Divided Sky was dedicated to Sun Ra. 'A' Train contained Dixie teases from Trey. Tweezer included Wait quotes from Trey. After Pusherman (Curtis Mayfield), Trey explained that Hold Your Head Up became the Henrietta theme (prompting teases of HYHU by Page and Mike) because Fish hates that song more than any song ever written except La Bamba (which was then also teased by Page and Mike); the Pusherman theme was offered because Fish likes that song. Trey noted that Stash was a request from some friends of theirs on the phish.net. Trey explained phish.net and that the band was honoring requests.
La Bamba tease, Dixie tease in Take the 'A' Train, Wait quote in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 1988)

This show was part of the "1991 Fall Tour"

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, attached to 1991-11-01

Review by Anonymous

(Published on the legacy Phish.net site many years ago...)

Gothic story: We were right up against the stage in front of Trey. When they got back into places after the vacuum stuff, I yelled "Stash" up to Trey. He looked at the others and said "Stash?". They agreed. He stepped up to his mic and said "This next one is a request. Yes we do requests. And it was requested by these guys up front who are members of the phish.net, which is a computer group for people to talk about us". We were really suprised! I guess Page must have said something to Trey on break about us. Anyway, it was pretty damn cool, and Stash was smoking!!

This was show was excellent!! It really cooked from beginning to end.

Notes: 1) Killer trampolines and strobe lights during Mike's Song 2) Pusher Man riff instead of Hold Your Head after Love You. Trey explained that Hold Your Head became the Henrietta theme because Fishman hates that song. They ended with the Pusher Man riff tonight because Fishman likes that song.

, attached to 1991-11-01

Review by Anonymous

(Originally published on the legacy Phish.net site 1/4/00...)

This show is important to me casue it was right after I had been busted for pot at my college. That's why I loved Stash so much I must thank the other reviewer of this show for requesting that song. This was the first Tweezer for me and it rocked. Really fun jam and I was blown away when they did the reprise cause I had no idea they did that. Great way to close the second set.

Harry Hood was a blast and the Mike's Song>H2O>Weekapaug was fun especially for the strobes and smoke. I loved how Trey would swing his guitar around in the during the strobe lights and make such weird sounds. I have to admit I miss the small venues for this band cause some of their antics just don't come across as surreal on a large stage. A great realease after a terrible Halloween where my college career was in turmoil. D'OH!!!!
, attached to 1991-11-01

Review by kipmat

kipmat https://forum.phish.net/forum/permalink/1378109945

Junta and Hoist were the first two Phish albums I listened to, but it was Rift that blasted me backward and pinned me to the wall. I was a sophomore majoring in Jazz Studies at the College of Music at University of North Texas, and Rift was a perfect amalgam of everything I was learning: it had chordal harmonies in the voices and instruments, poly-rhythms galore, intricate fugues, blistering tempos, astounding musical interaction between rhythm section instruments, and plenty of mind-melting guitar lines that took hours to get under the fingers. And when I wasn't practicing, I would lie on my bunk bed and listen to the album, and wonder, “just where did all that music come from?”

As it turns out, it came from the mind of a guitarist and composer who couldn't sit still, so he spent all of his down-time over a 3-month, 49-show tour working on new music. As a composer, Trey had essentially commissioned himself to write music for Page, Mike, Fish, and himself to perform as a group. The new songs wouldn't be debuted on stage until Trey was able to harvest more poems from Tom Marshall, and have the band learn and rehearse them. Fall '91 was the tour where the entire band had reached full mastery of their current repertoire (Foam was the most-played song on that tour), and Trey sensed that the other three (and the audience) were ready for the music to become "insanity"-level difficult. (And of course Mike contributed two new songs, the tricky Weigh ant the impossible Mound.)

Hopefully, Trey did only have to pay two bits for the drastic shave-and-a-haircut he received in Santa Fe the previous week, but losing his hair did not cause him to lose his Samson-like prowess on the Languedoc. The circulating soundboard features that original blonde Languedoc guitar right up front in the mix (once the levels are boosted during Sparkle), and Trey's playing shines in the spotlight. Take The 'A' Train features the sweet clean guitar tone whistling Dixie, The Landlady > Destiny Unbound brings a snarl to it, and Divided Sky and the Mike's Groove let the 'doc fly like a hawk, circling in the sky before shrieking and swooping down to snatch up its prey - our ears! And honestly, how could the show where Trey acknowledges this site's namesake possibly be rated as low as this?
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