Jam Chart for No Men In No Man's Land (18 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
2015-07-21 Bend, OR 10:08 Debut. The song sounds fully formed from the start. Nice > into "Weekapaug Groove."
2015-07-25 Inglewood, CA 12:29 Trey makes a dive into minor-key Fall '97-esque territory, then the jam takes on a menacing vibe not unlike "Psycho Killer" before a > into "Carini."
2015-08-21 Watkins Glen, NY 11:45 Doubles down on the Mann version with two separate rock-oriented jams, occasionally hinting at the climax of "CYHMK." Returns to the "NMINML" ending twice, then dissolves into an ambient fog and -> neatly into "Slave."
2015-12-31 New York, NY 21:02 Awesome NYE prank version. The jam begins in a mellow zone with sprinkles of bliss. After a sparse, ambient section, Fish kicks things back into a solid groove, before "Drive-In Jam"-like effects and sounds overtake. Must-hear Phish. Note: a few minutes were probably pre-recorded as part of the NYE "gag".
2016-09-02 Commerce City, CO 15:32 Fiery pre-choral jamming oozes into a prolonged and focused jam zone throbbing with psychedelic intensity (an approach not yet taken through this point in the song's history). Trey in particular is exuding a verve and tenacity wholly controlled, yet chaotic sonically.
2017-07-14 Chicago, IL 15:03 Super version, which opens noticeably slower than 2016's fiery renditions. Trey augments his tone and solos with spirit, but the soul of this version arrives near the 8:00 mark, when Page moves to his synthesizer and leads the band through a spectral passage of "postmodern," improvisational sound. Liquid bass and stylized Trey work atop Fish's minimalist beat, with Page working different sonic shifts that would sound at home in a mature "IAWITW" jam. Chanting and more focused guitar return this reading to the song's coda before a bit of space informs a > into "Fuego."
2017-09-01 Commerce City, CO 23:46 Awash in 2017's signature synth and Trey's latest effects, an example, here, of space down to a science. As Page explores his keyboards, Trey sheds the guitar and uses a new device to create a hushed, astral plane. Back on guitar, Trey guides the musicians, who together shape a celebratory peak.
2017-12-28 New York, NY 24:10 Quality NYE version. Drops down to minor key out of the verses as Trey switches on a gloopy effect and Page matches him on the synths, with Fish keeping the snappy "NMINML" beat. The jam grows more warm and upbeat, thanks to some really nifty electric piano work from Page and Mike stoking the mood, then melts away into gossamer-thin ambiance, albeit still pushed forward by Fish's insistent drumming. The tempo picks back up as Trey fires away with squealing notes and Page hammers the ivories, and they triumphantly return to the "NMINML" theme before the jam dies away and they make a neat effects-laden > into "Twist".
2018-08-12 Columbia, MD 13:27 Propulsive, "percussive" play propels the jam early, before Trey shapes his tone to solo more directly. Trey then lays back and Page controls the narrative, with super Mike and Fish coloring a groove which lets the children boogie. Trey takes a second solo, his feel-good play dissolving into some of Page's synthetic "space". > "Twist".
2018-08-31 Commerce City, CO 12:26 Tight, structured play breaks to, in a way, display 2018's sound in a nifty ten- (or something) minute package. Effects-driven Trey; swirling Page; utterly tripped-out Mike; and fun Fish swap sounds before Trey steers the jam through a passage of "noise rock" into the now customary "fresh" take on the closing vocal refrain.
2018-10-27 Rosemont, IL 25:22 A brief but captivating groove takes hold from 9-11 minutes and another section of soothing, delicate play follows shortly after. The jam gradually gains energy and peaks with sustained blasts of guitar around 18:00 and then makes a left turn into a twisted, synth-aided march, ending -> "Steam".
2019-06-22 Columbia, MD 10:12 Playful and plucky first-set play hearkens back to the "day," with Trey seamlessly blending "Blister In The Sun" into a fiery version which probably doesn't, but may, hint at "China Cat Sunflower" before the song's closing vocal refrain. > "The Horse."
2019-06-28 Camden, NJ 11:09 Relatively short but very sweet. Around 4:30 in, the jam takes a turn to a driving groove in A, which the band weaves into darker territory. Dominated by swirls in the key of Mike and thick Clavinet work, the jam weaves back to a happier bliss key around 6 minutes in. Trey goes for swirly Leslie tone before a soaring bliss lead propels to the heavens on the back of Page's piano. Finally paying off with a big sustained note around 7 minutes in, celebratory and continued peaking winds back into the verse at 9:30.
2021-10-23 Chula Vista, CA 16:12 As was his wont in 2021, Jon Fishman takes this jam over. He puts on yet another master class in drumming. Trey's soloing over Page's synth gives the jam an ethereal feel. Fish faithfully follows Trey wherever he leads during this one, and stands out the entire time. > into "Free".
2022-04-23 New York, NY 26:40 Arguably "the" jam of this fun and quirky run, the version's quick, plucky tempo features, like an old-school "DWD," fire Trey and a lot of notes - a wonderfully wild array of ideas offset by melodic variation and extended trilling. Straightforward jamming breaks for perhaps the run's most interesting passage, with Trey expertly moving through myriad sounds while swapping deeply textured and patterned play with Mike. The finest in the nation sort of Phish you could listen to all day, improv wherein you can hear the -> into "Caspian" coming from leagues away.
2022-08-06 Atlantic City, NJ 14:48 After a delightfully melodic first jam, the band turns to explore the darker realms of "No Man's Land" in a jam awash in loops and echoes that taps into a swirling and growling sonic space until finally resolving in a momentary bliss that decays only to give way to the opening notes of "Tweezer".
2022-12-30 New York, NY 20:43 Big set 2 opener that retains a steady, unhurried pace throughout. The band patiently books along, executing several modulations and subtle changes to the groove with Page and Trey's locked-in textural interplay standing out. The jam gradually builds in intensity, eventually arriving at an emphatic closing section full of energetic and dexterous Trey peaks.
2023-07-30 New York, NY 18:15 A fully realized version that feeds on the preceding improvisation, launching itself off ferocious peaks to unfold into a layered and looped blossom of effects that provides a space where melodic lines and muscular leads can weave into a taut and textured fabric. Trey is fluid and confidently in charge throughout, guiding the improvisation over multiple peaks to a smooth decrescendo.
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