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This show was part of the "1996 Fall Tour"

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, attached to 1996-11-13

Review by phearless

phearless Well, I can't speak for the rest of this show since I haven't heard any of it, but this Suzy is an all-time great, a 18 minute monster that gets some mighty fine Type-2 treatment. It shows how groovy Fall 96 really was at certain times. An all-time great Suzy for sure.... hmmm maybe it's time to listen to the whole show. Done.
, attached to 1996-11-13

Review by jadedforbin

jadedforbin My first show. At the time "Disease" was one of the few songs I actually knew, so I loved it as an opener. I remember thinking 2001 was super cool, and not knowing what was going on with the Suzy Greenberg and the HUMONGOUS jam that follows (which is up there with Darien 2000 in both length and insanity). I freaked out when they played Zep for the encore, the deal was sealed and I would soon see many more!!
, attached to 1996-11-13

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw This show IMO is pretty straightforward and average.

Bouncing around the room is a top shelf version. Reba is pretty solid as well but nothing exceptional. Character Zero is pretty destructive and good.

It is very interesting that they choose to jam out of Suzy Greenberg but there's not a whole lot to say about it, besides Page's cool trippy effects towards the beginning it's not all that interesting. The odd highlight of the show for me is the YEM vocal jam which is actually pretty good. There's some great guitar work by Trey in his Theme solo.

It's one of those odd shows where the highlights are kind of little random things. I appreciate the effort put into this show but the result to me is nothing memorable.
, attached to 1996-11-13

Review by Faht1

Faht1 This show just missed in my mine it lacked something. Reba and DWD fell just short. Tight Caspian and a decent Taste. Lot of people talk about the Suzy->Jam but don't overlook the YEM it was very 11/14/95 ish... Definitely worth a listen. Overall this show was was right around average to slightly above.
, attached to 1996-11-13

Review by kernsey

kernsey this was my first phish show!

the sound in the target center had always been notoriously bad [sting, DMB] and the fact that i could understand the vocals was amazing to me. the sound got so much better about 3 songs in. hearing DISTINCTLY "bag it, tag it, sell it to the butcher in the store" and "i saw you, with a ticket stub in your hand" was really refreshing. big kudos to the sound tech. was that paul at that time?

i was thrilled to hear bouncing, character zero, YEM and good times bad times. seeing them do sweet adeline was something i've never seen a band do before [and only huey lewis & the news since!]--barbershop quartet singing. that knocked me out.

i remember that the light show was better than anything i'd seen. they still have consistently the best rock band light show.

i was so excited to hear zeppelin for the encore! somehow i knew that page was going to sing "I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ALONE!" and it literally gave me chills and tears. i knew i would be a long-hauler for this band.
, attached to 1996-11-13

Review by markah

markah I hear a "Silicone Fairy" tease/jam in this Suzy (originating from Page, who plays the vocal pattern from the verse on the piano around the 11-min mark).
, attached to 1996-11-13

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Down with Disease: Killer opener! Mikes’ bass intro literally rattles his guitar to the point of distraction, lol! Fun fact, in the 304 times this has been played, it has only opened a show up 20 times or 6.5% of all times played! This one is pretty short, just over 8 minutes but has a good, little jam to it.

Bouncing Around the Room: Standard.

It's Ice: I listened closely and this one didn't do much for me.

Ya Mar: Strong little jam. Trey welcomes everyone, remarks on the SSB they did last night at the Timberwolves game and that tonight marked the second straight gig at this venue, lol. Cheeseball Trey.

Taste: Pretty cut and dried. Clean version and sounds good, but nothing that is too attention grabbing.

Train Song: : It's fine. Some wook seems to really like this tune as he lets out a caveman style shriek at the beginning of this one.

Reba: This Reba is really good! Not sure why it's not charted but the composed section is solid, and the jam is too, nice peaks. Would relisten!

Character Zero, Sweet Adeline: Standard.

SET 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra: Can’t beat this coming out of setbreak, bit of an extended intro (for the era) at about a minute and half >

Suzy Greenberg: Page does extraordinary work during his typical solo and Fish lets loose with a scream. Trey playing some funky rhythm, foreshadowing what is to come next year. -> Jam: 6:35 when it should wrap, you can hear Trey say “Go” or something like that and then he just lets LOOSE with a run of notes that turn into a solo that is absolutely blistering! In the late 7:50’s he gives it back to Page and jumps on the drum kit. Here come a ton of effects. We are in Type II territory!!! Listen to the mid 12’s, the funk is extremely deep, and it sounds briefly like it could go into Cities but that bustout wouldn’t happen until next year. 13:15 sounds like it could go to Psycho Killer. The funk jam evolves into a high velocity rocking jam in the early 15’s. Trey is firmly in the lead here melting faces. At 17:10 they abandon the raging flow and melt into spacey effects and into >

Prince Caspian: They rock this out and then patiently take this one down to about nothing – very quiet – and then bust back into the raucous ending. Good version here. >

You Enjoy Myself: Oh yeah, another potential big jam tune! Page leads the way with Trey doing his thing on his drum kit. Trey jumps back into the lead on the doc at 11:26. Nice and funky vibe, kind of sounds like Immigrant Jam for a bit. Mike crushing it from his side. Slappa the bass. Definitely a very good YEM jam here. Page really throwing in some funk into the B&D at 18:00. Trey in the VJ “Take me to the show, take me to the show”. “Went to the show.” This VJ is insane. Must hear. Devolves into complete chaos.

Theme From the Bottom: Quite the strong jam here.

Golgi Apparatus: Standard.

ENCORE: Good Times Bad Times: Face melter, great encore – exactly what an encore should be.

Summary: Replay value: Solid Reba, all-timer Suzy that withstands the tests of time, an above average YEM. Solid first set and a smoking second set. I am good at 3.8 out of 5.
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