The David Bowie intro contained an Oom Pa Pa signal, while the Esther intro contained Simpsons and Random Note signals and two "Charge!" teases from Page. The beginning of My Friend featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Page also teased "Charge!" in the Big Ball Jam. Stash was unfinished.

Charge! tease in Esther, Charge! tease in Big Ball Jam
Debut Years (Average: 1989)

This show was part of the "1993 Winter/Spring Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1993-02-09

Review by JARdale

JARdale This was the first show I ever saw and it was crazy. I had know about Phish for a few years but had never gone to check them out. I borrowed a few tapes from a buddy but they didn't really do much for me. Then a friend hooked me up with 11th row center and the rest is history. They came out and the first thing I dug was the way they were set up on stage. They then opened with Bowie and I shit you not it was like they leaned into the crowd, grabbed me by my shirt and just started punching me in the face. I was blown away by what they were doing. Been a huge fan ever since. The only bad thing was having to split my budget between the Dead and Phish...... some tough decisions were made.
, attached to 1993-02-09

Review by SweetDevo2

SweetDevo2 First Phish show for myself and all I wanted to hear was David Bowie. Wouldn't you know it, Phish opened with Bowie and I obviously was hooked for life!!!!!!! Can't really remember much else, but I found the second set Weekapaug to be excellent after re-listening to recently.

, attached to 1993-02-09

Review by TheEmu

TheEmu Interesting David Bowie intro, almost sounded like Timber! teasing. The Golgi is kind of unusual, as is the Weekapaug. Rest of the show is standard, and set II ends up on a weird note...after the HYHU Fish doesn't banter at all like he usually does, just starts singing Bike and really rushes through it, then yells "Vacuum solo!" and does his solo with no accompaniment from the rest of the guys. After a little bit he says something and then says "Yeah, fuck that." End Bike. Weird. Then Grace and a standard encore. Hmmm. 3 stars.
, attached to 1993-02-09

Review by Penn42

Penn42 **This is my sixth of (hopefully) 71 reviews as I listen to the entire winter/spring '93 tour.**

There's not a whole lot to say about this lackluster show. Perhaps my expectations were a little high due to a great setlist and the previous show kicking serious butt. Regardless, this show didn't do much for me. There's no hard-hitting highlights. 2.3 had a great YEM > Lifeboy, 2.4 had a good Mike's Groove, 2.5 had another good YEM and killer Split, 2.6 had wonderful guest spots, 2.7 was basically an entire highlight reel, and 2.9 has... not that much.

Bowie opens well. That's an opinion I hold for any show with a Bowie opener. I've always loved a Bowie opener. This one does its job. Chalk Dust in the middle always seems a little awkward and the intro to Esther is way to long and boring. There's not a whole lot worth noting in this set. The Wedge got played again. That's four times in six shows now. Only five more performances remain before it gets shelved until '95. Overall a pretty boring first set. Nothing sticks out.

Set two is better, but still not great. I also have a soft spot for Punch openers, so yay! Mike's >>> Weigh is solid. Weigh is particularly well played this go-around. The Lizards emerging from an unfinished Stash is the brightest part of this fairly dim show. I'd say a fairly strong case could be made for a true segue arrow (->) between the two. The Lizards appears very naturally; however, it is just a great save by Trey after a botched Stash jam. Stash is on a trajectory towards greatness before it quickly and inexplicably falls short of its mark. It's all good because Trey really does perform a masterful save with The Lizards, but I'm not going to sugar-coat things, The Lizards was an intervention song.

Altogether a pretty uninteresting show. Check out the Stash > Lizards is you're so inclined.
, attached to 1993-02-09

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill This is the first and only performance at the Auditorium Theatre, sixth show of the tour. After a day off, we have solid playing for the most part, and minimal sound problems for Paul. That makes this one an enjoyable listen. Good recording as well.

Nice Bowie to open up with while Paul gets everyone settled in, maybe just a little off in parts. Trey blows the lyrics to a standard Bouncing. Sounds like a bad cord somewhere making noise in a good Poor Heart. Really good MFMF tonight with an almost flawless intro and great creepy ending! Well done! Moving right along into a smoking Rift that has a few tiny rough spots. Completing the triple shot from the new album is the uncomfortable Wedge. It's not quite there yet. Chalk Dust rocks as usual and lacks a little energy towards the end. Ah, the first Esther of the year complete with proper signals and a lot of screwing around in the intro. The song itself is a little rough and sounds unpracticed, but still kind of funny and playfull. Maze even sounds a little off tonight, but Page and Trey rip their solos as usual. Golgi has a great position as first set closer and was dynamic and well played.

I'm so happy to hear Punch making it's comeback. This one's still rough in the transitions, but has great energy. Mike's was kind of weird and messy for me. I wonder what type of antics where going on as Hydrogen was a little off as well. Weekapaug on the other hand had a great dynamic and unique jam. Mike gets a good chunk of the second set tonight, continuing with a well played Weigh, also first one of this year, as is My Sweet One. This one is on fire! The second Sample ever is better than the first. Well played, and even though the vocals aren't quite there yet, this is a good song. Then the Balls come out, Fishman even switches to swing before the last ball is in. Stash was a little off tonight, but has a great jam in there before the inexplicable no ending. Right into a Lizards? Oh well, Lizards was pretty well played, maybe a little off in spots. A little HYHU brings Fishman out to sing the first Bike of the year. Really funny vacuum solo, like he's going heavy metal or something. Another inexplicable ending leads us to an Amazing Grace closer. This one gets a little better each time.

Cavern was well played. Then Trey rushes everyone into a supper fast, almost unintellegable Rocky Top. Really rushed.

I only gave this one four stars to push this one up on its average score, because the overall playing seemed so well practiced. Each song did have at least one minor flaw though, keeping this one around three and a half stars at best.
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