I’m Blue I’m Lonesome through My Long Journey Home were performed acoustic with the “Reverend” Jeff Mosier. Little Tiny Butter Biscuits and My Long Journey Home featured Trey on fiddle. YEM included Spooky and Can't You Hear Me Knocking jams, with a subsequent Spooky tease. There was a brief pause in YEM after the Can't You Hear Me Knocking jam before the song continued. "Why" and "I don't know" were spoken by Fish through an a low pitched Wash Uffizi Drive Me to Firenze portion of YEM and the vocal jam.
Spooky and Can't You Hear Me Knocking jams in You Enjoy Myself
Debut Years (Average: 1989)

This show was part of the "1994 Fall Tour"

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, attached to 1994-11-19

Review by colforbin310

colforbin310 Another previously unreviewed fall '94 show. This one, like EVERY SINGLE SHOW FROM THIS MONTH, is awesome and full of ENERGY. Seriously, the type I jamming from every show this month is crazy good and, of course, the type II stuff gets waaaay out there. So here we go:

Set I:

Golgi: Always a perfect opener. They kill this one. Really a great tune to get the energy up for the rest of the night.

DwD: Starts up right out of Golgi's big ending. Regular song part is standard and super tight. Trey comes out of the gates soloing powerfully and beautifully. No down time in this jam. Just pure intensity, with Fish pounding away, Mike holding down the groove, Page Providing powerful keyboard interplay with Trey's ferocious soloing. But wait! At only 5:30 into the song Trey comes out with a quintessentially Fall 94 riff that instantly pulls the rest of the band, as if by magic, into a type II foray. Great jamming here. This kind of stuff is a precursor to the kind of hose found in the 11/30 and 12/2/95 Tweezers. sounds a bit like a section of the 12/9/94 Tweezer as well. The jam soon modulates to a major key where we have some amazing fall 94 hose as the jam skirts around from dissonance to beauty. Somehow they find themselves back in the intense standard Disease jam from a few minutes ago. Trey shreds like crazy for a bit before bringing this Disease to a close. This is why November 94 is so great. Second song of the show, incredible energy, and a dash of type II, all in an 8 and a half minute Down with Disease.

Guyute: I love this song so much. They we're killing this song on its debut tour and even sans whistling, the post lyrics section is beautiful. Very well executed and awesome placement with this one.

Paul and Silas: Not my favorite Phish bluegrass cover (that honor goes to Uncle Pen), nonetheless it is a fun tune and a good taste of bluegrass before the boys go acoustic later in the set.

Axilla (Part II): Nothing more rocking than Axilla. The thing I love about the Part II version is the swirly, psychedelic coda. This one goes on for a while. Dissolves into space. More or less segues into...

TMWSIY: I love this song. Its a shame its such a rarity. It is perhaps Trey's prettiest composition. This version is played flawlessly.

Avenu Malkenu: Solid version with a great Mike solo.

Run Like an Antelope: this puppy starts up the second Avenu ends. Pretty noodling by everyone in the intro. The jam starts up with much energy. Thats the best part about these '94 Antelopes, rather than quieting down for the beginning part of the jam followed by a long buildup to the peak like they do nowadays, the band instead manages to somehow start the jam with incredible intensity and build up even more from there. Jam starts with cool, ominous riffing from Trey. The Boys just follow each other so well in this jam, each member descending into chaos at exactly the same time, then coming out and peaking at exactly the same time. Everyone shreds in this jam. After five minutes, a huge minute or two long dissonant build occurs sending the jam into double time. Lots of 94 craziness. Jam builds to a frenzy before the final peak. Rocco section is a little off kilter, but nothing truly out of the ordinary for the time. Ending is great as usual. The fact that this is a standard version for the time is absolutely absurd. This would easily be considered the best Antelope of 3.0 were it played in 3.0. Crazy.

Bluegrass with Jeff Mosier: standard Jeff Mosier bluegrass stuff like the rest of the week. And that brings that hot hot hot set to a close

Set II:

Suzy: Another song that works great as an opener. Standard, fun version. Page destroys the jam, as usual.

Sparkle: interesting choice, but very common song around this time period so no surprise.

YEM: Wow. What a YEM. Opening is standard. The quiet section features the always fun, Vibration of Life, with a wonderful explanation by Trey of the Vibration. They even use a "special combination" of "The Magical Green light" and the vibration of life. Rest of the composed section is standard. Mike does some sweet work during Page's solo section post-WUFDMTF. Page also kills it. Trey comes in hot at 13:30.
the jam quiets down to a whisper while Trey lays down some awesome noodles. Jam starts to pick up slightly at 16 minutes with some interesting stop-start stuff. If you listen closely on the spreadsheet recording you can hear Trey laugh a bunch during this section. Some great Spooky themed jamming comes in after this. After much Spooky teasing, the Jam really picks up steam with Fish providing a fast, precise, funky beat. Trey is laying down some thick grooves here at around 19 minutes. He starts soloing. Sweet riff comes in at around 19:45. Jam turns into a full band tease of Can't You Here Me Knocking before coming to a complete stop. After the pause, Mike comes in playing his weird one string, fretless bas thingy. Strange stuff here. Not your typical bass and drums section. Very erie vocal jam with Fish saying,"I know, why?" in a strange voice. No gonna try to describe the rest of the vocal jam except for the crazy noises at 27:30 that must be heard. awesome stuff. 28 minute YEM. Wow. Just awesome. Listen

HYHU>Rosie>HYHU: standard Fishman fare.

Hood: Nothing better than a 94 Hood. Truly. This one is beautiful. The jam quiets to a whisper before slowly building up. Absolutely gorgeous. As with all 94 versions, Trey shreds like crazy at the end of the jam. No better sound to my ears. Trey destroys this hood. MUST HEAR.

Amazing Grace: Great return to reality after that blazing Hood.

GTBT: never disappoints. This version is no exception. Great way to end such a high energy show.


Coil: I love Page.

This show should not be overlooked. so please don't overlook it. get it and listen. please.
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