Both Mockingbird and Stash referenced the Los Angeles riots that ensued after the Rodney King verdict was announced. During Icculus, Trey extolled the virtues of the Helping Friendly Book and remarked jokingly that The Aquarium Rescue Unit “used to be a feeble bluegrass band until they read this great book!” Glide was a birthday dedication. Coil included a DEG tease. Bowie included Will the Circle Be Unbroken?, Get Back, Aw Fuck!, All Fall Down, Up Up and Away, Random Laugh, and Oom Pa Pa signals, as well as the return of the Band/Crew Football Theme Song (first since April 16, 1991, or 125 shows). Bowie also included Miss Gulch / Witch's theme teases. YEM included a strong Don’t Get Me Wrong tease. BBFCFM featured some zany on-stage antics that found Trey on top of his stack and Mike singing from down on the floor. The Aquarium Rescue Unit was the opening act.
Jam Chart Versions
Miss Gulch / Witch's theme tease in David Bowie, Don't Get Me Wrong tease in You Enjoy Myself, Dave's Energy Guide tease in The Squirming Coil
Debut Years (Average: 1989)

This show was part of the "1992 Spring Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1992-05-02

Review by DaReba

DaReba If you happen to get a good recording of this you will love the crisp determined playing of the band from jump.
Jim is sparkling. Fish shines giving a perfect tapestry for the band and crowd to dance to. they ripped this Runaway Jim to shreds. You could almost assume they didn't think it would be that way with the curious but welcomed Col Forbin follow. The band is so tight this whole year, its hard to stop mentioning it. it is a good narrative . referencing the riots and another example of how self-aware the band is. Forbin leads into a Famouspus Mocking Bird that I have to say , in my humble opinion, the tightest to that point. They are on fire. Again a good recording will make this obvious. i heard this off of . sick quality. I can't imagine they thought they could play that song better at that time in the bands' development.
Reba follows, full disclosure my favorite song or first favorite masterpiece jams by trey in the YEM, Divided Sky, Antelope realm. Reba got me hooked on those atonal gems from trey's mind. htis written first part is played so perfect you wanna cry. The jam is Phish RnB at its best. the beginning is fish on a great groove wih Mike and Trey rocks it slowly the band gets a regular reba groove giong. Mike drops the first bomb and trey matches that figure in a DEG-like jam Then Fish's cymbals make a great appearance and then Trey just Jedi-Knight's this song. A must-hear Reba.
A blistering Maze follows. The band is in full flight drumd Trey's solo
The Stash verse is a good listen alone. Trey switches the words for a dig at the cops. . this stash is great. must listen.
, attached to 1992-05-02

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill This bootleg was an audience recording. A little too much crowd for my taste. Not a bad balance though. The show itself might have been a case of the boys having too much fun again. Rough Trey night.

Right off the bat we have Fish coming in a little too fast on Jim, making Trey sound lost. It got better. Forbin's is great, I love this song and so far, can't get enough of it. Icculus is great, very funny stuff. Mockingbird is good. Sparkle sounds a little uncertain tonight. Reba has obvious flaws in it. An otherwise good Maze is ruined by Trey's early ending. Bouncing is fine. Stash lyrics were changed to "Police pull you over and beat the shit out of you." Pretty good Stash. Almost sounds like Trey broke a string or something because Coil is out of tune and awful. He must have fixed it during Page's solo because Llama rips as usual.

Second set has a nice birthday dedication for Sherry's 21st going into Glide complete with evil laughter. After all the foolishness Bowie has an awful start but, includes the Crew Football Theme Song! Not sure what that is all about. I'll have to do some more research. Tela was good. Foam had some shakey parts in it too. It's been a while since I've heard a bad Foam. YEM was good, vocal jam was ok. Chalkdust is fine. Rosie included Fish apologizing to Paul after a loud wooo! Cavern is always a good closer.

Fish's voice cracks during his solo moment making Monkey funnier than it already is. BBFCFM is hilarious! A must hear for fans of this song. The interplay between Trey and Mike is priceless. Fish even tries to get Paul to do the solo count off from the soundboard.

Overall this was a bad Trey night. There is some funny stuff in here but, not the greatest show.
, attached to 1992-05-02

Review by 3PointOhKeePa

3PointOhKeePa I seldom leave reviews, but this show is one that I felt warranted it. People look towards April '92 to get their fill of tight, explosive playing from a developing band with a bright future and a chip on their shoulder, and they would be right to do so, but May '92 is often mistakenly overlooked. You can't really be upset with a show that begins with a Jim, Forbin > Mockingbird > Icculus > Mockingbird, and it only gets better from there. The first big highlight is the Reba, which thrashes until the very end, but the true highlight of the first set is the Stash. It's always fun when they change the lyrics around a bit, which is the first thing you'll notice, but what stands out is the tension and release jam. Trey is an animal here, and is splitting the very fabric of the universe. By the end of it you somehow end up with messy hair and a cigarette in your mouth, and don't even ask how you got there. Wow.

The entire second set has great flow and tight playing, as one would expect from a Spring '92 shows, but for me what stood out most was the Bowie and YEM. Complete with a Band/Crew Football Theme Song mixed in, this is one of my favorite pre-94 Bowies of all time. After finishing the show I had to go back and listen to it twice. The playing is fierce, and ends at such a point that you think Trey's fingers should have burned off from friction. The accuracy of notes, and release of celestial energy is something that only he could achieve. I honestly couldn't even whistle as fast as that Bowie ending goes, and he nails it. If nothing else check this show out for this Bowie. Tela is a great cool down song after it, but they just pick things right back up with a tight foam, and a raging YEM (the vocal jam is even excellent for those who tend to skip them for whatever reason). This is just an overall GOOD show, which needs to be listened to by more people on this site. Enjoy!
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