Lushington did not contain any lyrics. Makisupa included the band playing with varied special effects. This setlist is likely incomplete.
Debut Years (Average: 1985)

This show was part of the "1987 Tour"

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, attached to 1987-09-02

Review by BudokanCostume

BudokanCostume It's hard to give the recording I have a real rating, as it would appear it is incomplete. Also, there is a lot of monkeying around going on with the soundboard :) .

However, there are some really interesting fun oddities, like the isolation of Mike and Paige's tracks at different times on Fluffhead. As the levels stabilized on the recording, the show began growing on me or at least triggered some hidden pocket in my brain like immersion therapy. Wilson's lift-off is killer, and I dig the slow boil and angry edge throughout the track.
, attached to 1987-09-02

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Ok folks, this may be hard to believe, but this is a soundboard recording!! I know it doesn’t' sound like it, but it is with lots of cassette generations in between. What do you expect for 1987? Anyways...this is a terrible quality recording to listen to, so all the other reviews here are correct, except that the cuts you hear are, assuming Paul is running sound, the soundman is pushing the PFL, or solo button to check each instrument's levels for the mix. This shows that the recording is right off of the soundboard. Also the effects that are added during Makisupa, reverbs and delays, are also Paul at the board. Trey has nothing to do with it. That being said, the playing here is pretty standard for 1987 shows. Nothing too special here and you can skip this one unless you need to hear everything that's available.
, attached to 1987-09-02

Review by TheEmu

TheEmu First thing's first: The sound on the available recording for this is god-awful, and most of it is pretty much unlistenable. Lots of cuts and drops, sound warps, and track glitches where different instruments will drop out completely. Once during Fluffhead, everything but the bass cuts out, and then for the majority of Fluff's Travel's, all you have is piano. This is kind of interesting if you ever wanted to hear Page or Mike isolated, but if you're trying to listen to Phish, it's not good.

Musically, it's not a ton better. No jam on Divided Sky, Possum is meh, BBFCFM is slow and meh, Timber starts OK then devolves into a mess, and if you make it through the whole recording to the YEM, it slowly fades out before you even get to the jam. I do love Shaggy Dog, but between the massive sound issues and underwhelming meh-ness of most of the songs (and some yikes thrown in for good measure on Timber) this was cruising straight toward one star for me.

HOWEVER - Makisupa Policeman kicks ass. It's a wonderful, 10 1/2 minute heavy dub-style Makisupa that is really excellent and beautiful in spots. I'm definitely pulling this Makisupa to use as filler, and if you like Makisupa or Dub, like @SlavePhan says, absolutely check this version out. You can skip the rest, though. Out of respect for this wonderful Policeman, I'll go two stars for this.
, attached to 1987-09-02

Review by cjfphan21

cjfphan21 Geez...this is terrible. I mean, this is absolutely f***ing terrible.

Performance wise: There's not really anything here that's worth mentioning except for Makisupa. I don't even wanna go into the other stuff, a lot of it was just okay and the rest was just bad. I feel like if you were looking for pre-1988 phish, there's other recordings out there that would do you much better than this one. I don't feel like this deserves more than 2 stars, and to be honest, it probably deserves somewhere around 1.7-1.8 if we got real technical with it. As it stands, it's at 2.5 with 2 votes cast, so I'm logging 1 star for my vote to bring it down to 2.
, attached to 1987-09-02

Review by SlavePhan

SlavePhan Phish hadn't played Hunt's since January (1/21), and they returned this night. According to, this show was packed and around 350 people attended. It's hard to tell if that is the case from the AUD, but I don't hear that many people at all. Also interesting to note that breaks this show into 2 (short) sets.

I like to refer to this show as 'the solo show', as the audio quality for this source from the spreadsheet often cuts to SBD recordings of individual band members playing. The result is that out of nowhere, you'll just hear Page playing by himself. It's actually kind of funny, but if you are sensitive to sound quality, you might want to pass this show over.

Musically, there isn't much to speak of anyway. Playing in front of non-friends (compared to 8/21 and 8/29), the band is tighter and barely budges with their jams. Fluffhead contains a period of about 2 minutes with just Page playing on his own. It's still Fluff>Fluff's Travels. If you play the piano and want to hear Page's part, check it out. Otherwise, nothing new here. Sally, Divided Sky, and Wilson are all standard versions.

Set 2 starts off with the eviscerated The Chase, which moves back into Possum, similarly to how the band was playing the songs in the spring. BBFCFM was moderately tame. Probably the only thing really worth a listen is the long drawn out Makisupa, which contains handfuls of pedal work and echo effects throughout the song. It lasts about 10 minutes, and trey even uses an echo on the vocals.

Timber was a little more polished and not nearly as screechy as the August shows, but nothing spectacular. YEM, unfortunately, cuts out, so its hard to rate it, but, judging from the rest of the show, the band was playing it safe on this night.

Overall, the 'solo show' really can be skipped over. Only people who really like Makisupa should check out this version. Otherwise, there are much better shows for the time period bookending this show (8/29 and 9/21).
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