Phish broke out two long-shelved tunes: the first Destiny Unbound since November 15, 1991 (796 shows) and the first Soul Shakedown Party since February 20, 1997 (270 shows). Trey teased Mr. Completely in Bathtub Gin. Back on the Train and Tweezer contained San-Ho-Zay teases from Trey. Tweezer also included a Cars Trucks Buses tease from Page and a Do You Feel Like We Do tease. Trey teased The Horse prior to Round Room. This show was officially released on CD as Live Phish 02.28.03.

Do You Feel Like We Do, San-Ho-Zay, and Cars Trucks Buses teases in Tweezer, The Horse tease, San-Ho-Zay tease in Back on the Train, Mr. Completely tease in Bathtub Gin
Debut Years (Average: 1993)

This show was part of the "2003 Winter Tour"

Show Reviews

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Review by waxbanks

waxbanks Fan-favourite for winter '03, and not just for the ballyhooed Destiny return: Gin and Walls rock, the Hood is a joy, you've got a high level Bowie, and the multipart Tweezer is probably the best post-hiatus version even without the cooldown Shakedown. Deeper than 2/26, less escapist(?!), and probably Greater on balance.

Oh, and:

Destiny. Unbound.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

There has been lots of discussion about this show, but anyone who was there knows that they witnessed something very special, both for the fans and the band. Exceptional jams in “Bathtub Gin” and “Back on the Train” rounded out a flawless first set, which concluded with a powerful “Walls of the Cave”, a song that really started to take shape around this time.
Then...the “Tweezer”. Twenty seven minutes of near-ecstasy climaxes around the fifteen minute mark, when Fishman locks into a deliberately slow glide of a beat, Mike begins to walk on a low end cannon, and Page colors existence. Trey hits the ultra-note, using a pitch shifter to raise the peak higher and higher, again and again, allowing the energy to swell on a long plateau, washing out everything around you, making you see sunsets, the ocean, fireworks, the love of your life all at the same time....the very epitome of a 2003 Phish jam is found in these extended moments. If this isn't what the band is trying to do with the longer ambient jams, I have no clue as to what they're thinking.
Only get this show if you can afford to listen to it every week for the rest of your's addicting.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by d21cohen

d21cohen I agree with all the reviews, on the points that this show is sick, the tweezer stands out, setlist, energy, etc. Its my favorite post-hiatus show no doubt.

What hasn't been said is that the Destiny in question, the unimagined bustout that gives this show most of its repute, is tight, perfect, and rocks in its own right.

I mean can you imagine not playing a tune for twelve years and then executing it soulfully and perfectly one night?

It's not just that they brought back Destiny - they SHREDDED Destiny. IMHO it's the best version they've played, and hasn't been topped since.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

I have a problem with this show. I can't stop listening to “Soul Shakedown Party” into “David Bowie”, no matter what I'm doing. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night needing to hear that hi-hat. It haunts me. I feel bad neglecting the other songs from this show, but I can't help it. I've never heard anything like this before. I'm not saying either one is the best ever, although they are to me, but the two of them together are doing strange things to my brain.
Page hypnotizes me during “Soul Shakedown Party”. We were sitting about three rows behind and directly in between him and Fishman, and every time I listen to this song, I can still see his fingers pulsing out that reggae beat.
I think this is where the problem stems from. Once I feel that vibration, I get lost until the disc ends. I'm not getting any work done. Is there a support group for this?
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

This is for all you skeptics out there who think Phish has been over and done with since at least 1997. I was, until very recently, one of you. This show at Nassau was very simply as good, musically speaking, as any you'll find in any top ten all-time list. I remember telling someone at the Philly show (who had obviously had a fabulous time that night) that they had put on a fun show, but had a long, long way to go before it was like the old days again. Little did I know that that long journey was going to happen very quickly over the course of the two next shows (because, yes, Worcester was also phenomenal).
Setbreak saw me searching the halls for others who were aware of what had just gone down. I'm not one to scream things out in the lots, or whatever ... but I found myself yelling "Who has a ‘Destiny’? You all have a ‘Destiny’!" And, like inside, not everyone caught on. But what was special were the handfuls that did ... the hugs that were thrown around, the knowing looks ... the quiet "Dude, they PLAYED DESTINY" between strangers.
Forget for a moment that they played “Destiny Unbound”. Consider this: the twenty seven minute “Tweezer” rivals any jam Phish has ever put together. After a good five or six listens, I see it standing next to the 12/6/97 “Tweezer” and the 11/17/97 “Ghost” as one of my top two or three of all time.
Sure I would have loved to hear a “Piper”, a “2001”, a “Fluffhead”. But by the end of the second set, it just didn't matter. A shorter but beautifully executed “Hood” (a la Jersey) is fine with me. In all honesty, repeats didn't make me groan once on this tour. A flawless set. And a legendary show. Maybe everyone there didn't get it. But I did. And I know I wasn't the only one. I can't believe this is all happening again.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Carl34

Carl34 The late Feb 03 shows are one of those special periods in phishtory where IT is firing on all cylinders. Not unlike Aug 93 or Dec 95. Everything is clicking. This show is my fav of 2.0 and in my top 10 of all time. Bathtub, Walls, Tweezer and Bowie are all epic jams. Throw in the most anticipated bust out to date in Destiny (and what a Destiny - best version played IMO) an incredible type 1 BOTT and a rocking Hood closer and you have a show for the ages. Their are a lot of gems in 2.0. This is the cream of the crop.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by FunkyCFunkyDo

FunkyCFunkyDo I could use one word to describe this show...


We all see Phish for a variety of reasons ranging from the interconnected community/band experience, to the interwoven spiritual consciousness a live show produces, to see what Mike's going to wear, and because they are just plain fun. Throughout all of these though, I think a common thread would be, all of us, searching, hoping to see, The Show. That Show, start-to-finish, that delivers everything you could ever want. That Show, that musically, psychologically, spiritually, psychedelically, you-name--it-ly, delivers everything, simultaneously. This show, is that Show.

As I have become immersed in this tour, I have begun to get an ear for the crowd as the band is taking the stage. This show, the crowd was as hot as I have ever heard. No wonder, with the masterpiece from two nights prior, expectations were high, and the level of anticipation of "How can they top that?!?" was even higher. Phish has a knack for delivering in the clutch, which I why I commonly refer to Phish shows as "Magic Johnson." "Hey Funky, what are you doing this summer?" "Oh you know, gonna go follow Magic around the country." ::blank stare:: Well, maybe I don't say that, but maybe I do... anyways, Magic was in the house tonight.

Birds of a Feather attacks! Like an A-10 Thunderbolt, it blitzes the crowd like it would a Russian tank - with ferocity and tempo equals parts unexpected and devastating.
Holy moly what a smokin hot Birds. If one song wasn't enough to convince you how hot this show was going to be, surely the 12-year bustout of Destiny Unbound sealed the deal. It did. Damn. Wow. 2 songs into the set and we have the makings of The Show. A spunky funky little jam in Destiny unleashes, I am certain, the most controversial dance moves of the entire tour. What a start! An impeccably placed and played Horn follows up and we know, when Trey hits note after note, that Phish was locked in. For real. This was IT. Now here is when things gets real fun. 2.14 and 2.22 and 2.28. THE Bathtub Gins. 2.28 is masterpiece. A piece of music so interwoven, so fluid, so bouncy, so peppy, so focused, so Magical. Swish. I could write about each second of this song, from its immediate break from Gin proper into a peppy groove, to its sashaying into this swanky groove, to its build into some amazing Trey trilling, to its breakdown into some deep Mike grooves... it just has it all. It really does. And that breakdown at the very end where Trey goes up the scales, Fish is riding the cymbal, and Mike goes down the scale, THAT is what dreams are made of. Oh and hey, we aren't even half way through set 1. A perfectly placed Sleep comes next, and is just that, perfect. Back on the Train. Not just any Train. This is a locomotive made of volcanoes and hurricanes. This is a freighliner made of thunder and TNT. This Back on the Train features the most consistent, mind blowing, jaw dropping, tension-and-release, build after build after build. Good GOD, Lemon! Let's take a break to change our pants ok? Ok. Ok pants changed. Thanks Bouncing. Oh... oh you just changed your pants, well, this Walls of the Cave has something to say about that. My favorite Walls of the Tour (with 12.31.02 being a close second and 2.14.03 being a suuuuper close third), this one doesn't venture into deep space, no, it just slays us right where we are standing. Seismic, incendiary, crushing. This Walls blows the roof off, no wait, the roofs has already been blown off... hmmm... leaves an impact crater the likes of which most certainly made Chicxulub jealous. What a set!!!

So, after that set, I mean... they can't do much else to top it, right? Right. If you are nodding along, "Yeah Funky, you're right" I would slap you across your face. Then apologize, but would add that you deserved it. There is music that is played in whatever you want Heaven to be. This is the music, specifically from the 10-minute mark onward. The tone, the feel, the passion, the soul... this is uncharted territory for Phish, at least to my ears. Through all of the eras, not limited to Tweezer, I have never heard a jam reach the peaks and spirituality of this Tweezer. It is truly divine. It speaks to other levels of being. Other levels of living. Of feeling. It is remarkable. It is beautiful. It is inspiring. Wow. Just... wow. Oh hey, let's dust off another decade (ish) worth of material and have a -> Soul Shakedown. My god Phish (specifically Mike)! I mean, all you had to do was ASK us to bring a box of condoms. Sheesh. Soooo filthy. Mike lays the wood in this Bob Marley cover, and man, does he ever bring it. If you had a child born in November/December 2003, there is a 100% likelihood Mike "Gacktoilder" Gordon is the father. Just saying, kid's gonna have great musical genes. So dirty this 8_ minute groove train is, and then you add the Sagan-esq space -> to Bowie, and man, sign me up for the next Voyager mission. This Bowie, like all the Bowies this tour, features a crazy spiraling intro. A lockstep burst into the song proper gives way to a pulsing, swirling, bobbing jam that gnarls and bares its teeth. Strong, fierce playing encapsulate this 18 minutes masterpiece. Like a yard dog protecting his territory, this Bowie circles and eyes you down, mano y mano, and comes out on top. Man, what a beast of a Bowie. A dreamy Round Room settles our nerves and, again, following the pattern of brilliance, finds a PERFECT placement late in what is already an all-time show. Swimming the melodies, this Round Room, for me at least, tops the Vegas one despite being 5 minutes shorter. Time isn't always the best indicator of quality, remember that. Next up. Harry Hood. Let me say this, or rather picture it:
That is this Hood. Pure explosion. Pure fire. From the depths of Phish's souls, this version erupts through their instruments. Peak after peak after peak of red hot, soul scorching music. I have no problem saying this is my favorite Hood to listen to. Yup. My favorite. Does it mean it's the best? Who knows. But it is, without a doubt, my favorite. What a way to end the show. Oh did I say end? I mean a THREE SONG ENCORE. Contact, Mexican Cousin, and Tweezer Mother Funking Reprise!!!

:: passes out ::

Must-hear jams: My advice to you, each and every one of you, listen to this show start-to-finish and behold Phish playing at their highest level imaginable. It's really incredible. What a show.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by tacoandthespacecadet4000

tacoandthespacecadet4000 "This just makes me think that this was someone's first show"

Wait, that was me.


People talk about the Tweezer being one of the best ever (which it is) and how special it was to hear Destiny Unbound and Soul Shakedown Party (which they were)... But out of all of them I've listened to the Bathtub Gin the most.

, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by TwiceBitten

TwiceBitten This show really packs in everything I love about Phish shows: random "bust outs", exploratory jams, and solid setlist construction. Phish shows can still work if they have two of those three elements, but when they're all in place, you know it's a night to remember. This was only my second Phish show, but I'd been listening to the band casually since 1994 (I was only 9 years old then!) and intently since 1999. After the rather dismal show with B.B. King a few nights before, I was completely blown away by this powerhouse performance. I'm not going to attempt to add anything on top of what's already been said about the music this night, but I can say that anyone who was there knows it was a very special evening.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

The Nassau vibe was extremely jangled at first. It felt like a sports crowd in that cold, cold, cold, cold, cold hockey arena. Lots of really young guys looking to get really spun and lots of beer beer beer.
There was also a downright rude lack of attention to the music by many. People screamed and talked loudly during Page's delicate solo piano intro to “WOTC”, for example. It threw me off a bit for the first set, despite the stunning exploratory “Gin”, surprise return of “Destiny Unbound”, and hands-down best “GBOTT” ever.
But they came back after break and took charge with that “Tweezer”. Trey in particular brought the unfocused testosterone wildness down to a whisper, then re-channeled the energy into a phat group groove. Pure magic. How do they do it?
Then a major dubwise skanking “Soul Shakedown Party” to chill everyone a bit more and lock in the boogie. YES I!!! Can't get enough of that Burlington reggae. Ras Gordo lays it down phat with the bass synth pedal.
“Round Room”: And now it's finally fully round. Phish dancing effortlessly around the quantum "one," the downbeat described rather than nailed down. As Kesey put it, "everyone's in their own movie." The "one" is not a precise location in time, not to be hit on the head like a game of Whackamole, it's wherever it makes you happiest to hear it. This version just spot on, full of emotion, all about our journeys with the band in similar rooms around the country over the years. We want a round room just to be with you all too!
Then my dear old claymation neighbor “Hood”. Our fifth visit post-hiatus, but he can show up every night and still make me grin ear to ear. If 12/31/98 was "Harry in Space" and the end of 2/16/03 was "Harry Hears The Who," this was "Harry in a Round Room." Always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom. You can feel extremely good about this “Hood”.
The round room is now officially open for business.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Harry

Harry (Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

I've been seeing them for almost ten years, and I swear, I felt the same exhilaration this night as I did at my first show in 1993. The jamming was just top notch. Incredible. The energy apparent was so thick you could cut it. Every song seemed to fit in perfectly. Although the “Birds” opener threw me off, I was quickly put at ease with the positivity oozing from the stage.

And of course the “Destiny Unbound” breakout...

Everything about this show was just right. Seriously. After seeing more than seventy shows, I think this is easily in my top ten (including 10/31/94, 7/16/94, 12/31/95, Big Cypress and Clifford Ball). This is one to remember. Looking at the setlist may be misleading. It has none of the crazy stuff (albeit the “Soul Shakedown Party” and “Destiny Unbound” are crazy rare) such as “Fluffhead”, “Mike's Groove”, “Harpua”, “Col. Forbin's”, “Icculus”, etc.. which for me comprise a dream setlist, yet this show itself turned into a dream setlist. They were jamming tunes voraciously which up till then were more standard. (Listen to the “Get Back on the Train”!)

For those that weren't at this show, but were at 4/3/98, remember the insane energy during the “Tweeprise”? Well, this “Tweeprise” has that same energy, only the whole night was full of that energy.

This was THE show for me. Its been years since I was that pumped all about one show.

What is it with Nassau? They must love it there.

-Adam Schneider
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Mill17

Mill17 Of all the shows I've been to, this was my favorite. Crazy energy the entire night. There's a point during the tweezer jam where the build is intricate and almost cautious, and Trey then let's the reverb soar. A wild and perhaps, at times, dark setlist that really showcases Phish's ability to explore the music. Get your hands on this one- as mentioned by others, parts are strangely addicting.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by phish123

phish123 This was my first phish show. Went with a few friends and at the time we did not know much about Phish or their music. My friends and I from the first minute became completely hooked and lifelong die hard fans of the band. Saw my 250th show last night (baker's dozen #8). While every show I've been to has been incredible (some more so than others), 2/28/03 was a night I will never forget and stands out as being the best show I've ever seen of any band. There are some shows in the last few years that have received voting on which has them ranked amongst the best shows phish played throughout the 90s. It took over 14 years for this show to get 397 votes on this site, while it took a show like 7/25/17 less than a week to get close to 850 votes. The standard was different for phish 20 years ago. Average shows played by them in 1997 would be must hear shows in 2017. They are playing some of their best music now. They are locked in and we have seen the magic many times this tour. When phish play a show like bakers dozen #4, we automatically want to say this show is the greatest or among the greatest shows of all time - it's human nature. However, shows like 2/28/03 (or big cypress, 12/6/97, etc) have been listened to over and over again by phish fans and it's these shows that stand out as being the best shows played by Phish during the time they were transforming music. For a show to have over 800 votes on less than a week after it occurred means that people are casting votes before having time to really dissect the music and take the time needed to compare it to some of the best shows in the past. 7/25/17 was an incredible night and I am not trying to take away from the incredible music they gave us that night. It was the best show that many fans have been to and some of the best jamming that phish have thrown down in many years. But the truth is, many fans are comparing that show to shows that phish have played since their return from hiatus. The magical shows with fewer votes on (such as 2/28/03) were shows that were compared to phish at their greatest. The standard was different back then. If you listen to Big Cypress and hear the hours and hours (and more hours) of the best music phish has ever played, it would be hard to imagine that show ever being rated on par with 7/25/17. Shows need to be rated with more thought and be legitimately compared to shows phish played over the last three decades. To just give a show a 5/5 rating because it was "great" does a disservice to shows like Big Cypress or 2/28/03. I love this band more than anything and can honestly say that they have changed my life. Just wanted to give my opinion on the whole rating system on this site.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by CentralScrutinizer

CentralScrutinizer This was a perfect show. I am not a huge 2.0 fan but this show was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, easily as good as any phish show I've ever seen or heard from 1.0 or 3.0. Hearing destiny inbound and dancing to these incredible jams makes up one of t most memorable phish experiences I've ever had. I can't say enough good things about this show. I couldn't believe my ears when the first notes of destiny rang out. I don't think I could smile wider than I did at that moment. The destiny unbound moment created a powder keg of high energy and the band expertly detonated it over the next three hours. An incendiary and spiritual musical experience where all the music gods smiled upon all who were in Nassau coliseum
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by chrismcguire634

chrismcguire634 I think it's worth noting the weight this show carries considering the context. The date was 2/28/2003, many of us sensed the growing wears the band was dealing with both on and off stage and it was believed by many that the best was behind us. We couldn't have been more wrong. On this night they put it all together and gave us a (dare I say) top 3 worthy show and a great tour to follow.

Case and point why I never doubt this band and their ability to deliver a good show on most nights and a religious experience when the moment is right.

, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by whatstheuse324

whatstheuse324 I was fortunate enough to get stubbed down to the floor for 2/28/2003 at Nassau Coliseum. This was my third and final show of the northeast run, hitting up NJ and Philly also. Birds got the show off in a great way, being played right on the mark and sprinting with energy.

When I think of what came next, I am reminded of Holmdel, NJ on 6/29/2000. The chant for Destiny Unbound fell on deaf ears that night and instead we were blasted with an angry Birds of a Feather instead. Well, this night, the Birds came first and then BAM!!! Destiny Unbound. Flawless, awesome, will never forget.

I love Horn, they can play that for five minutes of any show I'm at.

Bathtub Gin delivered and then some.

Some people consider the Back on the Train from this show the best version ever, and they are correct.

Bouncing was a fun but necessary breather for the band considering all of the shredding bliss they had just laid down on us for most of the the set.

Walls of the Cave was a welcomed repeat for me. It was jammed to incredible peaks and differently then three nights before at the Spectrum. The first set was Dyn-O-Mite!!!

I will always associate the second set opening Tweezer with an unfortunate event that occurred to me during the first minute of the song. A friend of a friend passed along a nice piece of glass with something good inside. Upon lighting, I fried my thumb with a powerful blue flame, not from an ordinary lighter but a butane torch instead. I had a nice blister on my thumb for a week, but I consider that a necessary sacrifice to the gods in order to witness the relentless Tweezer that unfolded before my eyes.

After a half-an-hour of AMAZING Tweezer, the band dropped gears into a wonderful version of Soul Shakedown Party. Bowie emerged from the reggae and lit us up for twenty minutes of excellence. Round Room is such a bizarre song, in a really good way, and I was very happy to hear this show up in the second set. Harry Hood was beautiful and amazing.

I was surprised with the Contact encore, I figured they would have saved it for sometime in the second set of North Carolina. They played it perfectly. Being a tequila guy, I was really glad to hear Mexican Cousin. At that point in my life, I was waiting tables at a really cool restaurant in Atlantic Highlands, NJ called Copper Canyon, which had 112 different kinds of tequila to offer. This was definitely my jam. Tweezer Reprise brought the house down. GREAT SHOW.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by aybesea

aybesea A damn near-perfect show from Nassau Coliseum. I love to nitpick set lists, find flaws in jams, talk about lack of energy, and all of that other annoying stuff that proves I'm actually listening. But this one... this one is really special! I don't know why (actually, I do know why... I just don't understand) so many people rag so fucking hard on 2003-2004 shows, but I really, really dig them. And this one, along with IT, are probably the absolute peak.

Bottom line, desert island!
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by oongowa

oongowa I was never a huge fan of 2.0 and at the very time this show was happening I was very likely buried deep in the Thrill Jockey Records catalog.

Wow...what a show. Honestly, the perfect Phish show. It has everything you could ask for….great flow, bustouts, HIGH ENERGY, super tight shredfest type 1 jams and crazy type 2 jams, balls out party crowd and a band gelling together perfectly.

Page’s playing throughout the night is incredible. He’s always doing exactly what he should be doing at all the right times.

The interplay between Trey and Fish is perfect. There a more than a couple times that they make you say “whoa”.

I know that some people don’t realise this but Phish is unique in that the drummer follows the guitar. Most bands have the vocals, guitar and keys taking up the lead with the bass and drums holding down the back end. The bass and drums, and sometimes the keys provide the foundation. With Phish, you have a drummer that is doing that, but is also TOTALLY locked into the lead guitar. This is not normal. You can sometimes imagine Fish and Trey as one person, with Page floating somewhere in between and Mike doing whatever the fuck he wants. This of course is not always true and just as Phish’s sound has changed over the years this dynamic also changes. BUT this at the core is what I believe is what makes Phish so unique to so many other bands and why they can sound so different from anything else you’ve heard.

When their rhythm, symmetry and telepathy are at their peak….you get a show like this. Everything is so well played, so tight, top of their game.

Every song has extra mustard.

I listened to this show about 5 times to prep and I’m still hearing new things.

I dislike reading song-by-song breakdowns but it's hard to do this any other way.


DESTINY: The biggest bust out of all bustouts, not played in 796 shows. People had been BEGGING for this song for years (see 11/22/97, review coming in a few weeks!). It’s not even because it’s such an awesome song, its just because Phish stopped playing it and Phish fans are crazy and they want rare treats. Whelp, for no reason, here it is. Judging by the crowd response, it seems like people knew what they were hearing.

GIN: I love a slow burn and this has such a slow burn jam to it. Nice swing tempo throughout that keeps it light and makes for some great Mike work.

BOTT: Great fucking version. Trey is on fire, everyone is on fire.


WALLS: I only started liking this song a few years ago and this is the best version I’ve ever heard of this song. Today's versions don’t variate much but this one has extra spicey mustard all over it.

TWEEZER: Who likes a 27m Tweezer? Me!!! Quite possibly the BEST song to open a second set, actually, I’m positive this is the best. Man...what to say? The first half is good but it doesn't REALLY start cooking until about 14m in. 19min mark, Trey and Fish...WOW, 22min, let's wrap this thing up by shredding the fuck out of everything! HIGH FIVES!!!! WE DID IT!!!!

SOUL SHAKEDOWN: Bustout #2, Not seen in 270 shows. Great way to cool down. Everybody loves Marley, everyone is having a blast.

BOWIE:. I remember saying to a rando at a show a few years back that I will NEVER get tired of hearing Bowie. Never. It’s the perfect Phish song. Dark, weird lyrics, progy, long arranged beginning, jammed out middle and an ending. My favorite Phish songs have endings. I want them to go WAAAAYYYY out and then try to bring it back and wrap it into a neat little bow. Bowie is the definition of a Phish song.

I love everything about this Bowie. The long intro, the perfectly played middle and the “wrap up” part at the end is everything I always wanted in every Bowie, ever. The hard and heavy they stumbled upon will make you want to punch babies holding puppies. They fade into different times and themes and always land back on their feet. The tension and release is...orgasmic. THIS IS PHISH TENSION AND RELEASE!!!!!! Good lord….fucking monster.

Round Room: Thanks god they didn’t place Horse->Silent….because that’s what Trey wanted to play and Mike Said FUCK NO so they played Round Room. FUCK yeah Mike, you tell Trey to cram it up his stupid butt.

HOOD: It’s a great hood. You can hear the glowsticks ruining things after the drop but once people settle down it's a great version. Trey plays his guitar so hard that I’m surprised the thing didn’t explode into a cloud of sawdust. Ha ha….that would be awesome

MEXICAN COUSIN is an awesome encore song and a total party anthem. Perfect end of the night song to send everyone home with. Best way to end a show? Tweezer Reprise of course. It’s actually the only reason I go to Phish shows. Just to hear Tweezer reprise.

BONUS: Make sure you listen to the Poor Heart soundcheck. It’s hilarious.

So there you have it. Every song is played like it’s the last time they’ll ever play it. Awesome fucking show, definitely one of their best, if not THE best. No complaints!!!
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by DrWilson

DrWilson This show is the real McCoy. This show is what we are always looking for when we go to so many shows, and why we try to listen to every show out there. Always searching for this kind of night. This show is why we love Phish. I am not saying this is the best show ever or anything like that, but this show is my favorite for sure. Highlights of the first set are obviously, Gin, BOTT, and WoTC. But it doesn't seem quite fair to call these highlights, here are three songs played regularly that get the full treatment. Something special happened in this first set with these three. Maybe the band felt free from all the Destiny Unbound hype that plagued the scene for years. They busted it out, and after that it was like, okay that's over now, can we just do OUR thing. And that they did. This Gin is superb the last five minutes or so is brilliance. The BOTT just rocks. Type I for sure, but it gets the raw, dirty, bluesy treatment it deserves. I love this rendition. Its not just my favorite BOTT, but it is easily my favorite Type I jam ever. Everything about this BOTT is awesome. Then the WoTC is a great way to cap off an all-timer of a first set. Leaving us salivating for more. And holy smoke, did they deliver. This Tweezer is great. Fantastic. Unique. I won't say too much about the second set, but just know that it is awesome. This was a very special night. Enjoy.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by ImissJohnnyBgoode

ImissJohnnyBgoode I was lucky enough to be front row, in front of Mike, for this COLOSSAL show! (and on some great boomers!) Destiny Unbound coming out again was BLISS! Still the best Back on the Train I've ever heard, live or taped. Shakedown was silly and fun. Finalized with one of the best live Mexican Cousins I've also ever heard. A near perfect show, and a top three for me. Get this one if you don't have it!
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by phootyjon

phootyjon i was at this show; page side, 10R deep and everyone I was with could tell from the getgo (those little drops of spicy mustard throughout BOAF) that this night was going to be a doozey. And..sure enough...we got easily a top 20 all time event. worth the cost of the time machine to go back to the Guyland (jersey for Long Island) to see this in person.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by skipper

skipper I listen to this show a lot. It was a blazing hot show. The Tweezer was the most trippy and dark version of all time. Gin, WOTC, Bowie, Destiny, and Soul Shakedown are all highlights. Just an amazing night with great friends at my home venue. Magical
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Physhmyn

Physhmyn I've only been at this Phish stuff for less than two years but out of the 150 or so shows I've acquired, this is the tops, easily. The impact of the Destiny Unbound/Soul Shakedown bust-outs is lost on me but I'd have to say that the Tweezer>Soul Shakedown>David Bowie is probably one of the finest hours in this band's entire improvisational legacy. Gives me deep chills every single time. Dec. '95 be damned!
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by AlaskanAntelope

AlaskanAntelope any1 have any videos of this show? by the way, my favorite phish show ever.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Jpdolan21

Jpdolan21 LOVE this show. Play it all the time. 2003 was a truly underrated year in Phish tour. Winter and summer tours both. Great set, great jams and sound is tight. Bathtub Gin, WOTC, BOTT, bowie, birds, hood, tweezer (THE BEST on this album and must hear), bouncing around the room and destiny unbound (that was brought back after 12 years). This album IMO does a great job focusing on Trey and Page jam sections and how well they listen off eachother, and also less focus on the early stuff and more on the past 5 years, still a good amount of older tracks
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ I haven't spent nearly as much time listening to 2.0 as it deserves (working on it, though!). Obviously this night is a pretty distinct highlight of this short-lived era. There's plenty of exploration in the longer jams (Gin, Tweezer), which I think 3.0/4.0 Phish still does a great job of tbh. I think the main difference I noted here was the over-the-top crazy guitar soloing Trey demonstrated. Plenty here to revisit from both the jam charts and some of the more standard issues (I absolutely loved BOAF).

Setlist Thoughts
- Things get kicked off with an absolutely soaring BOAF. Remains entirely Type I, but this is one of the later displays of Trey's former machine gun glory. Electric all the way through
- Destiny Unbound is a bit unpolished, which is to be expected from a >12-year bustout. Page's organ establishes some nice harmonic movement that shakes up an otherwise monotonous jam. I can appreciate this as a big moment for the band's history, bringing back what has since become a highly sought-after tune.
- Horn>Bathtub Gin allows for more Trey highlights. A lot of great moments come out of the Gin jam as the band remains in C but explores a number of different energy levels and grooves.
- Sleep gives us a great mid-set breather before a slow burning BOTT that eventually grows into a blazing fire. Awesome peaks here.
- Set 1 ends with a visit to a classic Bouncing followed with the newer Walls of the Cave. Trey eats up the Cave jam, continuing to demonstrate his guitar prowess. This version ends with a lot of energy.
- Set 2 busts open with a damn stellar Tweezer. At 27 minutes, this performance covers plenty of ground. The last quarter of the tune picks up tempo and energy plenty, and the whole band is spraying hose. A looming outro allows for some pretty Page piano riffing with a bunch of tension and relief, complemented by Trey's controlled feedback. Hear it.
- Another sweet bustout, Soul Shakedown Party brings down the energy but not the jammy goodness. Mike's bass solo is sloppy, funky goodness. Love the lingering, soft outro here too (Fishman's drumming sells it).
- A spacy drone takes us -> David Bowie. The intro has a lot of beautiful fugue-like play from Page/Mike/Trey. Page works in some amazing piano soloing in the early jam section before Trey really takes off. Trey's solo quickly catches some high-powered winds and the band is sailing right along with him--Fishman in particular. Around 13 minutes in, we get a short exploration that deviates from traditional Bowie territory for added chaos. The re-entry back to Bowie is glorious. Fantastic version.
- Not a huge Round Room guy, but it's fine.
- Hood gets some fun play in the reggae intro, but as always the highlight is the solo. As with other great Hoods, this is an excellent demonstration of Trey/the band's ability to maintain a long crescendo, leaving plenty of room to grow until the very end.
- The Contact, Mexican Cousin, Tweeprise encore is an awesome way to end this historic 2.0 show. Great song choices, great performances.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Rifter

Rifter This show is great! I was not there but the Spreadsheet recording is top-notch. The Type II Bathtub Gin in set I is amazing. Also the Destiny bustout is very well-played; and although I'm not a big fan of WOTC they really jam it out at the end of the silent trees section.

But set II is really where the insane magic is: viz. "Tweezer > SSP -> Bowie" is nearly a full hour of one-of-a-kind bliss.

Will be re-listening to these jams forever :)
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Jungleman

Jungleman Surprisingly, for all the relistens this phenomenal show must have received, no one seems to have picked up on the ~full band Mr. Completely tease~, smack in the middle of this completely grooving Gin! Certainly a show worthy of the LivePhish release, and worth coming back to for so many reasons. Thanks guys!
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by Coop752

Coop752 Great show. Had seats on the floor about 20 rows back. I remember A LOT of boozing and being in college we got hammered before, during and after the show. The show was unreal with me being more of a 2.0er myself with my first show having been Albany 09. I will be honest I had heard Destiny once before on a tape but had no idea they hadn't played it in 1,000 shows or whatever it was but it was awesome to see everyone hugging and high-giving. This whole show was great for me but I really did not care for the MC encore. BOTT, WOTC, Tweezer, Soul Shakedown were all awesome. I give this show 5 out 5 and listen to it quite often. Thanks to Wild Bill, my college buddy, for bringing me.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by brendanmcauley

brendanmcauley I loved this show! I had not scene Phish in about 2 years or so since shoreline and one of the Vegoose festivals where they played in 2000 or so.
I was so intrigued by destiny unbound and many people thought it was a new song..I had been at a few shows in '89 and '90 where it was played and loved it- then it was off the rotation, but what was odd, was, having scene about 80 shows from '89-'94 I was on my own hiatus ( for some stupid reason) from the San Jose show in December of '94 until Shoreline in august or September of '98. I was just starting to see some more shows then they took the hiatus. When this show came to town; I was jonesing for some live Phish. The selection of destiny unbound as the second song of the show was unreal! The last performance of it happened to have been my b-day on 11-15-91. The second set raged and what I recall more than anything is Trey holding up his guitar at the end of Tweezer reprise and offering it up as a gift to the Gods in some odd was 'hendrix-esque'..I was truly blown away by the jams and the showmanship of the band having not really scene them consistently since the early-mid nineties. The jams seemed extended n a more regea esque way and to no surprise soul shakedown arrives. I happened to have been at the Eureka, CA show when they played lively up yourself in '92...this was sick! Trey and the entire band was enjoying this and doing it well.
, attached to 2003-02-28

Review by RagingMobOfJoggers

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