During Antelope, Trey changed the lyrics to “Been you to have any Hibachi?” The lyrics to Makisupa were changed to “Woke up this morning, pissing in jah cup / Woke up this afternoon, called my probation officer.” YEM contained a Gumsuckers March (Percy Grainger) tease from Page, was unfinished, and did not contain a bass and drums segment or a vocal jam.
The Gumsuckers March tease in You Enjoy Myself
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "2009 Early Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2009-06-20

Review by MiguelSanchez

MiguelSanchez after hauling ass from burgettestown to deer creek, it as time to do it again. unlike 2004, i made sure to leave at nice and early so we could get situated and make it in before show time. after 8 hours in chicago traffic, we barely got there on time. we had lawn seats for both nights, but after this show, i was convinced i need to upgrade to pavillion. if you are going to a show at alpine valley to listen to the music, you better get some pavillion seats! the sound in the lawn is god awful, and sometimes your company might be god awful, see the wasted frat boys i was sitting next to up to bt gin....

punch you in the eye: anyone that was feeling a little weary after two days in a row of driving got a little boogie woogie back in their step on this one.

run away jim: nice early set treat. i was rooting for a big 2nd set jim or gin, but they both found their way into this first set. anyway, this one seemed to be appropriately jammed before petering out. it didn't go too far, but it was well-received two songs into the show.

stash: the band's energy level seemed to jump up a notch on this one. not the craziest stash i've seen, but a good solid version none the less.

yamar: good mid set cool down song. gordon and page sounded good on this one.

bt gin: here we go! this one had a lot of energy and some nimble playing by trey. they did not take this one out too far, but like jim, it was a welcome addition to the set.

kill devil falls: this song just reminds me of a watered down chalk dust torture.... not my favorite

train song: nice little slow number... didn't see this one coming

farmhouse: blah

sparkle: at least it's quick

antelope: back on track. after doing their first year at deer creek without playing antelope, i figured they's bring a good one to alpine, and i was right. trey and gordon were lighting this one up. this set was starting to peter out a bit, but this one brought it right back up. very good lope

set 2:

waves: not my favorite song, but there was some nice exploration in this one before it jumped into...

sample: once again, not my favorite song, but trey and the boys seemed to be a little extra firey on this take. if you are a sample fan, this one has a much more rocking edge than most.

maze: now we are entering flavor country. this might be the best maze of the year. shoreline had a good one too, but i think this one takes the cake. page's solo rocked all 40,000 people to the bone. trey bounced off page nicely, but page is the star on this tune.

makisupa: very good makisupa. it's good to hear trey has a sense of humor pertaining to his legal woes. also, i think if you've ever been on probation, this one was particularly funny.

ghost: very nice but short ghost. this had a nice layered/textured jam. fishman and gordon layed a really nice foundation and page and trey worked all over it before dropping down into...

the lizards: this was a nice straight forward lizards. well played.

yem: i love a "vocal jam'less" yem. they tore through the composed part, and they started to play a funky little jam in the post-tramps slot that worked seamlessly into...

nicu: ah, another song where leo get's to "play it!" this nicu was strong, but unfortunately, this was the last really good song of the set.

caspian: boo... i really don't like this one, but after a hot maze, ghost, and yem>nicu combo, i needed to catch a sit down and bowl. i'm sure they'll be rocking after this...

waste: hmmmmm...back to back with caspian to end the set.

fire: here we go. a little hendrix to get us going again. nothing out of this world, but hell, i'll take hendrix where ever i can get it.


character zero: i find this song to be a little cheesey, but hey, people seem to like.... whatcha gonna do.


the first set was evenly played. everything was above average, but nothing really took off to that next level, except for possibly antelope. the second set started and ended slow, but everything from maze to nicu was gravy. this was a good first night, leaving room to step it up the 2nd night.


1st set:
gin, antelope

2nd set
maze, makisupa>ghost, yem>nicu
, attached to 2009-06-20

Review by Lee_Van_Cleeph

Lee_Van_Cleeph First Show!
Met up with an old friend and her husband who flew in from So Cal to see Phish.

Not much I can say here since it was my first other than I was blown away and it made me a Phan for life!

We placed a small wager on calling the opener, and with my neophyte knowledge of Phish at the time I called PYITE! Free beer for me!

That Maze was my first glow stick experience that probably put me over the edge that I need to see as many live shows as I can before I die.

Was a bit bummed that we didn't get a YEM vocal jam, but hey NICU was excellent as well.

Other highlights were Jim, Makisupa, and The Lizards
, attached to 2009-06-20

Review by IfICould

IfICould First show I ever saw. Being a Wisconsin native alpine is not only a music venue but a legend. At the point when I got into phish I didn't have the wildest dream of ever seeing them as it was right around 2006. I always loved their music but didn't really listen to any live stuff until being there in person! Totally the best way for me I was 15 years old right in my backyard watching some of the best live entertainment known to man. This was only the spark of t he obsession, next show was Bridgeview Illinois thay same year at toyota park. No matter how many shows I go to or discover I always will go back to this one and revisited the wonderful memories.
, attached to 2009-06-20

Review by mafujon

mafujon First show what else can I say. I do think this show is better then night two IMO but I know I'm in the minority.
, attached to 2009-06-20

Review by thedukeabides

thedukeabides Waves is definitely an underrated second set opener. Selectively played, chill vibe and an elastic jumping off point from which each member of band plays comfortably. Perfect placement for the first night of two night stand that injected a bit of intimacy into the caverns of Alpine.
, attached to 2009-06-20

Review by makisupaman

makisupaman Anytime Punch starts a show it's going to be on. Jim is good, Ya Mar was funny and tight, "Mike's grandpa". Antelope was really good, the best of the early summer no doubt. Maze was a highlight, with a nice glowstick party on the ski-hill lawn. Lizards was a treat as was Fire. YEM > NICU was another highlight. Good opener to a two-night stand.
, attached to 2009-06-20

Review by NICU4LIFE

NICU4LIFE I would like to tell a brief story of why this show is my favorite Phish show of all time. I first got into Phish in the summer 2004, right after Coventry. I was in High School so I was too young to even know about the band before I heard them. I immediately fell in love. As soon as my love affair began, I realized the grim reality that I would probably never see the band live. Years went by and I regulated myself to acceptance of no Phish until the fall of 2008 when it was announced that the boys would reunite at Hampton. My jubilation grew even more when the 2009 Summer Tour was announced and I was able to attend the first night at Alpine. I will confess, I don’t think that most of the shows in 2009 were that good. Not to say they were not memorable, but when I listen again to this show, Phish just does not sound super tight. And I do not blame them since they were coming back from 5-year hiatus. Still I listen to the jams in this show, I hear a bit of tepidness and awkwardness in the delivery. However, as a young Phish Phan going my first show, didn’t know better or care. Plus, this setlist for a first-time show is like Christmas and your Birthday combined. PYINTE, Stash, Antelope, Maksisupa, Lizards and YEM! I mean that’s a treat! But the song that made this first show super special for me was NICU. NICU is my favorite song as you can see from my Username. When YEM moved into NICU, I was frozen in time. In that movement, all I could think about was how lucky I was to see my favorite band in the world playing my favorite song by them. It’s hard to believe now the power of that moment. But that’s the magic of Phish and that is why this show is my favorite show of all time.
, attached to 2009-06-20

Review by The_Steiner

The_Steiner first show. i think back to this weekend a lot, and most of my memories come from N2. HOWEVER - i remember very clearly that Stash, and how it made me feel that, yes, i was ready for IT.. a few years passed til i really got IT, but this was my initiation, and for that i'm forever grateful.
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