The Theme from Rocky was teased before Rocky Top and Trey teased Pop Goes the Weasel before Down With Disease. Disease was unfinished.
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This show was part of the "2011 Early Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by nassauroses

nassauroses Three words:



, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by theothr1

theothr1 just wanted to say that, aside from 'joy', that setlist looks like it popped outa fall '96
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by IEnjoyYourself

IEnjoyYourself For anyone whose downloaded the recording of the show who's listened to it almost all the way through....

Am I not the only one who wanted to desperately to strangle to death the guy who kept yelling out ''PSYCHO KILLER'' every 2 fucking minutes?

Did it take away from anyone else's enjoyment, cause at least for me during their pauses between verses in Furry Creature... , it really hurt my enjoyment of the song, which, for the first time ever hearing it (not including hearing it at the actual show), I was both blown away and stunned at how awesome a song that was.

Either way, I sincerely hope that asshole was dealt with like Mike was by the Hells' Angels backstage years back (too soon?).
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by theothr1

theothr1 correction II***upon further inspection, save for the WITH of 'curtain' and the aforementioned 'joy', that ENTIRE setlist DOES look like it popped out of the fall of '96
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by nichobert

nichobert Some awesome stuff in this show, Mikes is about as atypical as it has gotten in the last 4 years. Not very. but a teensy bit. Paug climbs and climbs and peaks nicely. The Stash is my favorite from 2011 with a lot of excellent tribal drumming and a jam that moves up and down the scale really well. Trey isn't flashy in this Stash. Just interesting as hell.

First set highlight had to be The Curtain With. Which is almost certainly the best version of this song ever played. Absolutely soars through the summer skies. Hearing this song in 3.0 makes me realize how sloppy it was in 2000.

The DWD lifts off early in the type I section with Fishman playing a cadence that I associate with dancehall. It works into a knotty groove with some Jumping Jack Flash teases (maybe?) before a decent segue into Taste..oh wait never mind, they decide to go with Free instead.
(p)reminds me of the Crosseyed-> Roggae...errr...Twist from 2013. Both cases work pretty well.

Free is Free. The song you most want to hear on the first set so you aren't hearing it in set 2 song 2. It's a pretty damn tight Freenin the beginning though, there's no question why they love playing it in this slot. If you weren't a nerd, you'd think it was the most inspired placement ever. And maybe it is, and we are just jaded and cynical.
It's sing pretty terribly from Treys perspective though. I'm still surprised they never did any "plinko" in Free. Seems like it would fit it perfectly.

This is the second extremely inspired Possum of summer 2011 after the Blossom Possum. This one isnt anywhere near as weird as that one, but it might be better. This Possum comes in fits and starts and crests instead of peaking. The early jamlet is some of the coolest shit ever. Too bad it's buried in Possum and nobody will hear it!

BBFCFM is kind of a weird choice here. This is a strange set as far as overall cohesion goes. But the Individual performances are all wonderful so it's working better now than it did then.

Coming next. The most improbable second set highlight of all time.
Swept>Steep. Steep shows off its new mini-jam, this one going on for an impressive 4 minutes of unbelievable bliss before melting into Bowie.

This Bowie jam is basically Possum for a minute or two right? I like it. The trills come in a weird spot.. But maybe just because it sounds like the Possum Shred is about to come instead? Maybe not. There's a great tease on Bowie that I can't place right now.

I like this show a lot. An underrated summer 2011 gem with two legit Best Evers in the Curtain With and Steep. Along with best of 2011 contenders in Stash, Mikes and Possum.
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by ajcmixer

ajcmixer Groundbreaking show for me, seven songs heard live for the 1st time (Rocky Top, I Am Hydrogen, The Sloth, The Curtain With, Swept Away, Steep and Bold As Love, all excellent in one form or another) and some of the more common songs (Mike's Song, Weekapaug Groove, DWD, Free, POSSUM, Big Black..., Bowie, Julius to name a few...:wink/smile) were absolutely slayed, this was a total band effort thru and thru and the best played from start to finish of the four shows attended so far (2 PNC's, Great Woods and Camden).

This show was not 'bout the funk, nope, this was closer to Led Zeppelin, Phish-style. Nothing wrong with that.

The venue was kind enough, it sounded GREAT, the band raged, me and my peeps raged, the lawn raged, it was ALL good.

, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by QuinnTheEskimo

QuinnTheEskimo Very fun show! I was at the front of the lawn, near the back of the seats. People were friendly. Definitely a lot of running into old friends, which was a nice atmosphere for Camden, which isn't America's friendliest city.

Set 1: Teasing Rocky theme right off the bat will get a Philly crowd pretty excited. Rocky Top is then a great way to start a very classic feeling show. The Mike's Song that follows is powerful and gets everyone on their feet. The Hydrogen is definitely the low point of the show. I'm usually pretty forgiving, but this was badly butchered. Weekapaug picks things right up – Mike carries it beautifully. Stash is always impressive to me; you always feel it's going to fall off the edge, but they manage to pull it together in time. This is no exception. Tube, as a short fast song, brings everyone's vibes up a bit after the Stash. Leads nicely into a clean sounding Guyute. Guelah Papyrus isn't a song I particularly care for, but it works as a breather before the final four songs of the set. SOAMule is quite fun, you can tell Page is enjoying himself. Cavern and Sloth are a little messy, but forgivable. The Curtain With on the other hand is simply unforgettable – demonstrates the simultaneous finesse and creativity of 3.0. Check out the video – the guys look confident, but not at all bored. It is easily the most mature version of the song ever played.

Set 2: The DWD that starts the set is not the most interesting, besides for some very crisp playing by Page, but it works. The Free that then emerges is what really gets this set rolling. Both Free and Possum are not songs that I typically care about listening to on recording, but when you're in the audience and it's hot out and everyone's dancing, and everyone's smiling, and you've just made friends with the people standing next to you, that's what Phish is all about. Both are played well, and then we hit BBFCFM. People can say whatever they want about this song, and I agree that musically it feels out of place. But to see how fond Mike is of it makes it all worth it. Seeing him reposition his mic and sit on the stage to belt this out was a testament to his quirkiness, which fuels the entire band in many ways. Swept Away > Steep are pleasant enough as a relaxer before an intense finish. As has been noted, we got a bunch of "this is the final song of the set" teasers, and who could complain about that. Bowie is strong, if not terribly inventive. Julius is raucous and noticeably vibrant in comparison to other recent renditions. Golgi may be one of the oldest songs in the repertoire, but it really pleases as well as ever here. My buddy couldn't get into the show, and the first thing he asked me when he saw me after was "did they play Golgi??" It broke my heart telling him they had. The Fluffhead is then an unexpected treat. It is played well. Throughout the entire show Fishman was noticeably good, but he is really at the top of his game in these last few songs. It's amazing after so many years of playing the same tunes how fresh his drums sound. Some people may have been disappointed with the Joy closer. I think the disappointed people viewed it as a spoiler after a really old school sounding show. For me though it didn't negate anything that had preceded it, it just showed how multifaceted the band has become. Moreover, it happens to be a really nice sounding version. I actually thought it was some of Trey's best guitar work of the night.

Encore: Phish covering my favorite Jimi song – yes please! Kuroda had done spectacular work all night, but you can't beat lighting up the stage with these brilliant lyrics. Page sings it with enthusiasm, and Trey plays a faithful, yet distinctive guitar part. Fishman is again on fire, for a song that requires some ferocious drum playing.

On the whole, really fun night. I will note that relistening to this show has been severely hampered by the asshole who shouted "Psycho Killer" throughout the entire show. All I can say is – you should be ashamed of yourself. Phish plays for us because they enjoy it, but I can't imagine they were at all amused by your shouts, nor were the people around you and those trying to listen to the recording of the show. Let's all be respectful and enjoy the outstanding music Phish produces absolutely every single time I see them.
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by Esquandolas76

Esquandolas76 Came from the baby's mouth!
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by poster_is_SOOO_dead

poster_is_SOOO_dead I was in the LAST row before the lawn, my first phish show, and it was amazing. It would merit a 5/5 if they closed it with something like Y.E.M or Antelope... The show was very energetic, and the Weekapauge Groove just blew my mind.
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by pelswick

pelswick I dont know why people were hating at this show? I was there and it reminded me alot of the second night in camden last year. It is an odd set but it was still a great time with some really good jams. Mikes Groove in the first set was really sick and ending the second set with joy was a nice change as well.
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by catfishnbathtub

catfishnbathtub tight show. lot of old numbers which was awesome. i was shocked to hear that 10 outta the 21 songs they played were played in the PA run last year, especially the dwd 2nd set opener (2nd set opener for 2nd night of camden in '10). otherwise it was an awesome show. Swept away was a pleasant surprise.

anyone know the jewish song they played in the middle of scent of a mule?
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by Worcester_Caspian

Worcester_Caspian Great show.

Lots of jams.

Old School.
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by outphishing

outphishing First, I wanna give a kudos to ck5, tonights lights were amazing, best I've seen in a long while.
Overall I feel this show was a tail of two sets. The first set was amazing, the only thing I can say was suspect was a not so impressive stash. I did not expect rocky top, or mikes, they were awsome, especially the jammed out weekapaug. Tube was on fire, shy did they end it so fast? A mother and daughter I chatted with before the show had a sign for mule and was really happy they got it. Last, I really liked the curtain, nice smooth, concise.

Set two had some ups but not like,set one. Disease>fire was excelent. Possum was good for the 6th time in last 7 shows I've seen... my highlight was swept away/steep... WHAT a jammed out steep, amazing.

I give it 3.5 great first set, pretty good seccond
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by thathiddendoor

thathiddendoor GOOD LORD the guy yelling PSYCHO KILLER the entire show. Did he enjoy the show? No. How did nobody shut him up. That is amazing. Maybe he was bigger than the big dude in the doorway.

Otherwise this show is solid. It follows along with the other shows from the early part of this tour which are packed with energy and variety. On the note of variety, it is extremely interesting that Weekapaug Groove was played at the previous show on June 8.
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by Campster

Campster They took a swing out midwest and back to MA and upstate, which allowed me a chance to kick back after catching the opening 5 shows. I was planning to hit the next batch from Camden and head south.

My first show at Camden in '09 was special - so I had high hopes heading back to the waterfront venue.

Lot was rowdy and darker than '09 from my recollection. Lots of balloons and hissing. Kind of a generally dark vibe. I was also feeling pretty ill, and tried to power through.

Set I opened with Rocky Top after Trey teased something or other. Fun little diddy to open up. Mike's Groove was awesome in the two hole and it was great to get hydrogen in the middle, even if it wasn't that well played.

'Paug on the other hand was awesome and was the best version I'd heard thus far. Trey was on fire in a sort of sloppy fun way.

Stash after a Mike's Groove? Yea you can throw me that anytime. This was a decent version, but I didn't think it was the best.

Tube was short and sweet (and funky!) >

Guyute was nice and I caught it same spot back in '09. Fun old school feel to this set.

Guelah! sweet! Keep it old school. Great song, good version. this is old school for real! This was fun to catch live for the first time. It popped up in a good spot.

Cavern rocked per usual.

The Sloth! Awesome, despite botched intro. Italian spaghetti!

The Curtain With was the absolute show highlight. This one is up there with the best versions ever played for my money. The actual song was not 100% tight, but the With jam was sublime. When they play it like this it certainly rivals the Rebas of the world. Seek it out. This is a canonical version.

Overall Set I: This was a great set I. Great songs. Old school (mike's, hydro, scent, guyute, curtain) rare oldies (sloth, guelah) and a canonical jam in the With.

I had high hopes for set II (although I was still under the weather). My crew wanted to get into the pav, so feverishly I agreed to go down and just hop the back row of seats and make a run for it. It worked for me, and a few of the others. I don't get doing that when you end up being stuck at different areas of the venue etc. but whatever.

Set II opened fittingly for me with DWD - as I was dying at this point. This was a good version and pretty strong jam. Not super long as they dropped into Free (again paired together, saw the same thing at Bethel).

Free was typical.

Possum was actually atypical and contained some good slightly off bends from Trey that added some tension.

BBFCFM was fun. They were all switching places and sitting down in between the big noisy segments, which was neat to see (ok I was happy to be in pav for that!)

Swept Away -> Steep was a jam highlight!? as Steep contained a churning dark outro jam, super cool and not sure why this isn't annotated above.

David Bowie was nice, but nondescript and sort of formulaic. It contained the typical cool jam, but wasn't really mind blowing.

Julius was ok. I wasn't really feeling it.

Golgi was similarly ok, but not what I wanted.

Fluffhead capped off a sort of uneventful set and they tacked on Joy for good measure.

Overall Set II: Uneven and not a ton of jamming.I'd check out the jam out of Steep for a cool minute or two, otherwise, pretty forgettable.

Overall: Good first set, one great jam in Curtain With, and not much else in terms of take home value. Oh yea, and my buddy killed his car battery on the lot playing music so we were stuck there for like at least 2 hours post show before our neighbor kindly jumped us. So personal illness + that definitely puts a damper on my show experience. Objectively, the music was still mediocre.
2.25/5 I've seen/heard better, but snag that Curtain With.
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by forbin1

forbin1 this was my last show of the summer and I felt it had that good old school style feel...Also, this was the show that didn't seem to end...I mean that in a good way of course...I've been fortunate to see them in Camden a few times and everytime they never dissapoint...this show would be no different..

First set was really solid I thought..Once Mike's was played I said to my brother in law @whatsupguyute "It's gonna be a good show"...Mikes's Groove was nothing out of the ordinary...but always a pleasure to hear at a show...Stash got a little dark at times..but a good version none the less...SOAM was a real treat...Curtain with was the highlight of the first set, if not the whole show...played tightly and first curtain...couldn't have been happier..especially when Trey started playing the notes to the "With" part...great set closer...

Set mentioned above was the set that just didn't seem to end...everytime a song was played that you thought was going to end the set..another song would come along...DWD..standard opener and worked nicely into Free..Possum...pretty standard for this tour..but I'll never hate on a possum...BBFCFM was played with Gordo sitting down and Trey reaching up for his mic...Swept Away>Steep was a surprising selection...David Bowie we thought was going to close..then came Julius...which we really thought was going to close..Then Fluffhead...ok this has to be the last song...nope...Joy...overall second set was very enjoyable and I thought worked really well with the first set...old school style...Bold as Love...thank you Page...
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by SpreadheadJON

SpreadheadJON OK, I dont mean to be too critical but, The last 2 shows I saw were Dec 30th 2010, then NYE, 12-31-10 at MSG so the BAR has been set extremely HIGH.
It'd take a whole lot to compare to either of those shows...

First of all, I'm all bout the oldskool setlist. Great opener (RockyTop) which I'm pretty sure was
off the cuff after the "Rocky" chant.
Totally stoked to see Guyute and the Sloth in the first set and The Curtain W/ was an awesome set closer, yes, my girl leaned over and was like " Is that it?" and I got to say, "Naaaa Babe, That was just the first set honey..."
"Free" was the energy booster of the 2nd set. Always a bonus.
BBFCFM sucks ass. Doesnt sound or feel like phish, I hate it. Belongs at a Pantera show.
Lots of ups and downs, overall a 6/10.
I want more Page. The dude carries shows through funkytown.
Nice changeup closing on Joy. It was the one song my girl was chasing and it made the show for her.
c u at sb9.
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by newbornelph

newbornelph First time i was seeing them in a couple years and it was rad! It took 27 shows but I finally got my "MULE" Work fucked me up so I didn't get in until "STASH" Loved hearing "Guelah Papyrus" and "Curtain With"! tray pretty much butchered "Sloth" but other than that I thought the first set was def nice (at least what I heard) 2nd set was fun as hell. "Free" was outstanding Mike. "Fluffhead" was spot on but not a whole lot improv from what I can recollect. I did think it would be over about 4 times because they played 4 set closers. Great show to see after a couple years of missing them. Got back with my peeps at speaker 2 and danced our asses off! Love you guys!
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by LG221

LG221 All i gotta say is that phish is the best ever they can do whatever they want and im cool with it, other than quitting again for at least 10 more years. Yea this wasnt the stick your hair straight up, like you just had a a-bomb blow up in your face, but still this show was sickie narwhal babies, deal with it!!!!
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by theothr1

theothr1 correction*** above should read: 2nd set setlist
, attached to 2011-06-10

Review by FjStix

FjStix Ur nutz if you say that show was played well start to end. BBFCFM was tight and free was a sweet jam. Besides for that it was mostly butchered. I love phish love trey but that was not a good performance!
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