Icculus was dedicated to Paul Languedoc’s mother on her birthday. This show featured the first known Phish performance of Jesus Just Left Chicago.
Debut Years (Average: 1985)

This show was part of the "1987 Tour"

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, attached to 1987-08-10

Review by SlavePhan

SlavePhan Following on the heels of the previous night at Nectar's, this show features a much higher quality recording. Although not listed as such on the spreadsheet, this recording can be sourced as a SBD and the whole band is equally mixed. For those fans uncomfortable with low-quality recordings, this may be a good early show to listen to (as long as you are comfortable with the lack of effects from Mike/Trey and Page's keyboards).

Much like the previous night, the band is very professional in the first two sets. A near-flawless Peaches opens and Alumni Blues featuring Page is next. Golgi is clearly more well rehearsed than versions from the Spring and sounds nearly identical to that from Junta. Standard Wilson. The band plays the last version of Quinn until 1998 here and while only average, it doesn't seem as though the band is uninterested in the song.

Divided Sky here, the first version available to most fans, is the 'short' version. At this point, the introduction, lyrics, Mary-Had-A-Little-Lamb, and Jump-Up-And-Down-Pat-Metheny section are all intact and identical to versions today. A bridge of 'Punch Me In the Eye' was then inserted, followed by a Trey melody and the building series of chords. However, unlike versions of today, the band does not move into the 'pause' section, and instead returns to the beginning of the song. It is much shorter and turns the song from a 13 minute exercise into a 4-minute breeze. The full version of the song wouldn't be heard until after the 'No Dogs Allowed' ending was ripped from that song and placed into Divided Sky (9/24/88). Until that date, all versions follow this short format.

GTBT closes the short (35 minute) first set. Fire opens set 2 and is really terrific. Amazing work from Trey here. AC/DC Bag features a jam on the old introduction to the song as well as smooth transition into a solid Possum. Fluffhead is crisp yet still only contains Fluff's Travels. It does, however, feature a nice outro solo from Trey. The first Fee is well received and doesn't contain the 'Peru' lyric. The Curtain is much more mellow than the previous night's version.

I Know a Little is played as a request here. Short and jazzy, it is followed by another request, Mustang Sally, which is a highlight of the show. YEM opens up a bit and it is evident that the band wants to stretch out the song. La Grange is a hot closer.

Set 3 features the band having fun. After Trey dedicates Icculus to Paul's mom's, he talks about another person whose birthday it is. Drunken audience members interact with Trey here and it's quite funny to hear everyone screaming. David Bowie is *much longer than any version prior and at this point, this version is the longest Phish song had performed. It is also the first version to include the building end to the song. The band also fiddles around with a DEG-like jam (around the 8:00 mark).

The rest of the show features Trey-lead covers. JJLC isn't special, but Whipping Post is a great version. Anarchy is played 4 times, each time the audience yells 'FASTER....LOUDER' and the band obliges. After Tush, Trey says that Page has broken his organ, so they'll play one more. Dear Mrs. Reagan is a slinky closer and Trey advertises the IZM beach party on August 22nd.

A nice SBD, this show is not as interesting as 8/21/87, but has some songs to check out. Mustang Sally is one of the best versions and Icculus and Anarchy are hilarious. It's also worth listening to the Whipping Post. At the time, the band was playing best-ever versions of these songs, but for most listeners, these early versions of Phish classics will sound similar but not equal what they are used to.
, attached to 1987-08-10

Review by dr_strangelove

dr_strangelove Good show. In addition to the highlights below, The Curtain With and YEM are well-played:

1) David Bowie: Son, this version cooks, especially towards the end. The energy built up in guitars solo is stored and he unleashes in...

2) Jesus Just Left Chicago: BOY, I was trying to work and now I have to stop what I am doing to rage. I listened to this lil smoky twice and both times, Trey's fire solo got my "hand in the air, shaking head down, foot stompin'" reflex to kick in. Show highlight for sure. Oh damn, and I am just now reading that this was the first known performance?!

3) Whipping Post: Always a rager, they really take the middle segment of this one for a ride. Trey and Mike dominate the middle jam, they reel it back in for a peppery return to the final verse/chorus, and then for the outro the whole band just flays. Trey mostly holds the groove while Page, Fish, and Mike turn up the flame. Great version (to be honest, I can't recall a time I didn't go nuts for this tune).
, attached to 1987-08-10

Review by Shadowfox0

Shadowfox0 first ever debut of Jesus Just Left Chicago enough said ZZ Top to me is a nothing band but they know Jesus and they understand BLUES and Eric Clapton and BB King and Taking Care of Business is his easy name on easy street it must be recalled that BLUES are the easiest music to MIMIC and the hardest to master Jimi and BB and Eric and Sheryl will tell you that it takes one minute to get it and a lifetime to understand it But that is why Jesus said Pray for the least of these and Blessed are the broken heart ed the lost and the cold and the lonely trip heart ed and blessed are the peace makers the lonely and low in spirit blessed are the sick blessed are the POOR the poor financially and in spirit and in soul and in GHOST and in SOUL planet blessed are all those that feel lost but only need to read 66 books of HOPE TRUTH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and GRACE and MERCY that cover a multitude of hippie sins

To break it down song by song Zappa of course is epitomized in Peaches at least to Phish for they only cover that one REGALIA song. . .onto bragging and being proud about having a degree I get that but only if you have the LOVE OF MONEY the root of all evil which i guess the fab 4 of Phish have in spades which is why they have a great song like YOU NEVER KNOW that they are afraid of ever playing again because it is a little too true for such a half of what i say is lies band Degrees are expensive as fuck and should be valued and treasured like fine gold and silver Golgi is on Junta the best and first album of a jazz band that forgot it was really just a great jazz band in 1985 after expelling the rockstar that stood in the way of Trey and his Rockstar Gold he loves for Trey pretends to love music but what he really loves is being Jerry Garcia ROCKSTAR where all eyes are on him Secretly Trey is a closet NARCISSIST in love with ONLY his own smell and touch and taste secretly trey is as creepy as Robert from 60 days in Trey and Robert are soulmates they are both pedophiles in love w themselves and they are so good at selling their lies that we buy their crap for 120 dollars a pop to have piss in our ears jazz and genisis prog rock is great and all but eventually i ask for Jesus for leave Chicago and go back to the NEW Jerusalem and fuck these lies and let us get on w Jeff HOLDSworth truth even if the inferior rockstar maybe he can shed light on why Trey only loves himself and sees the people around him as VILLAINS like in his lyrics from Ruby Waves I know I hate people too Trey but we are told to LOVE our enemies not shit on them So that means Trey you have to love Donald Trump and real douche bags like you?? I know it is hard but Jesus never said life would be easy he only promised eternal life for Jeff Holdsworth and people that hate money but LOVE people UNLIKE YOU who loves ticket sales and once heroin and now the POWER OF NOW bullshit lies from Satan your new or old or same father from birth because Trey Anastasio tells 90 % truth and 10% lies just like Johnny Depp a great CELEBRITY a POPULAR moron I love BEING UNPOPULAR because then and ONLY then i know i am telling the fucking truth
, attached to 1987-08-10

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill It was nice to hear more of a full show from back in the day at Nectar's, instead of just one set or so. Again, SlavePhan has a great review on here, so I will just add that Fee is played in a different key than what it eventually becomes. A half step up, from what I can tell. YEM finally has it's signature opening section added in. And, as always, Jesus is sung by Page, and not lead by Trey. Funny crowd interactions on this one too.
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