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Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Down with Disease: Big gun out of the gate. This one settles nice and early. Trey strumming away rhythmically allowing his mates to do the heavy lifting. By the 11-minute mark Trey is slowly gaining control of this jam and by mid-12’s he is ramping this up a good bit. The outro comes into play around 13 minutes. Nicely jammed, nothing I would necessarily go out of my way to revisit but that was a great way to open this show.
Corinna: Second time played since Big Cypress – never thought I would see this. Basically, no crowd reaction which at the show and upon relistening now I find quite odd.
Wolfman's Brother: Nice, slow, and funky and then properly ripped by Trey with some nice sustain. >
Limb By Limb: Set is looking fantastic so far! Trey trills the hell out of this starting at 5:20 and then just continues to go off with beautiful sustain. Definitely showing off for the special guest that was waiting in the wings.
Everyday I Have the Blues: Trey “I want to bring a friend out to play with us on guitar” Doesn’t even introduce him by name. LOL. When the crowd realizes it is BB King, we all went nuts. BB seemed shy and tentative – hesitant to take the reins – but still there is plenty of cool stuff in this jam. I mean, I got to see one of the greatest ever play with my personal hero, Trey. I will never forget it and wouldn’t change a thing. EVERYDAY EVERYDAY EVERYDAY EVERYDAY EVERYDAY!!!!!!
The Thrill is Gone: Mike sounds so good throughout this jam.
Rock Me Baby: Great stuff!
SET 2: Halley's Comet: First four minutes of the jam Trey leads with this super dark, crunchy tone. Very heavy. But around 9:30 he gets into that funky 97 riffing with Page throwing in tasty licks and Mike just sounds amazing in here, so thick. Pornofunk! In the late tens Trey is getting more aggressive and intentional and hits on a recurring theme. By 12:30 things are slowing down a good bit and it almost sounds like it go JJLC or Dogs Stole Things. But wait, not so fast just 20 seconds later Trey starts an upbeat, blissful trend. This doesn’t last more than a minute and things are getting decidedly dark again >
Harry Hood: Wow, I never saw this coming that’s for sure but welcomed it with open arms. Trey hits a few severe sour notes going into the jam. Really great jam and things get super heavy metal before going for the traditional ending that is quite exceptional, absolutely love this version >
Heavy Things: Ugh, seriously? Why? Trey trills the hell out of the climax though.
Twist: Slight detour with HT but now we are back in the groove. Interesting conversation before this one starts up, you can hear Fish the most, he sounds miffed about something that happened in HT. Trey sounds like he is hitting on some Santana stuff around 8:03. Things get super intense very quickly and by the mid 10-minute range things are getting quite dark. Listen to Mike in the late 13’s – he is absolutely liquid! Fish is crushing cymbals. This intense jam really is a microcosm of what this tour was for me. Incredible effects from Page starting at 15:20.
All of These Dreams: A needed breather after that intense, psychedelic romp.
Waves: Completely standard. >
Sample in a Jar: Ummm, what? Why are they mailing it in? >
Chalk Dust Torture: Upon this one starting up I though surely, they would pull something out of their hat and bust out a 7.10.99 or something similar. This is a typical Chalkdust that gets smoked at the end. But still…

ENCORE: Farmhouse – This is exceptionally well played; Trey sounds absolutely amazing. I was fine with it.
Replay Value/Summary: Halley’s, Hood, Twist (all timer), Farmhouse. Did the BB King stuff go on for too long? Maybe. But look, the guy is a living legend and this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the band. They seized the moment. I am fine with it, and I was there so whatever. The first set of Phish stuff was extremely solid. The first half of the second set was face melting brilliance. The second half was strange. Did they run out of gas? Was someone not getting along with each other on stage? Listen to what Fish is saying after Heavy Things, maybe someone can transcribe it. The 3.23 rating on .net is extremely ridiculous. This was a good show, with an incredible guest, and a strange ending to what was shaping up to be an all time second set. Oh well. I would score it as a 3.7 out of 5.


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