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, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by fluffhead108

fluffhead108 As I'm sure many reviews will testify in the coming day, this show doesn't exactly jump out as immediate must-hear Phish. If you're like me, and you try to listen to pretty much every show they play these days (and you should -- they'll be gone before you know it) then you'll no doubt find highlights, but all in all this is actually one of the weaker shows I can think of since Summer 2013 upped the proverbial ante.

First Set:
Take the Party Time and the Dirt. If you collect Lawn Boys then this one is worth grabbing, as Mike lays down his usual ditty quite well. But skip the rest, except maybe Bouncing, so that you can hear that ungodly screeeechhhh that Trey throws in before the outro. Not memorable for a good reason, but memorable nonetheless.

Second Set:
Things start well, and the entire 3rd quarter (46 Dogs thru Jibboo) is quite good. But the real highlights here, bizarrely enough, are the slow tunes. That doesn't make for a great concert (especially in 100 degree heat) but for posterity, it gives us lovely versions of Shade, Velvet Sea, and Waiting All Night. For my money, these 3 tunes are arguably the highlight of the show. That says something about the show, of course, but it also says something about those tunes. Give them a spin!
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by Pipertheredworm

Pipertheredworm Loved It.
Texas. Texas was lucky to be there.
They came out of the gates with a porpice.
Party Time thru Loving Cup,
Thank You Phish.
1st set burn, from the start. New favorite Party Time.
Awesome Possum. Lawn Boy, we all get so overwhelmed,
Micheal Gordlion, Page is savoring it.
Bouncing echos round the water in the sky.
Elemental Phish. sky water dirt sun. drums bass guitar keys.
Devotion Sweet Spin Run
Antelope intro as always... Jon, thank you Jon...
These people know how to construct the music.

2nd set hit highs early from
46days->Dogs->46->Piper- :) Ghost
loving shade and blaze new lyrics with soul.
GottaJiboo, Waiting Bowie Suzy
Tweezer Reprise, cause they love you Texas.
Loving Cup

Only problems with this show come from the mouths of the ungrateful.
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by The_Ghost

The_Ghost The energy of the crowd really drove this show. I think some of the things which were overlooked include Page's Lawn Boy, in which he took time to consiliate the Rage side. There was a moment when Trey announced Texas as his birthplace and this show was a homecoming. Page helped to keep it going by first joining then recanting his own homecoming.

The end of set 1 antelope really set the mood for how the second set would open. A strong second set opening. David Bowie and Tweeprise are excellent examples of the peak of the energy. Loving cup was the only way to end as you could really take a drink of that vibe in that moment and fall down... drunk.

I do understand the criticism from some but I think they fail to see the power of the high points in this show. It was a very strong audience participation performance. I think they went off cuff more in this show than in the previous 4. Which may lead to a less clean and crisp, dare I say rehearsed sound, but it's much better for the moment and for the audience that made the journey through the shark infested waters of Texas. This was the start of the improvisation that will get tighter, and hopefully for me, will be seen again tonight.
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by ProfJibboo

ProfJibboo A had a dream - and last night saw a major step towards its realization. The dream started on 10/31/14, after we were introduced to 10 instrumental jams that showed more hose creativity than most of 3.0's new offerings (not knocking 3.0 songs - just offering high praise for the 10/31/14 songs). The dream was to ditch the halloween album voice overs and let the new tunes organically grow out of jamming other songs. 46 Days -> Dogs -> 46 Days was the fulfillment of that dream, and the signal that Phish has the same idea. It started off the second set masterfully ...with its only flaw being that the three segments were criminally short.

Piper and Ghost, while not standouts, were strong. Shade is improving already and its going to continue to grow. Together, the three songs provided a solid 25 minutes or so of solid dance material. Thats when we reached Jibboo - my answer to the haters. How one song could do so much in 8 minutes is beyond me. In fact, Jibboo has been a very solid second set contributor every time its given the chance. I was actually surprised it was only 8 minutes when I saw the time, because it felt like 15 minutes of bliss. It was a song where I literally forgot to think about time because Trey so blissfully gave us chill lick after chill lick.

Blaze On again performed admirably and its growing on me. Unfortunately, placement was hindered by being sandwich'd by ballads. Waiting All Night and Wading are what they are - some love, some utterly despise. Some love them but despise what they symbolize: the fourth quarter. But in this case, rather than follow the now standard formula of 3.0 set II's (40-50 minutes of solid jamming -> ballad -> set closer), we were given a very high energy fourth quarter after the ballads. Bowie and Greenberg were strong - with Suzy producing a ton of energy - before yielding to the long lost Tweezer Reprise. (G_d I love that Reprise).

The first set was what it was...like so many 3.0 first sets, it was a smorgasbord of one-offs with no real flow but still very nice music. Wolfman's never fails to deliver and Possum is Possum - overplayed but so much d*mn fun. But I'd be remiss not to welcome back Dirt. Just a truly beautiful song.

Overall - I recommend this second set. Judging by .net's live reaction, that may put me in the minority, but this second set - particularly the 46 Days/Dogs and Jibboo, have a lot of replay value.
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by Tbone

Tbone It was so nice to see Phish in Austin again. This show might not have been an all time great by any means but the vibe was incredible and still a good show. I thought the highlights were Wolfmans, Antelope and 46 days. They did slow things down a bit in the second set with Shade, Waiting and Wading but this was cool with us as we were in the mood to kick back and enjoy some relaxation. I will say Mike was thumping the heck out of that bass and really led some excellent grooves throughout the night.

The venue is nice in my opinion. Very spacious with lots of food truck options and plenty of places to get ice cold beverages. I sure do hope they come back to Austin soon.

A special thanks to Phish for being the best antidepressant ever. It's been a long year and my wife Jeanie is on the tail end of breast cancer recovery. She has been really down in the dumps. Well we decided about 11:00 pm Monday night to get tickets, I cut out of work early Tuesday and we hauled ass to Austin. Everything worked out perfectly and now she has a big smile on her face again thanks to Phish ;-)
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by Honeywatermelon

Honeywatermelon I was there, I was also at shoreline and forum. I still had the time of my life. Crowd energy in the pit was on fire. The ones that didnt go to the show might not want to download it or whatever, but the band played there hearts out and is keeping me smiling all the way to dallas tonight.
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by KingDisco

KingDisco I hate having to call this show a low point in a tour five shows old but it takes the cake by a wide margin.

That being said there are some cool moments worth a replay. I really like the set one Wolfmans over the past year or two, this version reminds me of 12-28-13 which I think is a tad overrated as well. The rest of the first set is weak even by low 3.0 standards. Five shows in a row- Lawn Boy thru Devotion seemed like set two cool downs. But hey first sets are rarely the barometer so take all that with a grain of salt.

Set two opened with a solid "46 Dogs" jam. Really good to see Trey grin as they danced back and forth in this traditionally smoking slot early 3rd quarter. However, Piper > Ghost seemed aimless if safely played which took some wind of of the sails. The rest of the show wandered along from obvious studio tracks weakly translating live to yet another cool down song in Velvet Sea.

Overall I feel like other reviewers will point to sloppy play, I attest the inevitable low ratings to a lack of focus and a lack of direction. This seems more like a blimp on the radar screen than a sign of things to come.
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by RunLikeACantelope

RunLikeACantelope Great show, hot as a motherf**ker.

Overnight camping in the parking lot for an extra $20, can't beat it.

All the rail rat regulars skipped this show so my friends and I took their spot on Page side and it was such an intimate setting for these awesome tunes. Hearing the Dirt solo thru Trey's amp before it hit the PA system was a lifetime moment. Watching Page sing Lawn Boy five feet away from us was a star-striking moment. If you complain about a show that contains Party Time and Gotta Jibboo, please go see a doctor! This Suzy Greenberg deserves a gold star just for its pure energy and swing!

Thanks to the rail security guards for giving everyone free water bottles to avoid heatstroke!
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by thegripp

thegripp This was a "had to be there show." For starters, this show had many obstacles it had to overcome coming in:

1. This show followed two strong performances in CA, and carrying that momentum can sometimes wane on the band.

2. The show was at a new venue, so traditionally Phish can sometimes come off uncomfortable with the balance of sound.

3. It was a single day show, and yes, this is inexcusable, but the previous two obstacles bleed into this one.

4. It was hot as balls.

Right off the bat, Party Time welcomed the vibe of the show - dance, dance dance. Wolfman's, Possum great dance energy, and sticking to the script, nothing off-kilter. The remainder of the show up until Antelope was questionable from a listener's perspective. The joy of hearing Dirt (last played in 2013) live was amazing, but who wants to hear Dirt if you're not there? A first set with Lawn Boy, Bouncing, and a haggard Sugar Shack? I was dancing my ass off to Sugar Shack, not paying attention to the traditional inconsistency from Trey. On a side note the band looked unsubtly uncomfortable in the first set. Trey was not his typically bouncy self, and Mike asked for assistance with his monitor multiple times. Someone said that the band needed an Antelope to save the first set, which was true.

The second set provided the intense improvisation we were looking for - if you do visit this show, 46 Days>Dogs>46 Days is a must. Transitions were seamless, better than any other transitional exchanges of the summer up until that point. The vibe of this second set was more old-school jamming: not trying to explore, yet trying to stay within parameters, extending on structural jamming. I can say that, out of the summer tour song selection before Austin, this show had the least carry. Looking back at stats, any show that has Wading in the second set gets docked. The show closed out with the congenital meat and potatoes rock to accent the brilliant structural musicianship. A Loving Cup closer finished a lovely evening in the Live Music Capital - a definite chill show with no expectations.

If you were to put Phish Summer 2015 into a baseball lineup, this show would bat 8th - yes, your weakest batter, but nonetheless still an amazing contribution to the lineup for their set skills - consistency, energy, and variegation. Don't let the butthurt naysayers chastise this show - true, not as brilliant as the others, but special in its own way. I would rate it higher, but I'm a realist.
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by raidcehlalred

raidcehlalred Back when Page was head down, reticent, a soft-spoken brother who (allegedly) would reject costume suggestions because of lyrical content, Lawn Boy was amusing....

Presently, with Page - er, Iron Man - hamming it up regularly, Lawn Boy is a redundancy. Whatever charm is once possessed has gone the way of Fish's Elivs 'cape.' It's the equivalent of Henrietta back in the day; which the band deliberately moved away from, in an attempt to focus more on form than fun - without, of course, eliminating the fun.

The time may have come to close the lounge and put a bit more shine into the Sugar Shack - just a tremendous tune, always welcome (no matter the flubs) as it sets the right mental tone.

Aside from that, the first set 'was.' The catalog is so vast now, that clunkers are going to emerge, based upon song selection alone. Halley's in this era is simply as it used to be, before it became something different. Toss in a newish ballad, an older ballad, an ancient Bouncing, and there you have it.

Set Two suffers from more of the same. Some of the old simply doesn't mesh well with the new. 46 Dogs is cool, but Piper, like Halley's, is back to what it was before it became what it was; this can sound disappointing - especially as it still holds the same post 97 set placement. (On the other hand, Twist, which has also reverted to form, can really be pretty and interesting, especially early in the first). Velvet will always polarize; I like it - and I like where they play it - but it certainly loses some resonance when placed near a promising Shade and a misplaced Waiting.

Still fun to see, and I love the tone and the energy.
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by Phrederick

Phrederick Watched on webcast. First set was definitely weak, very disjointed. I thought, however, that 46 Days thru Piper was the best jam segment of the tour so far, had it all plus 46 Dogs. Ghost was OK, then the rest of the show felt like the first set: rote performance of odd song choices with little to no flow from one to the next.
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by tennesseejac

tennesseejac A very syrupy sentimental show with both sets starting off with a bang and then fizzling down, but the boys definitely know how to end a set. I could happily hear Possum at every show and I thought tonight’s version capped off a very nice 1st quarter of this show.

I love the new songs and it seems that Trey does too because he couldn’t stop smiling. And, with the unbelievable light action you can certainly tell that CK loves David Bowie. The first half of Bowie shows some of the best lights ever.

Did anyone notice that they played Waiting All Night 2 shows in a row? When is the last time that happened? I thought Page really shined during this show.

Overall, I thought it was a solid show and I’m sure everyone going to tonight’s show in Grand Prairie is stoked because there is really nowhere to go but UP from this show.
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by DevotiontoaSTEAM

DevotiontoaSTEAM Attended the show and have to say the crowd was energetic, not sure where some of the anger comes from - agree with a lot of what's been written tho - some of the negativity probably comes from lack of BIG jams, fair enough...I would say the 2nd set plays back better than some might think. Really decent construction of mood and pacing. Cheers to summer tour!
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by ttombobadly

ttombobadly Was at the show ... had GA Pit ticket and loved seeing them up close again. One thing I haven't seen in other posts .. Trey was using his 3 pickup guitar (he used it for Fare The Well) rather than his usual guitar. Was at Dallas the next night and it was back to his normal axe..Not sure how this fit into the scheme of song choice, vibe, etc, probably nothing but there were a lot "slow" songs at this show.

First Set: I really enjoyed the first set, especially opener through Dirt. Devotion / Sugar shack found myself a little disinterested, and the Antelope was good, not amazing. Will I come back to this set and listen to over and over? Probably not, but overall very fun.

Second Set
Piper jam is always welcome and this was very fun, was really psyched to hear it go into Ghost. Very interesting Ghost ... while it misses some of the high points you get with some, there is a nice build and interesting play by Trey ... quickly faded to Shade. Jibboo was good fun, then slowed down again... ultimately rounding out with an OK Bowie, Greenberg, and rowdy TweRe.

Loving Cup: love this song, love it as set closers or encore, seen it abunch, never gets old.

4 stars - unique show, agree that its overall lower energy but they actually played a lot of songs ... especially second set (about 15 compared to 7 or 8 in other shows this tour).
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by phrench

phrench Set 1 is an odd collection of radio-friendly tunes, except the final Antelope, where Trey moves nicely from subdued phrases to a screaming frenzy.

Set 2 starts rather well thanks to an energetic mix ending with a free drift propelled by Mike's elastic bass. Piper feels slightly botched, but Fish goes hectic during the jam and that really saves it. Nothing much happens in Ghost, except in the last two minutes when it gathers some steam. Shade is a nice breather (although we don't really need to breathe, perhaps), and Gotta Jibboo seems like it could launch a powerful fourth quarter (nice interplay between Trey and Fish), but Waiting, while cute, slows down the pace again (I have the impression that the crowd lets out a disappointed 'oooh' when the song starts, but perhaps it's just me). The same thing happens with Blaze On and Wading, although the former doesn't bring much energy anyway. Bowie starts briskly and goes on strongly -- and finally we get a cool fifth, er, fifth... Suzy is wild, Tweezer is punchy, and Loving Cup sums it all up with the same raw energy.

Nothing terrible in this show, but nothing memorable either. Good energy, but on tape it only translates to good music, and you always expect a little bit more from Phish.
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by paulq

paulq This show was basically two sets of awesomeness sandwiched between mediocre jams. I'll explain.

Set one started out really well (from "Party Time" through to "Lawn Boy"). High energy from the crowd and very good performances. It also ended very well with "Run Like an Antelope." Although I was very pleased to hear "Dirt" (one of my favorite tunes), everything kind of fizzled in the middle. The ending of "Bouncing Around the Room" was hard to take. Very messy. "Devotion to a Dream" and "Sugar Shack" were not loved by the crowd. Some bopping heads but not much.

Set two was a step up for sure. Again, sandwiched with killer jams ("46 Days" through to "Ghost" and then "David Bowie" to "Loving Cup"). "Shade" and "Gotta Jibboo" were the weakest section of the set. "Waiting All Night" got a great applause! That ending! In all seriousness... THE BEST "SUZY GREENBERG" EVER! Page was on FIRE! "Tweezer Reprise" and "Loving Cup" blew peoples' heads off!
, attached to 2015-07-28

Review by SpinningPiper

SpinningPiper Having been there and Dallas, the only thing wrong with this show was indeed the flow. It didn't really have any. The Dallas show the next night really showed the contrast of a show with very good flow, to one that doesn't have much at all. I loved hearing/seeing songs I'd never seen/heard before. I also loved getting a favorite or two. But, it was indeed a little awkward for whatever reason... especially after Dallas showed what could have been. It was hard to surrender when there wasn't much flow... Still had a blast though.
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