This show the first Phish peferformance to be webcast via LivePhish. The PA cut out during Camel Walk. My Friend did not contain the "Myfe" ending. 
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Debut Years (Average: 1990)

This show was part of the "2010/2011 NYE Run"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by NicoleH2

NicoleH2 Has anybody really noticed just how great this Tweezer really is?
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by kidrob

kidrob WHAT A NIGHT!!!! It was my first time at MSG, and I was in the third row. I'm gonna start with the venue itself. MSG, WHOA! THis is by far the best Phish crowd I have ever seen, and this venue is clearly their MEcca.

Now to the show. In Worcester, the band seemed to hold back a bit at times, and tonight would not be the case. Cites opener started a theme to the funk-rock fest that would continue throughout the show. A Driver in between MAze and Bathtub Gin may have been the only time the crowd had a chance to sit back and relax. Coming out of Bathtub was Fat MAn in the Bathtub, I love it. Probably my favorite song from the Little Feat Halloween Costume this year, so I was very pleased. Love Timber as well, and golgi and character zero to close set one is as fun as it gets. The ground was shaking at MSG during Character Zero.

My firend text me during the setbreak and said,"you must be pretty happy right now." Definitely was, but I told him that I wouldve lost it if they closed the first set with an antelope. Nonetheless, that set was as good as it gets. PA goes out during Camel Walk, but it does nothing to stop the raucous MSG crowd from having a good time.

Set Two continues the funk rock fest, and it got real hot. Tweezer opener contains that whole idea. What stood out to me in this set was the Theme>Axilla. The crowd really started to create the set list, and for someone with my point of view at this show it was clearly evident that Trey was carefully choosing songs that played to the crowds energy. My Friend, My Friend>Axilla was a good 10 raging minutes that made me go dizzy I was rocking so hard. The crowd pleaser Fluffhead continued to get us all off. This place was erupting, especially when Trey sings "Fluff came to New York." Boogie> 2001> Suzy contains more of that good funk-rock that capped off a killer set two.

Before the encore, I was praying that it wouldn't be a sleeping monkey>tweeprise, and I was still hoping that maybe they would play an antelope. So when I hear Trey play the first few notes of the encore, I LOST IT! ANTELOPE REALLY. Lets combine my favorite set closer with my favorite show closer, and this is officially my favorite encore that I have ever seen. Sorry Alpine 8/15/10, you had a nice four month run. Looking back at all 5 shows on this run, I still think this is the most complete show, however, if NYE set One was slightly better for me, I think that show could be looked back at as being better than the coveted NYE 95 show. NYE WAS SPECTACULAR!, but this show is very complete from beginning to end.
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by GallopingGhost

GallopingGhost What a Night!!!!

They were on fire the entire show. Maze was killer and I have never seen so many phans freak out when they started playing Quinn. It was a truly wonderful show... from Fluffhead to Character!

Good job boys, that is how you kick off the NYE tour!!
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by Thisrozeisntfree

Thisrozeisntfree My first show and a truly life changing moment hhah can't believe it was two years ago time goes fast when you go phishing
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by gravitysrainbow

gravitysrainbow Now this was a seriously awesome show.
The jam really opened up on tracks like Maze, Gin, Timber, Tweezer, and Antelope. Best of 3.0 by far. Best show of the NYE run by far.Trey's playing was loose and fluid--filled with confidence.
Lots of organic band-led movement through the jam--Trey avoided the temptation to become a soloist. What can I say? I really really liked this show. Download it! Have fun with it! It is filled with many surprises.
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by irishndfan2

irishndfan2 This was my second show and WOW was I blown away. Setlist was phenominal. Still gotta give it to my first show though as my favorite(although I'm pretty sure most Phish fans always say "your first show is always your favorite"). Anyways first set was a lot of fun. Camel Walk was awesome as well as Bathtub Gin. Loved Chalk Dust torture as well as Character Zero to end the first set.

Second set... WOW blew me away. Tweezer opener was great, but the highlight for me, was Fluffhead>Boogie>2001. Fluffhead and 2001 were the two songs I wanted to hear the most, glad i got to hear them! Loved Axilla and Suzy was fun as well.

Damn I love Tweezer Reprise.

Great second show! Can't wait for my next one!
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by Worcester_Caspian

Worcester_Caspian Night #1 MSG was a melt down.


it just keeps getting better.

, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by ImissJohnnyBgoode

ImissJohnnyBgoode In my opinion, if you're gonna get a copy of one of the three shows from the 2010 NYE run, this is the one to get! Both sets are killers, and the energy was just phenomenal! I know, I know, NYE is always great. But from a set-list and performance point of view, I think this was the best show of the three.
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by nassauroses

nassauroses This was my second phish show ever. Great to open up with cities. Quinn was rockin! Maze was incredible. Fat Man was a great cover. Awesome 1st set.

Opening with tweezer was crazy. Everything was crazy. 2001>suzy greenburg was killer!

As always, antelope and tweezer reprise is a great way to end the show.

, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by ppartlow

ppartlow wow i went to worcester for both of the shows

before the second show i told my friends

"All i want is a run like an antelope tweezer reprise encore..."

glad to see videos of it and see trey loving tweezer reprise.....thats all that matters
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by curtain

curtain You people need to listen to the Gin jam from the first set. It was by far the most rockin' thing to occur all night. I LOVE how fishman keeps the groove almost bouncy during the jam with his ride cymbal work, while it still manages to maintain juggernaut rockout status. Trey wails on this -- clearly the highlight of the first set. It's the most fluid guitar solo jam of the night.

Second set highlight for certain was the tweezer jam.... specifically the quiet automated/robotic like section where they were in almost a "loop" like mode..... this section comes toward the tail end of the jam.

the whole show was a blast -- but these two moments certainly stand-out as the most notable jams of the night... honorable mention goes to the maze shredfest -- not a "jam" per se, but just insane energy. this band is so ridiculous it's not even funny. the whole NYE weekend was dominant.
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by bigflopmoptop

bigflopmoptop Every song in the first set was relatively short, but nailed & powerful. Lots of surprises. I absolutely love what Trey was doing during Page's solo in Maze -- he builds it underneath him so, so well. Bathtub & Timber rocked wonderfully.
Then came Set II. All songs were fun & very well played (loved the jamming in Tweezer & Light -- beautiful stuff). The highlight of the entire night for me was My Friend. Sure, no adventurous out-of-the-box stuff here, but the intro was as perfect as possible, & the ambient crushings of the first stage of the solo/jam was simply remarkable. And again, Page was simply stellar during Suzy. What a wonderful evening, even from the top row of the entire coliseum!
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by sfadden42

sfadden42 This being only my 6th show it was great because in the first set all but 3 songs for first timers for me , finally got my eluded ChalkDust , Quinn The Eskimo was killer and Maze was insane , great sound overall , i still think the PA cutting out was supposed to happen
I called the Tweezer-Light -Theme trio -
The band seemed much tighter than they did in Providence as well & much louder -Crowd energy was insane as always
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by arepetti98

arepetti98 what a great msg opener! definitely makes up for the last two shows... quinn, camel walk and boogie on were highlights

great energy tonight!!! can't wait to see what they do tomorrow
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by toddmanout

toddmanout You know, when this day happened way back on December 30th, 2010 it was all brand new but as I sit here years later trying to remember it, it somehow seems so long ago. Many great writers are quite convinced that time is not linear but rather that all moments co-exist with one another. So (they claim), yesterday is right over there and last week is just around the corner, but it sure doesn’t feel that way to me.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I’m not a great writer.

I can, however, use my meagre powers of recall to report with some accuracy that this was the first night of my first ever Phish New Years run, and it was at the ever-historic Madison Square Garden no less. I had gone to see Prince in the same room the night before where I had enjoyed myself to no end, and I’m pretty darn sure that I had a rip-roarin’ time at this show too.

I don’t even remember where we were staying for this run, but if it was the year of the big snowstorms we were staying with m’lady’s friend Greg but really, I don’t think this was that year. Was it the year that we went to a fancy-schmancy burger joint for my birthday and I had Patron Cafe tequila for the first time*? Who knows…not me. Luckily Phish sets are easily searchable online.

I see that the band played Maze in the first set. That would have gotten my attention. Plus Golgi and Character Zero…yep, I woulda been rockin’ the first set for sure. Set two (the internet tells me) started with Tweezer – which is a proper rager – and also included a slew of my goto Phish favourites, like Theme From the Bottom, My Friend, My Friend, Fluffhead, and the lightshow-fiesta 2001, not to mention an Antelope/Tweeprise encore, so all was surely good in my world. Which, again, was somewhere inside Madison Square Garden.

Afterwards (presumably) we went to our temporary home for the night. We must have; otherwise we would still be at MSG.

And if we were still there after all these years, well, I think I would remember the concert that got us into this crazy mess much more vividly.

I told you I wasn’t a very good writer.

*I just found notes** I had made from this run and yes, we were staying at Greg’s place because yes, this was the year of the big snowstorms and yes, this was also the year that we had gone to the upscale burger place on my birthday where we had indeed enjoyed shots of Patron Cafe tequila. Now that I think about it, there’s a fair chance that I’ve only been to NYC once***.

**Which reads (in part): ”We were in basically the exact seats that we had been sitting in the previous night for Prince, except we were on the opposite side of the arena. Regardless, we had a good view from Fishman side. The first set raged and we spent the setbreak at one of the many in-house bars, again surrounded by a plethora of m’lady’s American friends. Another set of raging Phish and 22,000 happy hippies spilled out onto the streets. Another bar was in order, one where the drinks were poured thick and things started getting late, quick. Somehow or another we ended up back in Queens safe and sound where we all wished each other a 5am Happy New Years Eve and collectively went down for the count.”

***Just kidding****.

****(I think).
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by Land2reform

Land2reform What a fun first show. High energy the whole way through. You really haven't seen phish until you catch a nye run at MSG. Got great seats in the re sale line and jumped up and down all night!

Highlights for me:

Set 1
Chalk dust, gumbo,camel walk, maze and gin.

Set 2
TWEEZER(a must hear)

Rockin encore that is still one of my favorites. Overall 4/5 which is a great first show!!
, attached to 2010-12-30

Review by chillingthrillingsounds

chillingthrillingsounds We rocked out to the web cast and plan to do the same for the next two nights. I loved how during camel walk you could clearly hear trey say "Lets do maze after this." Then at the beginning of the second set he said "Jennifer Dances."

Gotta love trey and the rest of the boys and all in all, epic night!
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