set!

Dinner and a Movie is busted out to open the 2nd set. I have to wonder if the bust outs tonight and the next night are intentional book ends from the band celebrating the end of (what would later be known as) 1.0. Moma screams in again with another big, loud, and rocking version. I wish they still played Moma this way. 2001 sets the stage for some space funk. It seems like Fish really wanted this one to go big. He keeps layering beat variations and adapting to Trey’s licks but alas the final refrain comes and they transition to the last Fluffhead until 2009. This last version is very “standard good” and gets no complaints from me. It has a little ambient jam afterwards that almost feels like an epilogue to Fluff. Trey then starts up Meatstick for some silliness and type 1 goodies. Then we come to the infamous part of the show. Over the Meatstick solo Trey introduces Kid Rock to the stage. I’m not sure how out of left field this decision was. I also can’t not draw comparison to their other “last tour” in 2004 when they brought out Jay-Z to do some songs. However, Jay-Z didn’t take over the rest of the set like Kid Rock. The result is comical which I assume is the intention. Fish rapping the second verse on Rapper’s Delight had me laughing along. The whole segment left me wondering why they only did covers and not a Kid Rock song. Would them stumbling their way through Bawitdaba really have been that much worse?

Good first set and a promising 3rd quarter is blocked by the Kid. Wilson, Gin, and Moma are all worth your time.
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