This show featured the Phish debut of Sightless Escape. Stray Dog was sung as "Plague Dog," a reference to an outbreak of plague (carried by fleas on prairie dogs) in the Commerce City area. MFMF didn't contain the "Myfe" ending. Tweezer included Fuego teases and quotes. Also Sprach Zarathustra included a Jean Pierre tease by Trey. Chalk Dust Torture contained a Phase Dance tease from Trey and was unfinished.
Jam Chart Versions
Fuego tease & quote in Tweezer, Jean Pierre tease in Also Sprach Zarathustra, Phase Dance tease in Chalk Dust Torture
Debut Years (Average: 2001)

This show was part of the "2019 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2019-09-01

Review by mgolia6

mgolia6 I’ll let the pros deal with tryin to sum up this bad ass mother of a show. I will assume that first review was not the authors true account but just an exercise in facetiousness.

This show was top tier upper echelon status. Another in the long line of Dick’s (insert year & night number) stellar additions to the pantheon.

You knew that the boys could do no wrong when they put a new song in Second set slot 1. That’s balls for the boys at dicks. Whether it worked, it set the stage for the funkiest set of phish from top to bottom I have witnessed in a long time. One long extended jamtronic funk fest that stretched the entire set and never let up. Even with waste. Which I thought was fitting and well place. So much for not reviewing. Lol.

Anyway I am only writing here to ensure that the set list gets corrected so that prior to 2001, out of that Tweezer, there will be noted that there was a fuego reprise. (Ironically my phones auto correct for fuego is none other than Diego, coincidence I think not)

Such a sweet and bitter sweet way to end the run and the summer. It would just be so much easier if they botched the show by playing time turns elastic for a few hours straight. And even then, I’m sure I would find the positivity in that. Tonight though was one of those evenings that we will be chasing for some time.
, attached to 2019-09-01

Review by smaine

smaine This was a thoroughly enjoyable way to cap out an excellent, if somewhat logistically challenging Dicks IX.

Given how familiar these some of these songs seem by now, it's strange to think that neither the Kasvot Vaxt catalog and the Ghosts of the Forests catalog existed at this time last year. That's a massive amount of new music to have injected into our scene over the span of a year, and it was really fun to see that land so well with the crowd. Life Beyond The Dream in the middle of an encore sandwich was super enjoyable. I love that this band continues to evolve.

Score one for Fuego tonight. It feels like that song gets an unnecessary amount of crap for not really breaking out, despite outings like 1/13/17 in Mexico. Tonight's rendition should at least give the Fuego-haters pause, as the -> into a slow-build Piper is really a thing of beauty. The Tweezer was short and sweet, made all the better because it was set up as a contrast to the face-melting crazy that was the Piper jam. 2001 and Chalk Dust were pure dance party, taking a slight recharge break through Waste and then powering through to the end.

First Tube is a song that I will always be happy to see live. The energy it imparts to the crowd is an amazing thing to be a part of. Plus, Trey just looks so damn happy up there getting us all wound up...what's not to love about that? First Tube tonight on the floor was utterly and completely insane.

Very excited to give this one a relisten on the flight home.
, attached to 2019-09-01

Review by geogaddi

geogaddi This show was just incredible. Every jam over the 10 minute mark got the type II deep soundscape treatment. It felt like everything they've been experimenting with this summer became fully conceptualized, reaching it's final form.

Wolfmans, Gin, Fuego, Piper, Tweezer, CDT are all highlights here. IMO it all peaked with the chalkdust, but that jam really just doesn't seem to translate well to the SBD recording. I'd seek out an AUD for this show, these gorgeous textures deserve much better than the clean/dry SBD mix
, attached to 2019-09-01

Review by Wisy_Megabeth

Wisy_Megabeth Vintage Sunday phish in the second set. Loved the daring “sightless escape” that they’ve been soundchecking..they sounded totally ready and psyched to spin that jam. You know Trey has a special spot for all these GOTF jam vehicles. Honestly, would’ve loved a Beneath a sea of stars 1-3, but alas, Tweez came out for a nod to the folks after a trip down the better part of the wormhole that is/has been Summer ‘19 type X jamming. Encore was a blissed out and heart felt trio of old and new. Thank you, Phish, for closing out the summer right. See you in Nassau!!
, attached to 2019-09-01

Review by Kate_Keeper

Kate_Keeper Just wanted my first tweezer reprise. Of course starting with tweezer first. Amazing night. Let the skies of Commerce City forever rain with glow sticks. (Maybe that will save the Prairie Dogs)
Great night and hope everyone had just as good as a time are I did. Forever in my memories. Phish you did Dicks dirty. Thank you to my brother for flying me out all the way from Syracuse university. Phish phamily.
, attached to 2019-09-01

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos Probably the strongest night of the three from a musical exploration standpoint. I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday and thought it had some of the best jams, but Sunday as a whole was the winner of the three.

A nice, long first set to kick off the final night of Dick's 2019. I'm always hoping for something a little more unique, which seems to be missing at Dick's the past few years. Although nothing really out of the ordinary in terms of song selection, the first set was a solid hour and a half of good music. If you're not a big KV fan, this set could be kinda tough with Stray Dog, Turtle in the CLouds, and WACTOOB. Wolfman's was a highlight with some great funky jamming in there, as well as a dark and dirty MFMF, and I was particularly surprised by how potent the Crazy Sometimes>Gin segment was to close it out.

Set two is where the real goods were brought this weekend. Even though the first song was completely unknown to many, I thought it had a good groove to it. I actually really enjoyed it and that can't be said for a lot of the GotF songs. The Fuego through CDT segment is the highlight of the second set. Fuego got real weird and spacey, and that trend continued into the amazing Piper that followed it. This song was a long longer than it felt. You can't really go wrong with Tweezer>2001, even if the jams are kind of short. CDT really picked up the great energy again before a nice, relaxing Waste. Cavern> First Tube is a high-energy way to close out Dick's weekend.

The encore once again left a little to be desired, although Horse>Silent always delivers. Not really a big fan of A Life Beyond the Dream, especially the slow, quiet beginning, but the end was pretty rockin'. With Reprise coming at the end, I think it's easy to get past some not so great selections.

All in all, a really solid and fun weekend seeing the Phish in Colorado!
, attached to 2019-09-01

Review by brybird

brybird I know I will be reproached for this and that most phanatics simply can't accept that the band might have an off night, but at risk of flagellation, I found this night to be "off." I am not sure exactly what it was other than each and every time the band got in position for take off, they faltered. I'd argue there were no cohesive jams, ambient, bliss, noise or otherwise. The best examples are Gin and Piper, they just kept stumbling. Compared to second set 8/31/2019 where the band came out just blazing. I apologize, but just curious if I was the only one that felt this way. Was I at the same show?
, attached to 2019-09-01

Review by BeAFractal

BeAFractal Where was the band? Trey must already be on his fall tour 'cuz it wasn't happenin'' tonight. Abbreviated songs and, well, lotsa crowd enthusiasm but (prolly jus me) was not feeling it. Didn't get that aeorbic Walls of the Cave I was yearning for. So-so. There were moments, but it didn't really stretch out and go for the heavens.
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