Silent's lyrics were changed to "bask in morning sickness." Character Zero and 2001 were unfinished. Trey teased Super Bad in 2001. Poor Heart began as Rocky Top. Cavern included some of the original, alternate lyrics.
Super Bad tease in Also Sprach Zarathustra, Rocky Top tease in Poor Heart
Debut Years (Average: 1991)

This show was part of the "1997 Fall Tour (a.k.a. Phish Destroys America)"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks Dan's got it right: this is a gem. It feels weird to say DOWNLOAD THIS NOW about nearly every single show of Fall '97, but it's hard to find fault with any of Phish's music of that period - even the noble failures and mixed successes (cf. 11/29 Jim). This distended, wholly unexpected Character Zero jam is typical of that time: raging guitar rock that seems to exhaust itself and transform into some unforeseen, unforeseeable thing according to rules not inherited or preconceived but invented on the spot. There's funk here, sure (from note one of Tweezer!), but also a dizzying Ya Mar, another cavernous indoor Caspian, a spotlit PYITE late in the second set...

The boys were taking formal and stylistic risks aplenty then (starting with Trey's attempts to abdicate onstage leadership!), but playing also with open-hearted fluency and empathy, integrating their decade-old musical tricks and nerd-rock games with brand new dance-pop expressivity. They were still more aggressive and complicated and outright weird than the Dead, but the chaotic/algorithmic noise had smoothed out into accessible post-techno dance music. 1995's roar had faded; the ambient textures of 1998-99 hadn't yet oozed in. Damn, it was a great time for Phish fandom.

It's enough to say: This show is on par with the rest of the best.

So I'll say it again. If you have any interest in Phish, you can feel safe downloading Fall Tour 1997 in its entirety. It's bold, polymorphous, rainbow-coloured music, populist but not pop. It's...well, it's fucking great. Yeah.
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by qushner

qushner This was, for me, a very special night. It was my ninth show. I hadn't seen the band since the 1996 New Years Run, which was a terribly disappointing affair. I'd only been going since Spring 1994 at this point, was a bit soured on the band, and was telling myself this was a "last chance" moment for them to win me back. There had been rumors floating around that something had changed, but, as anyone who was around in those days will remember, it took a while to get the tapes so I hadn't heard a thing. Needless to say, it took just a few minutes of the Tweezer for the rumors to start making sense and I was back in the fold by setbreak. This Tweezer remains, to this day, probably my second favorite among Tweezers I've seen. (Number one? 12/28/95, of course--which always gets overshadowed by 12/2/95.)

Listen carefully through the head: there's a moment in between two of the verses where Mike hangs a C# for a few bars. This may be my favorite note that Mike has ever played: terribly out of place and with beautiful intention--the whole song seems to tilt for a moment and then, as he cracks back into A minor, everything pulls back into place.

Upon relistening, this is a show of moments (most mentioned already here) that never quite seems to hang together. Both sets start amazingly well (and the first set ends amazingly well) but there are moments in the middle of both that sputter. Still, there was a special sense of freewheelingness throughout, which is admirable and somehow missing these days. In 1997, if only barely, Phish simply was; at some point Phish got trapped in being Phish.

Earlier on this tour is my favorite Fish fills of all time, in the SLC Wolfman's. I think it's right after "This isn't who it would be." An innocuous little snare roll, a closing hi-hat, and then, after a pause, a single snare punch that seems to stop my heart for a second every time. It seems to me a hallmark of his newfound ability to play loose.

Is it telling that I can't remember Page or Trey moments quite as vividly?
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by NickSalv

NickSalv Amazing stuff, obviously. 11/26 is a standard above-avg Fall '97 show. Though, I think I would give this one 4/5 stars, especially when looking at the EASY 5-STAR shows surrounding it (Hamptons, NC, Worcester). I don't feel a need to give a full review here, as quite a few others have already touched on mostly everything from this show, so just some quick notes for those skimming through...

The Tweeze opener is big but doesn't sit as high as the other great ones from that tour (11/17, 12/6). Rather, I think it's on par with the Island Tour 4/4 opener - tons of sick funk morphing then growing into big arena rock and settling into stop/start or space. Perfect opener, but nothing out of the ordinary for the tour. Some more great funk in Gumbo, of course, but a smaller serving than the big bowls from the summer. Always love McGrupp; Melt is nice, pretty average though, similar to the Hampton take; Taste is intense, as was the case for the entire year with the tune. 2nd set means MORE FUNK in 2001>Cities, mix of very tight then loose playing. A bit more fun for the crowd with YaMar>Punch. Caspian serves as the big arena rocker to counter the opening rock from Tweeze, bringing the show closer to its end. Goofiness ensues with the RockyHeart mashup. Reprise fire. Cavern is unusual as well, as it features an alternate lyrics/hard rock section and an ATC tease. Definitely a fun(ky) & rocking show, but I'd still give it 4/5 (which isn't really a huge step down, considering I wouldn't give any show from the tour less than 4 stars / maaaybe the opener 11/13 which still has a Top 5 Stash all time, or 12/5 but even that one had a unique 2nd set)...

What I left out above and what I mostly wanted to point out with this post, however, was the lack of mention of Character Zero in the Noteworthy Jams section. TBH, that is the biggest "highlight" of the night to take away; that is, this is the unique marker for this show. Lots of standard/avg Fall '97 material throughout the show, no question, but nothing they haven't done before in that tour or months leading up to it. This is the standout tune that people should recognize from this show, as it's the most unique version to date. I'm barring those versions that feature guests (Gullotti, Perazzo, Grippo, etc) because I wouldn't say those break far from the tune proper. Now, this one doesn't go completely Type 2, but it definitely stretches a bit and tries to break free from the pre-97 shackles.

To sum it up: Char0 starts with a couple minutes of space almost like they'd planned on rocketing into 2001 before Trey starts up; I'd say the rocking section goes faaar harder than some other Zero's from the tour; then there's a segment at about 13min where they bring down the heat on a lower-key groove while Trey uses his pitch shifter(?); they soon lock into a unique hard-rock riff (~15min) and ride it for a few min (oddly similar to Foxey Lady, no? am i the only one? lots of Jimi in Trey's soul during those shows); MORE FYF ROCK & WAH ACTION, never gets old for me; Page on the organ; Trey starts adding eerie looping effects as Mike puts this one to sleep with some odd basslines. Finally, Fishman---->>>> into 2001 with a very solid segue. I know it's not a top 15, or maybe even top 20?, jam from the tour. I just wanted to make notice of this standout version just to give a bit more credit to the band's ability in that period to turn ANY song upside down/inside out during that period (as if more credit is actually needed, CHYA RIGHT). Bet you never thought anyone would get this excited about Zero.....

Welp, there's my two cents. Clear your schedule for the next couple weeks, download the whole tour ASAP, let it envelope your entire life/being/soul, dwell on it, dwell in it, dwell around it, REFLECT, rinse, repeat, reverse, rewind, recalibrate, rejuvenate, TRANSCEND . . . . . .
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by PhishSince94

PhishSince94 This was my favorite Phish show to date, first show I went to with my tour buddy Matt.
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

Anyone who has made live music into a lifestyle choice has secrets. Not secrets like "Can you guess where all my money goes?" or "What do I do every weekend?" The answers to those questions are obvious enough and anyone who has more than a passing acquaintance with a concert junkie doesn't wonder why he or she can't make it to that party when there's a show in town. The secrets I'm talking about are those really personal nights, those nights in smoky rooms that no one else thinks about, but that you know were something special. The Hartford show from `97 is one of those secrets.
This show is understandably underrated. It took place the night before Thanksgiving and was the first show of the northeastern leg of Fall Tour, the southern leg having ended two nights earlier in North Carolina. Also, it preceded the famous Worcester run that boasts myriad highlights, not the least of which was the epic "Runaway Jam" that was literally and metaphorically the centerpiece of all three nights. Nonetheless, Hartford remains one of my most enjoyable evenings of music.
The "Tweezer" opener was the perfect way to send your mind spiraling into a different universe and was a solid showcase for the funk inferno that scorched all of that tour. While the remainder of the set was very song-oriented, it did sport a great "Gumbo" and one of my favorite "McGrupp"s ever. I remember having this relaxing haze drop over me during that set.
The second set opened with a short, spacey jam, foreshadowing the place where Phish's funk would land by Summer Tour `98, into a monster "Character Zero". It was one of those songs that just wouldn't quit, and after squirming in all sorts of directions the Worm found its way to a nice "2001". A fairly long (but focused) version, the end seemed particularly momentous, and led into the only "Cities" of the tour. The crowd was particularly pleased to hear this very tight version, as Slip Stitch and Pass had just come out. The tune was in rotation in the U.S., but only sporadically. A real treat for those in attendance. The jam didn't stop there, though. The slip into "Ya Mar" set off cheers from the crowd who got a huge dose of the start/stop full funk treatment. And then into an oddly placed "PYITE", followed by a "Caspian". The set closed with a "Rocky Top" intro into "Poor Heart" and the full framing effect of a "Tweezer Reprise". The closure that a reprise affords is always nice, but is particularly potent when it bookends an entire show. The "Cavern" encore had the original "Turned the blade back on the bitch" lyrics, although Trey must've decided to use them right then because they were rushed, as though he missed a beat.
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw Yet another ridiculous Fall '97 show.

Just to add to some of the above comments Taste is top shelf. 2nd set is extremely seguey and sometimes the experiment paid off (->2001) and sometimes it isn't as clean (->Yamar) but it works out, even if you were a little freaked out.

Character Zero could not have been more random. The fact that it opened the 2nd set. Or the fact that they stretched it for about 21mins!

Overall almost everything is played top notch. I would say this is one of those rare shows where the 1st set is better then the 2nd. But that's "just like my opinion man".
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by davesnothere

davesnothere My first show ever 22 years ago today. Phish destroyed ME at this show. in a weird but cool in-a-mall? venue but good sound. I was right side, first section.

I remember the Tweezer to open going great places, and the Gumbo sealing the deal for a SOLID first set. Character Zero to open Set 2 was a total trip into evil crazy-land I never expected in the cow-funk era into solid 2001.

Listening back, I still love it. Of course, Im fan-boying my first show ever, but it really was a good one. Cheers -
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by phuckface

phuckface My recollection of this show was that it phucking rocked CT's socks off their cocks! Hartford barely knew what hit 'em that night! Super BAD!!!
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by RunawayJim4180

RunawayJim4180 This was one of my first handful of shows (somewhere in the 4-5 range I'd guess), and I remembered it being an absolute heater. A tour buddy kept copious notes and set lists, and I recall him scribbling furiously during all of the briefs pauses or segues.

This Tweezer begins in a slow, methodically funky bounce, and slowly ramps up to some soaring riffs and beautiful vamping, closing with some gentle delay loops and strumming that bring us into shore after the storm that preceded it.

And then there's the rest of the show, with one of my favorite McGrupps, my absolute favorite Taste, my absolute favorite Character Zero (love the opener slot), a dance party disco 2001, AND THEN a grooved out Cities, AND THEN a mid set PYITE (!!), AND THEN a smoking (!) Caspian, and your non-standard Reprise to close the second set.

Its interesting to see how this show stacks up in the ratings against some of the other heavy hitters of the era, or even some of the top ranked 3.0 shows. I haven't seen or heard anything like this show since a few hints here and there on 10/31/14, but I think the all time rating is held back a bit by the absolute insanity that was Fall '97 overall. Ah well, the tapes are just as good as I remember that night to be!
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by LicentiousFunkGroove

LicentiousFunkGroove In light of my 16-year Phish-a-versarry yesterday (thanks .net!), I thought I'd give this show a re-listen. This was my first show and my first tapes. I wore these out, but oddly, only a few songs sounded familiar when I booted up the Phishtracks app last night.

1st person memories: I was 15, there with my girlfriend who was decidedly not into it, and I was mostly into smoking cigars that looked like twigs. I must have been insufferable to those around me. Extra kudos to the grown man who was very happy to smoke me up without pause.

Upon the re-listen: The PhishTracks aud recording sounds just like my tapes, albeit without the breakdown caused by 50 or so listens, and probably with a higher-gen pedigree. Treys guitar swells and fills the recording; some EQ tweaking on my ancient stereo made the other instruments clearer. For me, this is one of those times that the recording itself is part of the experience; a SBD release of this show would be too much of a good thing, like pulling the curtain back on the Wizard. Or redoing the original Star Wars.

Tweezer is slow to build to anything interesting, but once it does, it sets the pattern for the rest of the night's jamming: requisite funk, and a guitar-driven steady groove that is straining against Trey's concerted efforts to play less notes. '97 was not simply cow funk. "Groove" might be a more apt description. Anyway, the highlight for me (due mostly to nostalgia) is Dirt... it's beautiful and melancholy. Gumbo is well-delivered and features a neat little deconstructed jam that breaks down to one chord, then two. Melt follows the night's groove-centered jamming style but does reach back into some earlier 90's-style Melt madness, just a bit.

Set 2 starts with a rather monstrous Character Zero, jamming in the style of the evening, and delivering in a big way. A segue (sortof) into 2001 makes the first half of this set just about everything I want from Phish. The rest of the set, while fun and well-delivered (except the big flubs in Cavern), are a cooldown, as far as I'm concerned.

4/5, and if I were to attend this show tomorrow as a long-time Phan, I'd be happy. My hero didn't disappoint upon a relisten, though I'm certainly still not changing my vote for my favorite attended show-- 4/4/98, my 2nd.
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos Sandwiched between two historic, monster three-night runs, this show is easily overlooked, but it still brings the goods in so many ways.

Although set two is really why this show gets remembered, the opening Tweezer is about as good as it gets in Fall 97. They kick you right in the nuts with some classic Phish funk for nearly 20 minutes. The rest of the first set is pretty average-great, with the closing Taste worth revisiting

This second set is some pure gold, though. A spacey, droning, psychedelic Zero gets things going and gets things weird. It is a solid 20+ minutes of weird gooey goodness. Definitely not the funky sound that most of this tour is known for, but that would come up next in the equally epic 2001->Cities->Ya Mar segment. Some delicious funk and smooth transitions. The set cools down a bit after Punch, but I've always loved Tweezer Reprise coming at the end of the second set instead of the encore.

Excellent, excellent show.
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by JerrysMissingFinger

JerrysMissingFinger Set One Notes:
That intro that we are all always happy to hear starts up, and let’s go, baby. This is the first show back in the chilly Northeast after a warm southern sojourn, and I’m sure that the streets outside the arena are cold, cold, cold… The band drops straight into the cowfunk, crowd totally into it, the band channeling that jam that runs through all of Fall ’97 that is accessed at multiple points every night. Sirens in full effect, Mike thumping along, we get that classic patient, soaring Trey leads over the grooving, locked-in band as the push for the peak embarks. The band has hit the ground running, for sure, with this as the first song. No need for any warm-up, straight into the high-quality jamming right away. The music starts to build and swirl upwards, bursting and melting into Sparkle. This is an interesting placement, it works, reeling things back in a bit but keeping the vibe weird and energetic. When Gumbo hits, I’m so stoked for it, as I am every time it drops. Gumbo is one of those songs well poised to get the Fall ’97 treatment. Trey has total tonal control as they embark into the jam. This is certainly Phish For Movement First (if Fall ’94 or Summer ’95 represents Phish For Consideration and Interpretation First), and when they start to give up the Gumbo chord progression, everyone knows It’s On. We get great bluesy Funk-Man Trey, with Fish and Mike locked-in as one engine, Page crunching the clav, moving to the piano as they push into big, wide-open peak territory. Suddenly, Trey decides it’s time for My Soul. I have to be honest here: This is the single moment that keeps this set from being among the great first sets of ’97, and becomes a set with Really Great High Points. Man, I don’t dig this call, they played it at the last show, and we already got the Sparkle repeat too. I don’t know, My Soul just doesn’t do it for me. Understand that I am splitting hairs here, this is all relative to the other shows in this tour, of course. To each their own, I guess, maybe some people love this call. I just would’ve taken another five minutes of Gumbo. McGrupp is what I love to hear start up to deliver me back into the set, a true return to form after a brief interlude of blowing off steam. I love how much of a Page-feature McGrupp is, with that middle jam feeling like Zen-rock meets jazz-classical. So much energy is released when it kicks back in. Man, McGrupp is the greatest “cool down” song, if you consider it that (that burst never lets the energy die either). With the arrival of Dirt, we are indisputably in the “cool down” section common in a lot of these fall shows, and Dirt really works for me, prompting moments of calming contemplation. Melt is next, and I love a nice first set Melt, and this one delivers. I love those trippy “extra” notes in the Melt groove, man, the way they seem to glitch your dance moves when you get locked in. The music starts crying out, the machinery of this huge vehicle stuttering on the hard push to the peak. This Melt is truly a great contained, Type-I version. Horse/Silage in the Morning prompts a “lot of ups and downs, energy-wise.” comment from a friend, which I am feeling is the perfect reaction here. Silent is a good song though, and I love that guitar outro every time. Taste is a good call to end the set, burning it down one more time before sending the crowd on a break. The band is absolutely hammering away on this one in support of Page, who is just hammering on the ivories himself. When Trey gets started up, he is super locked-in, so clean in execution and so intentional, the band absolutely roaring behind him. This is a strong, strong, Type-I Taste, like its Melt counterpart earlier. This was a great set for me, that My Soul aside, the high points were still so high.

Set Two Notes:
With the band making strange noises, the suspense builds… what will it be? Through strange moans and clankings, Zero emerges. Interesting way to start Set 2, but lets see where it goes. Trey is absolutely spiraling into a ball of energy with his guitar work as we enter the jam, and the Zero gravity field persists for a while, locking the band in straight-raging Type-I fire. This jam retains that neo-Hendrixian-vibe for a seeming eternity, trippy in its own way… you know that it’s been a raging Zero for a while now, but you have zero reference for to really know how long it has been going this hard. Soon, the pace cools, space opens, Trey’s ringing looped guitar hovering over a low, sleeping-giant style groove. The jam starts to get heavy, Trey just shredding off notes into the crowd, Page's clav sawing away at your only route to safety from this tidal wave jam. I begin to hear a Vermont-rock interpretation on a variation of Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Trey with the occasional audio-fractal icepick to the third eye, Page’s clav still absolutely crunching my head in half, and Mike and Fish stomping on the bits. Sabbath on Cubensis. The Machine of Heavy Phish starts to stutter and glitch, still pounding away, ever onward, into 2001. Wow. We are fucking far out, man… too far… I don’t know… Just groove to wherever we end up, man… Aliens send down pulses to our crashed ship, investigating the primate-race’s incursion in their galactic sector. Our abduction and surrender to this groove is our only chance of survival. Even before the first “chorus” has hit, we are in full wah-infused, funk-siren backed disco ball mode, Page laying down that sweet stereo-swirl. This Spreadsheet AUD source is super bass-heavy, and that is to the full advantage of this 2001. Superbad Trey appears, leading to band to an explosive first “chorus”. Superbad Trey reemerges after a bit of Cool Weird Shit, and we move into super tight stop-start jamming. The band is so comfortable and confident in the cowfunk space. Fans of 12/29/97’s Tube will recognize the riff that Trey fires up here. Mike starts that slappin’ and poppin’, before this funk-workout of a 2001 makes a nice > Cities. Wow, what a set so far, with this Cities being such a great call after that 2001, keeping the vibe rolling. This is low-slung funk, Page tickling the clav. Wow, this is straight-Talking Heads on Kashyyyk (Wookie home world, I had to look that up too…). This must be where our alien rescuers earlier in 2001 got confused and dropped us off. Man, this Cities gets into the chilliest fucking deep groove as we depart Cities-proper into a new open space of nothing but multi-colored oscillating waves, a disco in an Indica-daydream. Ya Mar find its way into existence, and I will take a Ya Mar here for sure, a great happy, upbeat song to get out of that funk pit we had been down in. Leo Playing It gets good-weird somehow, I can’t explain, before Trey guides the band onto the point of a needle, then launches straight into PYITE. A great late set call for sure, and I love that intro groove, it’s like a mini-2001, if that makes sense to you. Honestly, The Landlady is kinda sloppy, but I’ll let it slide in view of this set as a whole. Caspian, next, has a super delicate intro, and Trey’s ‘doc has such a pure, natural, acoustic-infused tone in the song proper. This one feels like a victory lap after a hell of a set, and Trey’s solo is sweet and soaring as we have come to expect throughout this tour, though not taken for granted. Plus, we get that classic Big Rock Ending that I truly like on Caspian. Poor Heart, next, is so unexpected that it sounds like half the band didn’t expect it to start up either. Still, I think it’s funny, caught me off-guard, and I’ll take one more before Tweezer Reprise arrives to torch the place. Mike is detonating bombs all over the Civic Center, and the band sounds seriously huge on this AUD, closing the show in fine form. This is a strong Reprise. The Cavern encore is a great call to send the crowd steppin’ back out into the cold, cold, cold night, with some space droids lurking throughout. Trey turns the blade back on the bitch, and shit goes down as she is dropped in the dung. Way heavy rendition, seriously engaging, and certainly not your average, run-of-the-mill Cavern. Seek it out if you seek out such things.

Listen to this show as soon as possible. This one shines with the best of them.
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by HotPale

HotPale This was my homeboy John's 1st show and fitting it being in (going to school in VT) and my buddy Chris (going to school in Ithaca) picked John up in New Britain @ CCSU w/ a couple hours to spare...they both wanted some booze so instead of waiting twenty mins til we got to the lot John said he knew a place that would sell to him around the corner...I doubted it seeing as though Chris was the only one who looked remotely close to 21 out of the three of us, but John said no problem...we pulled up...I could see an old man through the window...we pulled away a bit....John went in and as sure as shit is usually brown he came out w/ some Soco to mix for the show...Chris had managed not to kill us as he and his new buddy Drew took nitrous hits from a cracker in the front seat on I-84 the whole ride got there w/ some time to find our high school and new college friends in the lot...partied some and made it in to our seats on the floor...stubbed my new buddy Micah down (as well as my hack crew from C'bury) and proceeded to taunt the cops as we danced behind them up and down the aisle...the music was 2nd show at the Civic Center...Phish tore it up and delivered us quite a Punch all throughout the night...thanks to all...John was safely returned to his brother's apt. in H'ford and Chris and I safely made it back to Woodbury to gear up for more "college" and then that review! haha
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1:

Tweezer: Super funky out of the gate as is the new custom for Fall 97 versions. Slow and gooey. Loops at 8:44. This version is high velocity up through 16 and half when they finally throttle down – loops and ambience for 90 seconds and then go into Sparkle of all things. Would recommend this version. >

Sparkle: LOL, interesting choice. >

Gumbo: Awesome jam, I like to think of it as very moody. It stays largely grumpy and awesome until the last two minutes. At that point it brightens unexpectedly with Trey hitting major chord territory. It almost sounds like he is about to opt for the DWD climax jam. Interesting stuff. Out of nowhere they (as one) shut this down and go into My Soul. Would recommend. >

My Soul: Trey tastefully takes a back seat and lets Page rip a solo on the baby grand. Very cool! Of course, he still gets a shot at ripping it and he does just that.

McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters: Mike and Page go nuts during the jam. Would recommend.

Dirt: Soaring and beautiful.

Split Open and Melt: Pretty average version although it does seem to have a bit of an extended ending.

The Horse > Silent in the Morning: Lyric changed to "bask in morning sickness. Other than that, it’s what you would expect of course.

Taste: Sorry, but this one can’t touch the best versions from this summer. It’s good. It’s just not great. Sorry not sorry.

SET 2:

Character Zero: The crowd sounds confused and let down when this starts up. I can understand both emotions. Little did they know what was about to unfold! This think wanks along in rock star mode until finally at 13:08 it starts to settle. Things get awesome in this segment. Trey still raging but with a purpose. Mike dropping BOMBS. Destroying America. At 19:50, they just release the hounds in terms of a super psychedelic effect, will separate your head from your body. Highly recommended, best version of all time. They sneak in through the back door the way they segue into 2001, BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG LOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS… ->

Also Sprach Zarathustra: The intro in the first jam is played at the speed of light. What did these boys get into at set break, hmmmmmmmmmmmm? First jam doesn’t even hit until 7 minutes. When it hits, it hits HARD. After the first climax, they implement that summer 97 crunchy stuff. Sounds amazing, all the while the same loops continues to echo until 10:14. Sick. That is when they start up the Super Bad by James Brown stuff and just vamp on that like crazy. Nasty!!!! Mike lays waste to the venue at 12:15 and beyond, just blowing up the place. WOW. There is not a second climax to this one. The funk (and Trey’s ADD) was too deep, they had to bust a move into Cities. Highly recommended version and an easy, easy all timer!!! ->

Cities: Solid jam for sure. But Trey rip cords the hell out of this and leaves the rest of his mates in the dust, rough segue into Ya Mar ->

Ya Mar: Standard, Trey gets bored with this one too… >

Punch You in the Eye: Standard. >

Prince Caspian: Standard.

Poor Heart: Starts as Rocky Top but it turns out to be Poor Heart? Strange placement. >

Tweezer Reprise: Standard.


Cavern: Standard.

Summary: First second > second set. Second set falls off a cliff after Cities. Kind of an overrated show as it’s currently rated (4.46). I would give it a 4/5.

Replay Value: Tweezer, Gumbo, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters, Character Zero, Also Sprach Zarathustra
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by pauly

pauly Tweezer ->Sparkle was a nice way to open,but the true hight light of this set is the Gumbo->My Soul.Great contributions by everyone on this and set the page for what was to come. A nice Melt,Mcrupp and a solid Taste brought the set to a close.
A little jam started the set and I was thinkin'a 2001,but when those 1st notes of Zero rang out I had a feeling we were goin'for a ride on the back of the worm.Did we ever,Character Zero was about 20min.long and segued into a very,very funkifed 2001.2001->Cities was another jaw drop.then a seamless segue into YaMar,which had that extra umf to it.BAM,Punch You not one downer so far,Poor heart was cool as it started as Rocky top and cavern had the original lyrics .

10 outta 10 show
, attached to 1997-11-26

Review by HotPale

HotPale forgot all about Worcester...sandwiched in there, but it's coming back...that's a whole 'nother story! to come soon!
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