After Gin, Trey wished Happy Birthday to an audience member holding a sign for The Sloth, saying they would get to it eventually (they played it two nights later). Trey then wished his wife, Sue, a happy fifteenth wedding anniversary. Trey also said some words in remembrance of Les Paul, who passed away earlier that day. Trey said that Les was a hero to all of the band members for, among other reasons, continuing playing music into his nineties and that hopefully they would be playing into their nineties too. Finally, Trey dedicated the ensuing version of How High the Moon (last played on March 8, 1993 (714 shows)), to the memory of Les.  Trey changed the lyrics of Antelope to “Been you to have any splash cymbal solo, man?”, after which Fish took a splash cymbal solo.
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This show was part of the "2009 Late Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2009-08-13

Review by IdRatherBeOnTour

IdRatherBeOnTour A great show and a great venue. Camped in the Darien Lake campground (Highly recommend this) and had a blast. Energy levels through the stratosphere during the second set. All band members playing on point and meshing perfectly.
, attached to 2009-08-13

Review by outphishing

outphishing I first have to say, driving to darien from boston is one long drive!!! whew, but boy was the drive worth it. the first stop on this 4 night east coast leg was excellent. we were lucky to find a camp site like 15 min away only to find out we could have camped in the lot, lol.
the lot was a great vibe, everyone was in a frenzy-ish pleasant mood with no security from what i saw. i think what made it was the buzzing of the sound check in the air. sugar sack was getting me excited for the night. from the moment we went inside darien pac the buz hit, they opened with sample in a jar. one of my favorite poppy songs that they were defiantly grooving on but right out of left field they through out an amazing dinner and a movie, the whole crowd jumped into rhythm singing along with the band. Wolfman's was what you expect, a nice groovy jam that makes you wanna dance. they then jumped right into knife, now this i did not expect them to play, the first set was at this point high in energy and would only explode with an excellent full on funky possum. the whole crowd was jumping up and down. The one negative of this set was the farmhouse, I like this song, but it.. in a sense was a buzz kill definitely slowing down the energy the crowd was growing on. By the time Bowie was started up, the high was back and an excellent bowie into one of the better bath tubs i've herd in a while, i think this is my fav bathtub by far this summer. Over All set 1 was AMAZING high flying energy, the band was having fun, I also have to sat that since i last saw them in the spring (fenway, mansfield, camden) they have improved dramatically. They have this new funkiness... You just gotta love a sober trey
Ok... on to set two... They opened up with drowned, some heady jamming started off the set beautifully, caspian was great, i love how they played that, since is ring a bell in my head about the darien show in 2000 when they played caspian to, (my fav caspian) Horse>Silent are always fun, I love it when page sings, But the gem of this show was will, and amazingly so is the run>suzy>fluff trifecta of goodness, The section I was in was on cloud 9, not to mention the fire works going off during run like an antelope to aid in the effect the band was creating for you. I've seen and herd a bunch of shows, but the second have of second set has to be one of the highlights of my all time phish experience. Taking it to a new level, to a new level to a new level.
Closing it with fast tube was pretty sweet to.
I do have to say that they left the door open for tomorrows show. All through out the drive to hartford we were thinking... what can they do to top that show....
, attached to 2009-08-13

Review by TimberJeremy

TimberJeremy Cant believe this show took place 3 years ago today. It was my first Phish show and lets just say it really changed my life. I never really realized how big Phish's catalog of songs can be. There are still songs that i heard my first show and never since.
, attached to 2009-08-13

Review by ericn33

ericn33 I loved this show. The venue is awesome. We got to camp and ride rollercoasters. People were so nice and we didn't have an issued with anyone. Although Wolfmans had a little screw up the song was great. I judge shows, by how much fun I had at it, and I would say this was one of my all time favorites. When I listen to the great taper recording i picked up, I am taken back to that day and I feel that feeling all over again.
, attached to 2009-08-13

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks Like the Chicago show two days earlier, this one's just the sum of its parts, which still ain't bad. Wolfman's Bro sputters a little and Gin never quite lifts off, but the Drowned > Caspian > Rift run is very fine. And Fluffhead is its usual uplifting self, though I'm not in the camp that wants to hear a show close out that way. Not a bad show to hook your open-minded nerd friends on Phish, perhaps.

(Sidebar: Listen for Fishman's 'neurologist' outburst on Suzy. That little man has got personality plus!)
, attached to 2009-08-13

Review by toddmanout

toddmanout August 13th, 2009 was the start of little three-show Phish run fairly close to home. M’lady had been attending some of the band’s more westerly dates so I met her at the bus station in Buffalo (I must have been in Toronto for something or other) and together we made our way to Darien Lake. We booked into the nearest-by EconoLodge which had been completely overtaken by fellow concert-goers, just the way I like it.. We enjoyed a couple of drinks making new friends and soon started making our way to the venue.

Of course Darien Lake is most noted for it’s theme park, which houses the concert amphitheatre. Unfortunately we didn’t take advantage of the park – that would come a few years later when our Phish tickets included exclusive park access – so there were no rollie-coasters for me, though admittedly the Phish show provided sufficient entertainment for the day.

We were on the lawn for the show and I remember looking wistfully at the large Ferris wheel lit up in the near distance. Don’t get me wrong, you’d never get me on one of the things but they sure do look cool at night. Especially when one of your favourite bands is rocking out proper in the foreground.

Sample, Bowie, Golgi, Sparkle, Fluffhead…it was all so wonderful. There was a spot of bad news when late in the first set Trey informed the crowd that the great Les Paul had died. Inventor of flange, multi-track recording and yes, the electric guitar (arguably), Les Paul is the only person to be inducted into both the rock hall of fame and the inventor’s hall of fame. I met the legend and heard him play a set of music on Valentine’s Day back in 2005 and was sad to hear of his passing.

And while I was more than happy to hear Phish pay tribute to Les Paul by playing one of his signature hits How High The Moon I was astounded that they just played the head and stopped dead. Could it really be that Phish doesn’t know how to jam over jazz changes? Unthinkable, but it made me wonder*.

Back at the hotel after the show I recall running into a bunch of Ottawa friends in the stairwell just outside of our room at the EconoLodge. I remember being surprised that there was such a large Ottawa contingent at the show and indeed at the same hotel but I shouldn’t have. With Darien Lake only about four hours away it’s basically a hometown show, and everybody likes to stay as close to the venue as possible, especially if it’s cheap (or if you prefer: econo).

In the first few years after Phish reemerged and started touring again I would forever be surprised to run into friends from home in the most unlikely of places. Nowadays I consider it a given.

*What was I saying?!? Since I first typed that sentence I have noticed many, many Phish jams where they were unquestionably improvising and comping jazz changes.
, attached to 2009-08-13

Review by TheLizards91

TheLizards91 Wow...its been almost 4 year since this date of my first show, had no idea what I was getting myself into when my friend Matt urged me to attend this show with him, but god do I thank him for bringing me along that day since it has changed my perspctive on music for the rest of my life. I dont remember every nook and cranny from this show since it was my first, I can say it was an average to above average show looking back now. I do remember when Trey announced it was his 15th anniversary with his wife Sue which I thought was pretty cool. But the biggest highlight for me I do remember vividly was Bowie. Since that date I've never gotten David Bowie placed in a random spot like that in the first set, always have gotten it as set closer since then. But during that Bowie all I remember was an all out glowstick war happeneing in front of my eyes (while peaking on some doses) during Treys sweet licks at the end of the song. It was during that song that the music really hit me, and everything started coming together to me for what this band was really about. And I knew from that moment on that I would try to see this band play live any chance I could get.
, attached to 2009-08-13

Review by Palmer

Palmer Spent the day at the theme park and it was a hot day. Temps were well in the 90's so that is hot for us in Western NY. Came into the venue burned up from spending all day hitting the water rides. SET ONE- Calling this one, Wolfman's Brother. I was totally wrong, Sample is what came on tap, good version.. I liked how in 00 they left us with Sample and gave it to us again, very creative. Second, Dinner and a Movie. Kill me if you must but this is the only Phish song I hate. I was glad to have it in a quick dose because it was one and done, and glad to have it out of the way... next Wolfman's. Well done, liked the groove they had going on, solid version very pleased. (made up for the Dinner and a Movie). Phish pumped out My Friend My Friend, really? one of my favorite ones off Rift, thank you Trey, Page, Jon and Mike. Possum > Farmhouse > Sugar shack gave me time to re hydrate and get my over heated self to the bathroom. Brian and Robert> Bowie and Gin was a good three shot, enjoy all three and liked how they placed these songs in the latter half of the first set. Traditionally these seemed to be in the second set which gave us time to wonder what they would be playing in Set 2. What there is more? How High The Moon, unfamilar to this but it seemed Trey clarified why it was being played. Golgi was a solid set closer. Not to Bad for a first set. 2/5 IMO
Set 2- Drowned, Wow. I heard this on the lawn in 2000 when i was soaked and wet, not i'm just loving this, dry lawn, dry clothing, good music. Keep it coming...Caspian. Eh, Weird placement after a raging Drowned but i think Trey's hand needs a break, Rift > Horse > Silent in the Morning, now i feel like its 1993. Keeping the old in with the new, Phish always keeps the fans happy. Sparkle > Antelope > Suzie G. Another dose of energy coming our way, the band continues to pump out the music and Trey seems to be electric tonight, he is like a human energy drink. I am guessing the last song of the set to be loving cup or maybe Coil, we got Fluffhead. Fluff is one of my all time favorites, that was it for me, i was beyond pleased to hear this especially because the band hit 4 songs of Junta for us tonight. Encore- Joy > First Tube, head to the car. For me this show was high energy which peaked at different moments. Thank You Phish and thank you Buffalo, hope to see you all soon again.
, attached to 2009-08-13

Review by Trems88

Trems88 I completely agree with all the reviews. It was a beautiful day, and the Darien lot is so underrated. If you haven't been there, it's like a huuuuge lawn, wrapped around the actual "lawn," and amphitheater, which sits up on a little hill iconically, and yes the lot is always nicely treated to the soundcheck.
The contrast between Sample and Dinner was one of the coolest ways to start a show I've ever seen or heard. I was under the tent for a change and the energy was 10/10 for the opening, and the rest of the first set. Trey flawed one section of Dinner obviously playing a key flat but it deterred nothing, especially the oooh and aaahs from the crowd. Friend and Possum really rocked. Nice words from Trey on his anniversary, and to acknowledge the passing of Les Paul. Drowned had a thick jam and Rift was nailed. They always seem to enjoy playing there, as Trey says in Live Vol 3 in respect to "this big tent." All in all a great day and night with Phish, enhanced by the weather and venue for sure. 4/5 for me, and try to sit inside there if you can. Much better than the lawn for all reasons.
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