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The Well tease in Twist
Debut Years (Average: 2004)

This show was part of the "2023 NYE Run"

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, attached to 2023-12-30

Review by bl002e

bl002e Yeah, there are a lot of songs typed out up there, but any setlist with that many “->”s in a row’s an automatic W for me.

Bonus points for that Life Saving Gun jam in set 1. Rookie of the Year caliber stuff, there.

And no, .Net. I would not rather post in the forum. Just typing this sentence to be long enough for the spam filter to stop flagging this review, thanks, good night everyone.
, attached to 2023-12-30

Review by starsky

starsky Back in 2011 when my wife and I deemed our two daughters, 8 & 10, old enough to attend Phish shows, we carted off to Dick’s for our first shows in 10 years. It was a stretch for my 8 year old to stay awake for the entire show, but when Backwards Down the Number Line came up, her favorite song, she jolted alive, boogieing.

Phish never really took with my 8 year old - now 20. But, after a friend backed out of last night’s show, we had an extra ticket and convinced her to join us. Her first show since 2014. As luck would have it Phish opened with a resounding version Number Line, still her favorite song, as if welcoming her back with open arms. It was one of those moments where time turns elastic. Oh yeah, and the rest of the show pretty much shredded.
, attached to 2023-12-30

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, SATURDAY 12/30/2023
New York, NY

SET 1:

Backwards Down the Number Line: Standard.

Wolfman's Brother: The only way I can hear Mike on these recordings these days is if he is employing that meatball tone that he used in this version. Solid version of Wolfman’s with some interesting tone/effects from Trey.

Turtle in the Clouds: Standard.

Undermind: Love this tune. Wish they could still write stuff like this. Good version.

Kill Devil Falls: Standard.

Fuego: Love the use of the reverse reverb, good stuff in the 9 minute range. That, coupled with Page getting super creepy makes for some interesting headspace. Really enjoyed the space they got themselves in the 13 minute range. Page is soloing and Trey was strumming that 97-98 pornofunk, yet briefly. Wish Trey would have kept that going. Out of that by the 14 and a half minute range Trey has wrested control back and goes on multiple, clean tone runs. Beautiful, chill space they get into in the last 60-90 seconds. Very nice, would recommend! Super cool segue into Train Song! ->

Train Song: Standard.

It's Ice: Some interesting effects in the short jam. >

Life Saving Gun: Trey has ownership of this jam truly from the outset! Liked what Mike’s drill brought to the table early on (Lord that sounds so dumb). Trey busts out the hose in the late 10 minute range and rides that puppy. Very strong set closing jam, nicely done Phish!

SET 2:

The Well: Standard. ->

Tweezer: Major chord all the way. ->

Twist: Lots of pedals and effects. Short. >

Piper: Not much too comment on here. It’s fine I suppose, decent jam. Kind of herky jerky in the latter third.->

Golden Age: Another ‘decent’ jam. Kind of bland I suppose. It’s fine… ->

Also Sprach Zarathustra: Standard. >

Sigma Oasis: Standard. >

David Bowie: Standard. Shelve it.


Slave to the Traffic Light: Someone needs to sit our guy down and play 12.7.97 for him. Until then, let’s shelve this. Pains me to say it as it is one of my top five Phish songs. >

More: Standard. Ugh.

Summary: Happy with that first set, two jams in there that resonate. That said, the first set whoops the second set’s butt. It does. The second set has nothing to revisit (for me, IMHO, YMMV, hopefully those are enough disclaimers for the easily offended). Current rating on Phish.net is Overall: 3.863/5 (300 ratings). I am not quite that high on this show. I would give it a 3/5. Second set is a paper tiger. This is my least favorite of the run so far.

Replay Value: Fuego, Life Saving Gun

Trey teased The Well in Twist.
Your rating:
Overall: 3.853/5 (277 ratings)
The Well tease in Twist
, attached to 2023-12-30

Review by bkrieg73

bkrieg73 This was not a great show. I liked it but they didn't get into a good groove on many of their songs. I did like the darkness they got into in The Well, 2001 was high spirited fun, piper had moments, turtle and undermine not bad. That was my least fave tweezer I've seen, and I've caught 14 of them. Best songs were fuego (which I called ????) and twist, which enveloped my brain in the second half of it. But for relisten, this show had the best song of the run : Life Saving Gun. What a fucking blast. Sounds like U2 meets power Phish. The 12.29 show was a gem, and obviously 12.31 gamehendge, but i look forward to another LSG someday.
I also thought that bowie and slave were great, not sure why others didn't like those. He hit bowie pretty tight.
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