Trey fell through a hole in the stage and tore the ligaments in his ankle during the soundcheck and performed the majority of the show seated on a stool. The Esther intro contained a Simpsons signal. My Friend started with Trey on acoustic guitar and did not contain its usual "Myfe" ending, instead concluding with a Rockin' Back Inside My Heart (Julee Cruise) jam with Trey changing "Rockin' Back" to "Runnin' Back." Ginseng featured Fish on washboard.
Rockin' Back Inside My Heart jam with lyrics in My Friend, My Friend
Debut Years (Average: 1989)
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This show was part of the "1994 Spring Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1994-04-10

Review by broomecountyforumite

broomecountyforumite It's unfair to rate this show less than 4-5 stars.
Things were running really, really late, no Phish, and we were all wondering what was going on. My buddy who was a fellow student at UB was working stage / crew for this show (he worked crew for all the UB shows). He runs out, in the barrier space between the stage and us, and tells us bluntly (he was not a Phish fan so I'll spare you his exact words) that "the guitarist" fell through a hole in the stage during soundcheck "...that I specifically told him to look out for.." (his words). The band had gone to the hospital but were on their way back to play!!!
What other band on earth would NOT cancel the show??? Leave it to the boys to walk out 45 minutes late or so, Trey hobbles out on crutches, and he leans on a stool and dives into "Runaway Jim."
Now I would never disagree or argue with Phishnet, and I'll readily admit my memories of 20 years ago have become "fuzzy" at times, but my personal recollection is that the stool didn't even last til the end of "Runaway Jim." Trey stands up for his solo, and ditches the stool for the entire rest of the show. That's my memory, and yeh it could be wrong. But I don't think so. I was, once again, just beyond amazed at this band.
It's obvious that the band is trying their best, under the circumstances, to play as best they can.
This SOAM goes places, but I feel it ends far too abruptly.
Trey kills it at the end of DWD, just throws down.
So, I feel they deserve "extra stars" for not cancelling the show. And Trey gets 5-stars personally for being such a champ.
, attached to 1994-04-10

Review by DrSFJones

DrSFJones This was my 1st show. 20 years ago today. I could write volumes about the effect that this show had on my life, but I will try to be brief.
I went into this show with absolutely no expectations, as I had never even really heard Phish before. I am a professional drummer and at the time I was in college in Fredonia, NY and gigging all around Western NY. I had a lot of friends who were Phish-heads and were encouraging me to check out the band because they felt that Phish would be right up my alley. Until this night, I had never given them a chance. I can honestly say that I was intrigued within minutes of the Jim opener, and I was hooked by the time SOAM finished.
I have listened to this recording many times since that night, so my recollections of the actual show are a bit blurry, but I remember meeting one of the aforementioned Fredonia friends during set-break and he came and sat with us for the 2nd set. He has told me many times over the years that it was extremely cool to see me get hit with IT so hard during that 2nd set. Antelope was a mind-bender, a mind-blower, a total mind-fucker. At the end of the tune I was jaw on the floor crushed. With the opening notes of Fluffhead, my buddy leaned in a said something to the effect of, "this one's gonna get you too."
and it did.
An amazing Hood capped the set and sealed the deal. I remember driving home in total silence trying to figure out what I had just witnessed. The next day I went and bought Junta, Lawn Boy and Hoist on CD, began to accumulate tapes of shows, and tried to begin to comprehend how Fish plays drums like that. The rest is history for me. 20 years later and I'm still upside down. And still don't know how Fish does a lot of the shit that he does.
, attached to 1994-04-10

Review by westbrook

westbrook This show has several of the songs that were routinely great in Spring 94. The reliable Runaway Jim opener gets things off to a good start. It's Ice is executed nicely. Split Open and Melt brings the heat, and Down with Disease is a good example of the guitar workouts found in the early versions of the song. The My Friend, My Friend set 2 opener is an interesting version, as the usual end of the song is substituted for a short "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart" jam. I'm a fan of Ya Mar, and I think it fits well here. I think Trey may be teasing something around the 7:00 mark, but I can't put a finger on it. I'd say the Run Like an Antelope that follows is one of the 2 biggest highlights of the show; it's a great version. The Rye Rye Rocco section is very relaxed. Fluffhead has a few minor slip ups, but is solid overall. Ginseng Sullivan is my favorite bluegrass cover and Fishman being on the washboard makes it even better. I Wanna Be Like You is a great Fishman song. I wish it had stayed in the rotation longer. Harry Hood is the story of this show. In a year filled with great Hoods, I put this one up there with the best of them. Give this Hood a listen, for sure.
, attached to 1994-04-10

Review by DrSFJones

DrSFJones P.S.- I forgot to mention my recollection of the stool. I'm pretty sure that Trey started out trying to sit on the stool and that he kept standing up. By the end of the 1st set, I think he gave up completely and just stood for the rest of the show.
He was playing drums on I Wanna Be Like You so the pills must have kicked in or he just said, "Fuck It, I 'll deal with this later."
, attached to 1994-04-10

Review by theothr1

theothr1 the 'hood' is sublime...the magic they had the ENTIRE show the night prior is rekindled for this to-die-for trip to 'harold' land
, attached to 1994-04-10

Review by devoreprise

devoreprise 4/10/94 Alumni Arena on UB's North Campus in Buffalo NY. It was a beautiful day, spring sun, great vibe, $10 tickets, pre-lot-security lot scene of super laid backness and great times and hack circles. The venue was a typical hollow sounding college gymnasium, but it was a shallow setup with the band facing across the short side of the rectangle so ended up sounding pretty good. Trey sprained his ankle very badly during soundcheck and returned from the hospital with a jar full 'o' pain killers which he shared copiously with the rest of the band...we had friends working "security" backstage who were hanging out with them while this was happening. Well, Trey played the show mostly on a stool, but couldn't stay seated so ended up standing on one foot for many of the jams. The show was great! It was my first show, so my in-the-moment judgement was a bit biased, but the tapes soon stood the test and it quickly became a favorite show amongst many of us, and still is. The first set Split is still amongst my favorites, and the Down with Disease was a stellar closer...but as was frequently the case in 94, the second set was the highlight. A fantastic My Friend and YaMar, then an Antelope that is also one of my favorites into an amazing Fluffhead...and they "sure have some powerful pills!" (screamed extra loud). Then a fun Ginseng and I Wanna Be Like You (from The Jungle Book) / HYHU led to an amazing Harry Hood, truly an amazing version, probably my favorite one. The encore was par for the time frame, Bouncing - Golgi, but very fun and party like, and boy was I happy to have a "ticket stub in my hand". This show was part of a stellar run of shows Flynn, Montreal, Toronto, Penn State, Binghamton, Buffalo, UNH, Beacon, UMass, etc....all great...especially Binghamton, oh that Reba.
, attached to 1994-04-10

Review by Wazoo

Wazoo On the stool: I don’t recall a stool at all. I am sure that it was there, but this was my fourth show and I feel I should have noted it as odd if he used it for the majority of the show. My recollection agrees with @broomecountyforumite but perhaps it was more like @devoreprise said and I just wasn’t paying attention. In any case –

Opening Set I, Jim was furious – perhaps Trey was out to prove that the “hole” incident would not slow him down. And speaking of holes, how was it that they did not take the opportunity to play “In A Hole”? In any case, as noted the SOAM was hot and while relatively short was cool and dissident and very melty.

In Set II, Antelope is the first one to get out there, and really gets that face-melting/mind-f!*king groove in the middle where you feel that there is nothing to do but explode when they bring it back just in time to breathe. Fluffhead was high energy and the Hood was fiery and a great way to end the set.

While overall Antelope was the heavy of the night, the moment in my recollection that stands out the strongest was Fishman as the king of the swingers.
, attached to 1994-04-10

Review by Faht1

Faht1 Considring Trey injured his ankle...DWD was SOLID and worth a listen.
, attached to 1994-04-10

Review by FoxmansBrother

FoxmansBrother Solid show all around. Nothing notable from the first set, but the second set was fire. My Friend ends with a cool unusual jam, followed by an almost plinko Ya Mar.

Antelope is the highlight of the show, was absolutely furious. Add this to the must listen list IMO.

Hood was also great to end the set with a soaring peak.

This definitely settles as being one of the better Spring '94 shows.
, attached to 1994-04-10

Review by possum652

possum652 The whole arena was pulsing with excitement.. Great show! The first set kept you dancin.. then a small break with a smokin second set.. Hood was fantabulious!! overall a very draining, incredibly satisfying night!
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