The Night Moves Jam in the first set extended the Band/Audience Chess Match. Slave included Fish on vacuum for a portion of the jam. The opening act was Baby Gramps.
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This show was part of the "1995 Fall Tour"

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, attached to 1995-10-02

Review by Man_From_Mars

Man_From_Mars I was excited for the first indoor show since the Salt Lake City Delta Center show in the beginning of Summer Tour. Indoor shows always bring a different, more potent vibe.

Not sure if it’s the sound difference or Kuroda’s lights for both sets but indoor shows, outside of festivals, seem to carry more intensity. It’s more authentic Phish to me excluding festivals again ;) This next run of shows were my first and only Phish shows to date in the Pacific Northwest. Fun crowds! Interesting venues!

Fortunately I had a friend to stay with that lived just below Seattle. It was a special run of shows for me, all the way through Spokane. Having a driver, that could roll the most impressive fattie while driving, for the Seattle shows allowed me to enjoy tour with a little more spike man.

Opening with Poor Heart was an interesting call but paid off with immediate energy; Trey’s solo had some extra mustard. The 11th Wolfman’s Brother ever didn’t go far post chorus but you can feel the potential. Rift shows off the band’s dexterity and songwriting so well.

Night Moves was a clever way to further discuss the “vicious chess match” between the band and audience. Stash, like the Shoreline Reba, was a great choice to follow the chess interlude. The jam becomes a driving force of pounding and relentless tension-building energy that finally releases around the 11 min mark.

Acoustic Army provides the yin to the yang of Stash and gives us a moment to catch our breath. The 4th The Fog That Surrounds is a good pick me up but doesn’t flow as well as the earlier versions played in CA. Theme From The Bottom is a another new tune for the fans in the region and is a solid version.

Tela was an unexpected treat that allows Page to be in the spotlight and is executed well. Fishman starts the David Bowie hi-hat intro just before Tela ends. The extended intro is spacey before the song kicks in proper. The band does not rush the 2nd Bowie of tour. They eventually pick up the pace and intensity before ending the song to close the first set.

The 1st Wilson of tour opens the 2nd set and a fair amount of the Northwest crowd knows to chant . It’s an average version that gets the show going again. The 5th straight Cars Trucks Buses immediately follows and keeps the set grooving along.

The next three songs were all firsts for Fall Tour. The 3rd Bathtub Gin of the year stays within the confines of the song’s structure. Llama provides a quick burst of rocking energy. Simple was finally getting away from being played in Mike’s or after Sparkle. This version breaks down to spaciness allowing the band members to goof off a little before Page starts the 4th Keyboard Army of tour. Gotta love Phish being Phish!

This version of Slave To The Traffic Light is worthy of a listen. The jam literally starts from nothing as Trey and Mike start playing single notes. Page joins in softly and then we hear Fishman’s vacuum subtly for about a minute; unprecedented I believe. The build is so patient and never fully peaks before the ending, but that’s okay. Check it out!

Hello My Baby is a great a capella choice for Phish. The crowd eats it up! The 1st Lizards of tour, and 3rd Gamehendge song of the night, is a great late 2nd set choice. Page is in fine form as is Trey.

Run Like An Antelope is really fast paced compared to the first two takes of Fall Tour. They are not wasting any time and get right down to business. Trey plays a repetitive riff and Page fills in nicely, Gordon and Fish are laying down a solid groove. Trey starts exploring and speeds the pace but still maintains some repetitive riffs. And we have lift off! The ending groove is drawn out a little longer than usual which is always nice.

A Day In The Life always makes me smile. Phish is one of the better cover bands and they obviously respect the cover song. Add in the CK5’s lights and you have a show stopper!!

Phish really knows how to captivate an audience. The show was inspired, playful, humorous, and full of energy. The song selection was typical, repetitive and fresh. I was looking forward to the next night of Fall Tour at this arena.

Worthy of a listen: Night Moves, Stash, Tela, David Bowie, the whole second set!

, attached to 1995-10-02

Review by forbin1

forbin1 Since this show had no reviews..I figured I'd give it a listen and write a review..

Set I:

Poor Heart: Not bad for an opener..gets the show started on a fast pace...a pretty standard version...

Wolfman's Brother: Still in it's infancy...doesn't stray out of the box..pretty tame..almost studio like..

Rift: Nothing crazy..keeps the pace going...

Night Moves: Just a quick little jam..while Page makes a move on the chessboard...

Stash: Not one of my favorite songs..but this one has a nice dark jam to it..keeps the fast pace going in the set..

Acoustic Army: Debuted just a few months prior..and only around for ' gives the set a nice breather...

Fog that Surrounds: A song that had just debuted a few nights earlier..and obviously still a work in progress..kept the set flowing in a nice direction..this rather quick version is nothing fancy..

Theme: Another fairly new song..this one debuted the past it was still in it's infancy as well...but that didn't stop them from exploring this song right off the bat..unfortunately this version doesn't go too stays relatively close to home..

Tela: A crowd favorite..not mine unfortunately..should be noted that Page changes a lyric around..instead of "Looks down from the Multibeast"..he sings "Looks down on the river"...

David Bowie: Always an excellent way to close a set..for the first few minutes..we're bobbing along nicely..then somewhere around the 9 minute mark..we take a sharp left..and now were starting to pick up some steam..right to the finish line...this one doesn't really get out there at all...

Highlights set I:

Stash, Theme, and Bowie

Set II:

Wilson: Standard...

CTB: Page does his usual goodness with this one..

Gin: Stays relatively close to the gin theme..the boys were still tinkering with this jam...winter '95 would show them finding their groove with it...

Llama: Everyone loves to catch a Llama..Trey does a nice job with his solo in this one..

Simple: Nice little jam in the beginning..then gets a little spacey before emerging into

Keyboard Calvary: This was only around this tour...I think the band could've gotten the same effect if they just kept going with Simple..but it's a cool little number the band did..

Slave: An unusual version..There's some pretty nice playing by Trey and Fishman on the vacuum too...Fall '95 had some killer slaves...this one was almost there...Still had a nice peak to it..

Hello My Baby: Only the second performance..

Lizards: Nothing out of the ordinary with this one..well played though..

Antelope: Wow...out of the gate..non stop..high energy...great playing by Trey and Fish on this one..gets a bit spacey towards the end..

E: ADITL: Another song to debut in '95...Thought it was a nice way to encore..I mean who doesn't like catching a Beatles tune?

Highlights from Set II:

Slave and Antelope

Out of 5 stars I'd give this about a 3
, attached to 1995-10-02

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Poor Heart, Wolfman's Brother, Rift: Straightforward and vanilla.

Night Moves Jam > Night moves for chess move chat, great band!

Stash: Solid yet unspectacular.

Acoustic Army, The Fog That Surrounds, Theme From the Bottom: Standard.

Tela: Beautiful version. Page changes a lyric. >

David Bowie: Nice loops in the intro. Standard.

First set summary: That is a forgettable set, nothing I would ever revisit unfortunately.

SET 2: Wilson > Cars Trucks Buses, Bathtub Gin, Llama: Standard as they come.

Simple: I like the spacey ending >

Keyboard Army: Played in 4 of 5 shows on tour so far.

Slave to the Traffic Light: Fishman on Electrolux in the early stage of the jam.

Hello My Baby: Standard

The Lizards: Interesting placement. Leading up to the Whoa whoa whoa vocals Trey and Page keep playing for a few more beats, it’s strange, it seems to be a screw up, it’s in the 7:20’s.

Run Like an Antelope: Elongated quiet part before they launch into the noisy jam. Jam rages pretty well. Then some interesting stuff and effects leading up to the Rye, Rye, Rocco. Unique.

ENCORE: A Day in the Life

Second set summary: Simple and Antelope have replay value, I enjoyed both a good bit. Outside of that, nothing to see here; please disperse. Another tepid show as the tour is now five shows deep.
, attached to 1995-10-02

Review by dr32timmymeat

dr32timmymeat Is Lizards ever in this spot? Second to last song of the show? That seems odd, me likey.

Pretty standard performances of a nice setlist. No indelible jams. Th run-of-the-millness of these tracks is summed up perfectly by Bathtub Gin, a great song that is performed 100%... fine.

As noted, the Slave jam really starts at 0. That build up is nice, all the more so because the set still has a couple fun tunes left to go.

In Antelope, the pre-Marco lyrics has some really weird guitar effects from Trey.
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