Mike's Song contained a Fuck Your Face tease. Fast Enough for You started with Fish playing the drumbeat to I Am Hydrogen. Reba contained a Manteca quote from Fish and did not have the whistling ending.  
Jam Chart Versions
Fuck Your Face tease in Mike's Song, I Am Hydrogen tease in Fast Enough for You, Manteca quote in Reba
Debut Years (Average: 1993)

This show was part of the "2010 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by NigelTufnel

NigelTufnel This show, to my Phishy preference, is perfect: Dark, with excellent moments of the type II space. They totally jumped off the deep end this night, and while there aren't any marathon jams, the jams that do exist are sublime. All of them. Seriously.

To spare you time, I'll run through the Must-Hears of this show.

Bathtub Gin - Don't be fooled, folks. This one ain't like the rest. I would say this is perhaps the darkest Gin of 3.0. The song builds in typical Gin fashion, but Mike and Fish lead the charge into some frantic dark thump-space. Trey catches wind and feeds right into it, soloing with purpose that could only be described as fitting for what the foundation called for. Listen to this one.

JJLC - Great setlist call, and it happens to be on the rare side lately. Everyone shines, but Page and Trey the most. Great to see them channel some blues now and then.

Light - Here's where things get OUT THERE. The standard on/off key noodling by Trey into an on key landing pad carries the "type 1" segment of the jam. This goes on for a bit, but then out of the depths, a groove develops. It's like a slowed down plinko jam with hints of calypso but dominated by atmospheric space. It speaks right to the soul. This segment is absolutely beautiful. Then, with about a minute left in the jam, Trey has this soaring effect that reaffirms his touch with the Cosmic days of 1999, 2000-2004. A lot of love is given to the Lights from Berkeley and Manchester (fairly, I might add), but this Light, to me, has a stronger core and a better groove than the other two. It feels much more natural in its progression. But that's just one man's opinion. Either way, it deserves to be considered among the best. It flows seamlessly into...

TYL - not only do I love this song, but this is definitely the best version they've played. This includes an added jam segment that is, again, dark and soulful. It hints at the songs true jamming potential, some of it realized in this particular take. You'll just need to listen for yourself. Then, out of the jam comes...

FEFY - love it or hate it, this had absolutely perfect placement and, for me, caps off one of the best jamming sequences of not only the fall tour, but 2009 and 2010 combined. Light though FEFY is a Cosmic journey into the darker side of Phish that is so hard to come by for more than a song or two a night. And that's FOUR songs to this point, And we're not done. This FEFY features Trey with some very emotional soloing. Stunning.

And, finally, the Must-Hear of the Must-Hears of 10/19/10:

REBA - This IS the best version of 3.0 and perhaps the best since the Reba from IT 8 years ago. The composition is nailed (in the encore slot!!!), and the jam starts out in typical uplifting Reba fashion. But this wouldn't last. Page signals the turn and the band follows suit, into another dark and unexplored realm that Phish seemed to open many doors to this night. This is the band at their improvisational best. The whole thing is mesmerizing, and Fishman's Manteca quotes add a new layer to the already deep Reba cake that was being baked in front of our eyes (this is also the beginning of the band's teases of Manteca throughout the fall and NYE). If you haven't heard this yet, shame on you. Do it. Now! I said NOW!

Lots of people write this night off because of what happened the next night - but don't. Augusta and Utica are two of the best performances of 3.0. I will stand by that until the day I die. But they also can hold their own individually. Augusta doesn't mess around - and neither should you.
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by andrewrose

andrewrose Said I missed this one, nothing wrong with Phish in Maine.

This Reba is Phish 3.0 at their best, and similar moments of it are spliced through the Fall, it's very exciting and encouraging to say the least. The play is so mature and melodic and make for some of the most rewarding listening in a while... this and the other analogous jams of 3.0, it's funny but they're almost less 'jams' than platforms for a more efficient kind of 2 and 4-way soloing. there's a tapestry of sound and great rhythmic foundation as always, but often Mike and Trey extend out with ideas, taking long runs of improv and mostly landing on very well chosen phrases. it's like Trey is learning, or re-learning, a sort of patience from Mike. but Mike is also venturing out further into Trey's high-end realm, to challenge him, and just generally make grandeur counter gestures, in smaller and more delicate windows of opportunity. anyway, just fabulous.

the Fuck Your Mike's portion of the show is great all the way through the 'Paug, and Set I boasts one of the better 3.0 Gins to-date.
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by Mark77

Mark77 This was such a fun show to be at! I think it was the smallest venue I have seen them in since the mid 90's. Sound quality was perfect back by the soundbooth with plenty of room to move. There were lots of tickets available. I saw several people get free tickets and others getting rid of them for $20. This was one of the best times I have had at a Phish show.

The songs were well placed with highlights being FYF through 20 Years Later, and of course a sick Reba encore! The jamming in Light was really nice and the first set was a total party set. This was one of those shows that was much better in person than on paper!
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by CrabInMyShoeMouth

CrabInMyShoeMouth Awesome second set, sick Reba encore and Manteca tease. End of second set & the encore was best part of the show for me because finally some of the wasted college boys, with no respect for their highs, left to get a jump on traffic back to wherever-the-hell in MA they came from (or get a jump on the tanks, which is their own choice but damn do you have to be so fucking rude inside? I pretty much had 2 completely obliterated kids propped up against my back all night long, it seemed like they were working in shifts) and we could finally stretch out and dance and enjoy the music so much more, maybe that's why Reba is stuck in my head as the best song of the night by a long shot... I couldn't feel my legs at set-break. Was right between Mike and Trey all night, 8-10 heads back. I knew, considering it was an all GA show there would be no room to get down up front - but I wanted to get nice and close to the magic in my "home venue".

Wasn't overwhelmed by Trey's playing til they got a little warmed up but he brought the fire some songs. The first set looks great on paper, and it was great - once they (and the crowd) built up some momentum. Page pretty much owned that building tonight, so did Mike but I kept hoping he'd take it a little bit further (pronounced "funkier").

My musical highlights were pretty much the entire second set, Reba-teca, and Nellie > 46 Days (funny they hadn't played Nellie Kane since last time they were in Maine). Solid Chalk Dust opener. Show really started taking off somewhere between Gin and Divided Sky. Golgi then A Day in the Life was the perfect closer to the 2nd set. Low points for me were a kind of "meh" Hood, but I always have high expectations for that song (doesn't help that everyone around seems to want to talk my or their friend's ear off the second the deep, spacey jam after "thank you Mr. Hood" starts up), and what I thought was a really weak Possum because it lacked the kind of tension and release my ears kept waiting for.

My only regret for the night was being so antsy to get as close as possible, the mood just struck me, and it was my girlfriend's first Phish show so we just wanted to get right in the heart of the fiasco. But, for me, more dancing space translates directly into a better experience - and I'm not the kind of dick who will impose on anyone else's space to have more of my own. We still had an awesome night, still glowing.

The whole band seemed really into it, can't wait to hear what else comes out of this fall run.
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by n00b100

n00b100 Here's another darn good show from the strongest 3.0 tour outside of 2012/13, the Fall 2010 jaunt. Set 1 features a nice mix of songs, a Bathtub Gin that spirals out of the Classic Gin jam into something darker and more contemplative like a Stash or Bowie jam before returning to its upbeat self (I'd actually petition to have it returned to the jam chart), and a fierce Jesus Just Left Chicago. But, as always, Set 2 is where the money is made, and this Set 2 holds up as well as anything from the tour (save, say, 10/26 II, which is a true classic), starting with the then-recently resurrected Fuck Your Face, a song that you'd think they'd been playing for years, instead of having shelved for most of their existence.

Mike's Song makes an appropriate follow-up to FYF, and it's the typical "hey, this is pretty good - whoops, I guess it's over" 3.0 Mike's Song, but with a pretty neat (albeit sloppy) return to FYF, which then leads into Light. And this is a very strong Light, which alternates between crazed atonal soloing from Trey as the band leaps from key to key like a mountain climber moving from foothold to foothold, a snappy Manteca-esque jam (we'll get to that in a second), an odd uptempo jam where Page's B-3 and fog-laden synths melds nicely with Trey's weird notes, and the lovely calypso finale (which, of course, brings to mind the classic 8/7/09 Light) that @ericwyman mentions which comes to a buzzing close and neatly makes its way into 20 Years Later. This is the sort of jam that shows you what 3.0 is all about - the restless jam-hopping of 1994, only with much more fluidity and grace (if, perhaps, not quite as much experimentation).

20 Years Later and Fast Enough For You are quite nice (don't quite understand why there isn't a -> there), especially FEFY, and Weekapaug brings the Groove to a superb, energetic close. The rest of the set is pretty bog standard, a typically pretty Hood aside, but that's not the drawing card for this show - the encore is (and how often can you say THAT about a show???). And that encore is an absolutely staggering Reba, truly one of the best (I will forever love @TheEmu for giving this one the red treatment, considering how infrequent that is for 3.0), and my own personal favorite. Not only is it very sharply played from start to finish, not only is the regular Reba jam as nice as always (hinting a few times at what's to come), but when Page starts playing those minor piano chords and Fish goes back to the Manteca beat, we get one of *those* grooves that just sticks in your memory and can only be popped out with repeated listens, like the Hampton Carini or 12/2/99 YEM. It's dark, it's gorgeous, and it sets this version apart from the rest of the Reba pack; yeah, they bobble the transition from Dark Awesome Manteca Groove to Reba a bit, but that's like eating prime rib and getting a bit of gristle in it. The Reba, on its own, is enough to justify a download to my ears.

Don't let that mediocre rating fool you (something I can write for so many 3.0 shows, but that's another story) - this is a strong show with some really noteworthy highlights, including a non-optional Light and one of the truly great Rebas, a song with no shortage of great versions.
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by Midcoaster

Midcoaster This was a really fun show. (I'm bummed there's no fall tour or Maine show on the horizon this year.) I brought a friend who hadn't seem Phish since, like, '96 or something, and we both boogied hard. The back of the floor by the soundboard was wide open, and by the time Weekapaug waned, we were able to move up pretty close with boogie space to spare. These guys sound great in the 3.0 iteration. This show in particular had that something extra. To steal a metaphor from John Scott, it was szechuan: sweet and hot. The Light and the Reba made my night. (Surveying the moons of Jupiter in the lot before the show was sweet, too.)
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by imphour20imphour420

imphour20imphour420 shouldn't this show be called Guyutica Eve?
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by conduit

conduit Finally went phishing! I'm very familiar with the dead (not PHISH) and have seen plenty of shows with Jerry at the helm. By the way I miss the JER BEAR. OK enough about that. OK so the Phish show was COOL man. I'm 45 yeah one of the old dudes. Hey by the way sometimes I hear in reviews that some of you have something against older cats at the shows cause were all drunk trying be like were young again. All I can say is EAT ME to all you young cats who cast that lame judgement. That's a heavy handed overview of the older clients who come to the show. I'm sober now thank goodness and most of us including you young ones are there for the fine music and some fun and that has nothing to do with ones age. It's actually kind of funny when some "dish heads" ( I just made that up ) thank you very much talk about age when the band you love are in fact older dudes like myself. Think about it the age mix is what makes the fan base so special. What you want everyone in college aged? Speaking of judgements I could say the young crowd are spoiled fools yelling no not this song boo boo OK that's one person that was basically not cool so now do I say all you young clueless freaks are the same>>>NO man....so anyway thought I would muck up the pool a tad here. Lets talk music cause that's what Phish plays. i thought the show was well done and I have no history to rate the show so I won't. What I can say is that these guys are real and they bring what they got at the time there playing it. I like that about them. They had some fire some stutters some flutters some gutters some highs and some lows and that's a great show.

Now everyone wants to go to the SHOW the hottest show ever...get over it they all have something to offer take it or leave it but don't nit pick so much. Yeah there on or off take it for what its got. You're there and respect what these fine dudes are doing. What they do is really becoming a lost art. Cherish every show be cool stay cool be apart or stand apart just don't be in the dark.


, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by wharfratt82

wharfratt82 Charleston to Augusta with my "attorney" and interdimentional coconspirator was excellent. See saw his high school bball champs there. Phish plays the pep rally was the vibe I had. I was asked where I was from by someone. Said VA and they asked why I was there.
That had me confused. I said if you need to ask you're in the wrong place.
First set took some warming up but the Gin thru 46 Days was pretty damn good.
The Fuck Mike's Face set 2 opener was heavy. Contorted faced. bug eyed. Very aggressive stomping and Jedi hand to hand shadow boxing.rest of set is good but lacking"it"
Then they encore with Reba. Nipples are hard. They're shooting loads of hot love on the crowd. 12:20 in my door of perception came off the hinges. I told my attorney I forgot what they were playing. Without missing a dance step he replied It's ok. So did they. Milliseconds later the boys decided they still had a load left. And they blew their crab in our shoemouth
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by Undermind

Undermind The Gin and Reba were definite highlights. I like that they played some rarities in the 1st set like JJLC (my first) and Torn and Frayed. Nellie Kane was fun as always and 46 Days rawked. The FYF caught me off guard. Mike's Song brought the heat. I like that they pushed boundaries in Light and most of it was quite enjoyable, but Trey was a little off at some points I thought. I'll have to re listen. I loved that they played FEFY as the 2nd set slow down song and not Joy or Wading. Hailey's was fun but short. This Free was better than most of the recent versions I think. It wasn't a 95 Free or anything but Gordon was killing it. I liked what they did in Hood and Golgi is Golgi. I thought the Civic Center was going to take off at the end of ADITL. I'd say all in all this show was up there with Hartford '09 and Portland '09 as the best show I've seen in 3.0.
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by NoHayBanda

NoHayBanda This was my 5th Phish show, and it was solid! Probably middle of the pack for me.

-Chalkdust is a good opener but I feel as if they weren't quite warmed up yet.
-Back on the train was a little too low speed and let some energy out of the room.
-Torn and frayed is a good pull from Exile, was happy to hear that.
-Bathtub Gin seemed to be played at the request of a fan with a sign, and the band seemed surprised and kinda of disappointed when Trey told them that they were straying from the setlist. It was kind of an awkward moment with Fishman asking "really?" and Mike just shrugging. But it was a good version at least.
-Gumbo was introduced by Trey saying Fishman wrote the lyrics and was a Maine resident which got a big cheer
-Divided Sky was standard, always good to hear. It seemed like he waited in silence for an exceptionally long time in the middle of the song.
-Jesus Left Chicago was GREAT with Trey switching up his style of playing perfectly to fit the blues.
-Nellie Kane on paper isn't thrilling, but it was a good bluegrassy one with energy. Interesting the last time they played it was in Portland Maine last winter.
-46 Days was probably the highlight of the show. It seemed like Trey messed up one lick in the beginning which annoyed him so he furiously ripped the song apart after that.
-Possum was standard, always energetic. Ive seen it in 3 straight shows now though

(Set Break where I strategically slide my position AWAY from the 40-something year old drunk guys who were pretending they were still in college)

-Fuck Your Face was out of nooowhere! Phenomenal stuff to hear, love the lyrics, Mike sings real low on it and gets into it.
-Mikes song soon follows, with teases of Fuck Your Face throughout
-Light was good once it got past the head, some good ambient jamming.
-Twenty Years Later is one of my favorites of the new album, some catchy interesting lyrics and a good repeating rock guitar line at the end
-Fast Enough For You hadn't been played in a while, good version, definitely a good change of pace, but at 7 minutes was a little long to hold peoples interest
-Weekapaug was standard with Mike slappa da bass
-Halley's Comet is quirky and fun to sing along to
-Free was OWNED by Mike. I never think of it as a song that highlights the bass but he took it over
-Harry Hood was one I was hoping to get, great to sing along to I figured this would be the end of the set but 2 more were coming!
-Golgi Apparatus was a good rocker, standard version
-A Day In the Life has been a good 3.0 addition to the rotation, their noise crescendo is intimidating

-Reba was the LAST thing I was expecting, given its almost non existence in the encore slot. I like what they did with it though, worth checking this version out
-Backwards Down the Number Line? Really? *sigh it was ok, some good guitar work. Not what I wanted to end the night on though

All in all, it was a fun night, glad to be on the floor up close to the boys, setlist was unpredictable with a good mix of classic bombs and rare songs.
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by jbell

jbell My brother and I made the trip down from Nova Scotia on a random tuesday or wednesday (I can't remember) to see this show and it was excellent. I had only seen outdoor shows to date and we were both shocked at how tiny the venue was! We had to jump on the opportunity to get up close and made our way right up on the gate...pretty surreal to watch the boys upclose jam it out all night. Some memorables for me looking back on it were a sweet FYF>Mike's>FYF..just killed it, and a beauty Nellie Kane. For me the show almost had a "throwback to the early 90's" feel to it. Maybe it was the size of the venue, obscurity of the town, or the fact that we were buying pre-poured plastic cups of home-town Dark Ale on fold out tables inside the arena, but songs like Golgi and Divided Sky reminded me of the first time I ever listened to Phish 13 years ago. No such thing as a bad Phish show but this one was special for my Bro and I - Completely different than any other show we've been to!

Straight up Conduit you're right concert going isn't about age it's about the enjoyment of music. Don't hate on peeps who've come to party because that's what Phish is broooossss
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by HarpuaMM

HarpuaMM Wasn't there, but wanted to note for the stats nerds out there that, aside from this being the first Reba encore since 9/21/99, it is only the third time it has ever been an encore.

The other one:
, attached to 2010-10-19

Review by newoldfiddle

newoldfiddle Augusta is not very cool - but props to Phish for playing "on the kennebec"....party at fish's house afterwards......balls wish I could've been there.

Oh and how can this show have a 4.6 out of 5 rating already?? Though I'm sure it was a good one from the setlist - I think people that went should vote instead of folks who haven't even heard it yet......
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