Friend was a Phish debut. No Men in No Man's Land had a Blister in the Sun tease by Trey.
Blister in the Sun tease in No Men In No Man's Land
Debut Years (Average: 1999)

This show was part of the "2019 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2019-06-22

Review by jimmysdad

jimmysdad Awesome, high energy show! Lots of great stuff in there, they’re playing super tight. First set was super fun, Tube was funky and Friend was a nice debut. Bowie is always welcome, and no better way to top that off than with a Coil. What a treat!

Ghost and SYSF both felt much longer than 14 minutes, they went great places fast. Scilla brought high energy to the crowd, and What’s the Use is always a beauty. Billy Breathes making a second appearance in the last dozen shows or so, nice to see that back in the mix. Hopefully he sticks around. Nice peak in Hood and DDHVL is always fun to hear. Encore ended with one if the more rockin’ Zeroes in recent memory - Trey was feeling it! Overall I thought it was a super fun show!

Good ol’ rock and roll Saturday night show. Expecting a traditional Sunday show tomorrow night!
, attached to 2019-06-22

Review by SirDelins

SirDelins Right after a great show in Charlotte, it was going to be hard to outdo that beast of a show. Nevertheless, we got a fun Saturday night show on the first night of MPP.

The first set started off nicely with Undermind, a song that I am always down with. Undermind is followed by an excellent Tube that shifts into full out rock mode before concluding as usual. Funky Bitch is a nice rocker. Steam is our first true jam of the night, and it takes us to some cool places in its 10 minute duration. My Sweet One and NICU are nice classics, and our first and only GOTF song comes with Friend. NMINML features an excellent little jam which really got me going and energized after being relatively low key at the beginning of the set. Horse > Silent kept the energy going. Bowie was awesome to see in person, and the energy of both this version and the audience was incredible. I assumed the set would be over after Bowie, but instead we get Coil, the icing on an already delicious cake. Overall, I really enjoyed the first set.

The second set was not as consistent and exciting as the first set, but it certainly had its moments. Ghost was a great way to open the set, and even at just 14 minutes, this is quite the version. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed. I was surprised to see Axilla in the second set, but it kept the energy going with its rock and roll. Set Your Soul Free is another jam in the second set. The band really catches on a nice groove, and it gives way for WTU. During WTU, I really appreciated the quiet and had somewhat of a religious moment as I soaked the emotion in. You really have to be there for WTU to appreciate it.

From here on out is where the second set became rather odd. Billy Breathes is nice to hear, but WTU already acted as somewhat of a slower, more chill song. DDHVL was cool, but felt a little out of place not being after a huge jam. BDTNL was ok, pretty much confirmed most of the jamming was done for the night. Hood is the biggest highlight of the late second set bunch. Even for a rather short version, there is quite a bit going on here. Rise/Come Together and Golgi close the set in typical fashion. Bug > Zero was the encore, place erupted for Zero.

Overall, while this show will not go down is history as one of Phish’s greatest shows, I had a lot of fun at this show. Though there wasn’t a lot of jamming and the second set was questionable at times, those who were there certainly enjoyed the high energy rock and roll this show provided. Tomorrow is going to be awesome!
, attached to 2019-06-22

Review by PYIT_Hip

PYIT_Hip First time at MPP, love this venue. The Mrs and I were all the way mike side, great sight lines and impeccable sound. I’ve been really dialed into fishman lately and really got to watch him work tonight. He was a total beast in that first set, a finely constructed 12 song set list, with heavy doses of power funk topped off by a flawless Bowie/Coil. Tube DID jam, albeit briefly. Ghost set the tone for the second set.. Phish got “there”. Can a 14 minute song be a JOTY contender? New phan phavorites SYSF and DDHVL delivered big time. Fishman destroys numberline. How does he do it??!!! High voltage Hood was placed in the perfect slot and flubbed (who cares??) Golgi left me with a perma-grin. MPP came close to spontaneous combustion with the Bug/Zero encore . A good time was had by all and were so blessed to come back again tomorrow night. Peace!
, attached to 2019-06-22

Review by JMart

JMart Not to be Debby Downer, but it was always highly unlikely Phish was going to top 6/21 one night later. But that’s why they play the games right?! Such is the cost we pay for our victories. The Tube really danced out admirably. The Ghost was sick and flowy. There are good shows and there are great shows. This is the former. Great crowd and a much improved experience from 7/9/99.
, attached to 2019-06-22

Review by nesta

nesta I am saving my official review for the upcoming SurrenderToTheFlow edition. If you don't know, look it up.

But i have to add this...

During Squirming Coil is the only time you we ever hear a PHiSH crowd cheer as Trey puts Koa to rest. And the tears were flowing during Page's solo. What a man, what a way to end a set. After it was over all i could do was turn my teary eyes to my mates and smile.
, attached to 2019-06-22

Review by User_34095_

User_34095_ Darted for Maryland after Charlotte. Really felt the energy on the lawn for the first time at MPP. When Tube started up, I immediately got into it.

First set picks: Tube, Funky Bitch, NICU, David Bowie, The Squirming Coil. (Heck just put the whole 1st set, I liked that energy)

Second set picks: Ghost, Backwards Down The Number Line, Harry Hood, Golgi Apparatus.

Bug and Zero encore was awesome. I will always party and get down to Zero.
, attached to 2019-06-22

Review by aybesea

aybesea So, after two strong shows (Blossom and Charlotte), we find ourselves at a Saturday show for the first night of Merriweather, and honestly... they just couldn't keep up the momentum. There are a couple of minor highlights from this show, though nothing close to the BOAF or Jim from the last two shows.

Second show opens with a brief, but strong, Ghost (SAT 150.06). The show then works through Axilla into Set Your Soul Free (106.26) for the other minor standout from this show. Other than that, there are some well played songs but really nothing exceptional to go searching out. The overall show score is a paltry 875.85... a score indicative of looking forward to the next show.
, attached to 2019-06-22

Review by yam_ekaj

yam_ekaj very solid phish show tonight. let's get right to the review:

undermind has never opened a set, which is a pretty cool fact. other than that this was a standard version. a fun way to start a show, to be sure. tube was first highlight - went type 2 pretty quickly, and a sick return to the blues section out of a major key jam. funky bitch and steam were both awesome versions, great to see steam in the first set. very good placement for both these songs. my sweet one! always very fun, as is NICU (one of my personal favorite songs). friend was a little bit of an energy suck, but an ok spot for a breather to be sure. no men's next--also cool to see this in the first set. a solid version--went into a very nice major key section--although certainly not an all-timer. the horse->silent is always nice, although this was the first sign of trey's composed-part problems for the set. he nailed david bowie though. while i love this song, i also like the fact that they aren't playing it as often, because when they do they really enjoy it. this is an awesome version. thought it would end the set, but we get a bonus coil for good measure.

second set was a heater. ghost started it off--very awesome jam. many hose peaks. would recommend listening for sure. a bit of an abrupt return to the ghost refrain, but after the sick jam it was more than earned. axilla next--a cool spot for this. got the whole place rocking. SYSF next - this is another awesome jam. they were in a blissful section that seemed standard type-2 fare, but then all of sudden some awesome minor key funk. sounded almost like an antelope jam. very sick phish. what's the use emerges, which is never the wrong decision. similarly, love to hear billy breathes---a perfect cool-down song. next came DDHVL, which is just such a great addition to the phish rep. so far, was shaping up to be an unbelievable set. then numberline started. as i always say, while it's not the best song to hear start, by the end they always get you. some awesome playing by trey here. but definitely sucked a little energy out of the room when it started. energy reignited when fishman dropped into hood, and this is an awesome version. went type-2 very quickly, and stayed in a sweet minor key jam until sliding into the hood ending. great version. unfortunately, trey completely botched the intro to rise/come together. he got it together eventually. definitely don't love this song, but whatever--by the end the room is rocking. golgi is a great way to close - trey again seemed to forget a couple of parts, but i love hearing this song always.

bug zero encore is very standard, but an awesome way to end a rocking saturday night show. hoping for a serious throwdown tomorrow.
, attached to 2019-06-22

Review by s1177375

s1177375 I’m So glad I did not drive all the way to Maryland from Cleveland for this Mary weather shows are supposed to be awesome but this one reminds me of the last when I went to right before magna ball there was such hydros gonna be a great show because 815 had the No2 and had an amazing simple and just had good energy flow But my night they didn’t even know where to start with so they just started playing the last song they had been playing sleeping monkey but they never really played it I was like either play or don’t play it and this is going to be at 8:16 15 all over again another just sub par show. At mine not only did they play slave to the traffic light in the middle of a set which is terrible placement but they played one of the best songs ever for like two minutes sneak in Sally through the alley is an amazing funk song but you have to do it justice it’s like a three minute tube what the fuck is the point of a 3 minute tube. A total tease like women
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