Page teased the theme to Jeopardy! in Divided Sky. The Esther intro contained a Random Note signal and Possum contained a Simpsons signal. The beginning of My Friend featured Trey on acoustic guitar. My Friend did not contain the "Myfe" ending. Tweezer contained Walk This Way teases. Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones.

Walk This Way tease in Tweezer, Theme from Jeopardy! tease in Divided Sky
Debut Years (Average: 1989)

This show was part of the "1993 Winter/Spring Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1993-03-21

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill The 34th show of the tour is the only Phish show at the Ventura Theatre and the sound gremlins continue for Paul in this forgettable week, so far, in California. The recording though is much better than the last few shows I've heard. Trey's guitar tuning, or lack of, is really starting to get to me.

Strange way to start with a Maze tonight, but this one is good, maybe a few off spots at the end. Sparkle was also good and almost flew off the handle at the end. It's been a little while for Sloth and it shows on Mike's part. Divided Sky was rocking by the end, but had some rough middle parts. In fact, it was so rocking that Trey pulled himself out of tune for a shaky Esther, including a vocal flub and a rough ending. ATR also had a bad start from Trey, but they pulled it together quickly for a tight version overall. Melt was rocking and pretty good, in fact! So rocking that he pulled himself out of tune again! Poor Heart was out of tune. Punch was ok, as this one is still new and it shows, but the Landlady was tight. Lawn Boy was great! Dedicated to some surfer guy Trey had met. Possum was a solid closer, really rocking.

I can't tell what Page is teasing before he leads a patient, solid Cup opener. Trey picks up the acoustic for My Friend, and this one had some spots in the intro, but the song itself was good. Rift, unfortunately, still has timing problems. Tweezer was good and rocking. Hey! Ya Mar is back again, and it's been a while for this one too, so the timing is a little off. Trey needs to tune yet again before YEM, but he doesn't, so this intro is awful. And to make matters worse, the sub woofers power amp blows up or something. Too funky for the poor thing? So we have a nice jam while Paul and the crew do what they can and a fun vocal jam at the end. Which brings us too a reasonably tight My Sweet One, considering the sound problems. Then the balls come out, then Fishman for a funny Rosie, so the sound wasn't too much of an issue here. Llama seemed really rushed tonight. And again, Trey pulled himself out of tune making Hood awful to hear for my ears. Cavern was a surprisingly good closer after all the problems in this set.

Monkey also makes an appearance tonight after a short absence. Not too bad, but not great. Everyone gets shushed for a good Adeline and the expected rocking Tweeprise wraps this one up.

There are still some good, solid songs in here, but Trey being out of tune every other song and the sound gremlins hounding Paul make this show just average.
, attached to 1993-03-21

Review by MrFoot

MrFoot This was my first California Phish show. I have three states where most of my Phish activities have taken place, New York, Colorado & California.

I flew out from Colorado, after seeing Phish at Pikes Peak, Vail & Boulder, to visit my sister. My sister was more of a Madonna, Duran Duran music lover than anything coming close to Phish. I think the only song she knew was Divided Sky.

Anyway, I talked her into getting tickets and heading up to Ventura. She was reluctant to go but indulged my fanatical, albeit 18 month old obsession with Phish.

Ventura Theater is a lovely venue. It was an intimate GA show. We were on the floor and I remember calling out for Harpua - always hopeful. I remember digging alot on the theatre and feeling that is was a solid show but nothing mind blowing.

My sister said she met some cool people but the music wasn't her scene. She never saw them again - I took my mom the MSG on 12/30/94 and Red Rocks 8/4/96. My dad I took to the Royal Albert Hall in London on 6/16/97.

My sister at Ventura was a memorable night. Great theater, great show, great memories.
, attached to 1993-03-21

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

By the spring of 1993, Phish had only played a handful of West Coast shows. So when in March of 1993 they came out west for their biggest tour up to that point in time, my friends and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go on Phish tour! Ten consecutive shows in California alone, and then seven more in the Pacific Northwest. I would end up doing seven of the California shows, but unfortunately not any more than that. But considering that within a single week I was able to double the number of Phish shows I had seen to that point, I was pretty happy.
First stop: Ventura! Driving down from Santa Cruz, we got to Ventura shortly before the doors opened. The Ventura Theatre is rather small, probably holds less than 2,000. The floor in front of the stage was open for dancing, and the section behind that had table seating. But when the band started to play, nobody remained seated! My friends and I got ourselves a pretty good spot down in front, just a few rows back from the stage. We heard stories about the previous few shows, speculated about what they might play tonight, and waited for that moment when the lights go out and the band hits the stage.
Once the show started, it was off to the races! Looking back at the setlist, I recall some of the feelings we had that night. First of all, it was one of the harder-edged Phish shows I had ever seen. Not only songs like "The Sloth", "Maze", "Melt", "YEM", and "Tweezer", but even the so-called quieter songs, seemed to be played with more aggression than usual! Obviously the energy of the crowd can have a big impact on the energy of the band, and their performance, and that was evident in Ventura.
One factor was the aggressive venue security. First of all, just getting into the place included one of the more intense searches I had ever seen. Being from the Bay Area, I had never seen metal detectors used at a concert, especially at such a small venue! I saw lots of glass and other apparatus confiscated at the doors, and then during the show itself there was security at the edges of the stage just looking for violations (smoking, minors with drinks, etc). As I recall, at least a few people were tossed from the show. So I believe all the tension in the air really contributed to the overall atmosphere, and Phish incorporated some of that tension and aggression into their sets that night.
Another thing I remember was just how long the show seemed to go on! To this day (over ten years later), that must be one of the longest first sets ever! Eleven songs, and close to an hour and half. By the end of the night we had seen over three hours of live Phish! I will not go into the song by song details, but a few of the highlights were certainly the "Maze" opener, "The Sloth", "Divided Sky", "Split Open and Melt", "PYITE", "Lawn Boy", and "Possum". And that was just from the first set! Oh my!
The second set just got bigger. Nice "Loving Cup" opener, right into "My Friend" -> "Rift" -> "Tweezer"! The jams were getting very heavy in there. "YEM" in the middle of the set... this show seemed to just keep going on and on! We got some Fishman with "Cracklinsie", then "Hood" and "Cavern" closed out Set II. Wow!
Even the encore was relatively long; with three songs it was almost twenty minutes! "Sleeping Monkey", "Sweet Adeline", and of course a big "Tweezer Reprise" to send us all home.
Overall this show was mighty fine, with some of the heavier, edgier playing I have ever heard from Phish. Driving the five hours south to Ventura was well worth the trip, and it was a great way to start out my seven show West Coast tour. Little did I know how sick the rest of my week would be.
Next stop: Sacramento!
, attached to 1993-03-21

Review by s1177375

s1177375 Not my favorite show or year for my favorite band. It is full of amazing frantic fast almost angry sounding jams. I love the contrast for the amazing Hood which is more of a elevator jam as u all know and so it is a nice change in a night of angry energy due to bad renta cop security making the band and "holding" crowd bummed forced to leave their dangling stash behind in the ceiling tiling hidden away instead of in the body bouncing around the stomach as it should be on a Phish night, I love this show cause i love dark angry energy shows but it was rated bad overall cause of this. If u like a really really good one far better than this one and feels like 93 and 95 energy w a bit of 89 in there check out 7-30-03 dank as hell and the Spocks brain and On Your Way Down and FEFU and Dylan cover took me to a dark place i love to go from depressing time to time. That show is far better played that this one too ironiccaly cause they were on brownies ghosted by sunshine acid and chocolate shrooms and in 03 graduated to harder coke and heroin but had not burned out and so the music was still amazing. . Dark but amazing. Oh the good old days 93 94 bluegrass 95 Johnny B Goode guitar solo Trey found his inner Zappa Marle and even Hendrix level at times. Even maybe but never quite B B King and Clapton but my soul cannot quite claim Trey as all time guitar god but oh boy that suburb - country BUGs in the Farmhouse boy can PLAY!!! we love u the boys that make my life have more meaning . . Jesus gives my life purpose and Trey my ears purpose. There is always music in my mind playing on tapes and reels forever
, attached to 1993-03-21

Review by DarkTsar

DarkTsar gave this 3 stars... a solid effort..twas a fun time indeed... central coast phish is ALWAYS welcomed. The Ventura Theater is a funky room with pretty whacky acoustics. Back in those days the band was very raw and full of power! Even a sloppy show, by today's standards, was just so much fun back then because HELL I was 22 and a fresh convert from GD tour! It was nice to talk with them out on the street after the show.
, attached to 1993-03-21

Review by TheEmu

TheEmu I think this is pretty much a three star show, but the Harry Hood is flippin' gorgeousness and definitely needs to be added to the Harry Hood jamming chart. On that basis, I'll go ahead and throw this show a bone and give it 4 stars. It's sloppy in places, but overall average-great. Hood is far and away the highlight. YEM is solid and Tweezer is certainly decent, though not tremendously interesting. First set highlight is a pretty good SOAM.

I THINK there's a bunch of teases in this show, but I can place almost none of them. Some sort of Irish folk song-sounding ditty at the end of My Friend (sounds cool, actually), and something during the Hood intro. I think you could call it Walk This Way teasing during Tweezer (you also might not, I don't think it's the only time I've heard Trey use this riff during Tweezer), plus I think there is something else teased starting around 6:44, but I'm not sure and this Tweezer doesn't appear on the jamming chart or Charlie's reviews. I'll send an email about this as someone with more musical expertise than me will probably have an easier time placing this stuff.
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