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Review by spreaditround

spreaditround Cars Trucks Buses: I have always loved this as an opener. Gets everybody up and moving, gets the blood flowing. This one is no exception.

Wolfman’s: Very straightforward but great tone setter in the two slot of the first set. Rocks hard and at the 12.5 mark gets a bit beyond it’s true structure and Trey is in that signature 99 lick type zone but only briefly returning to the familiar ending of Wolfman’s at 13.5.

Gotta Jibboo: Keeping the momentum going strong with this selection. Really peaky in the late 7:00’s and early 8:00’s and through 9.5 - Trey has some very impressive runs.

Mike’s: Total rager, this; in combination with the downpour – the fans just go bonkers. It leads to an intense Mike’s. This is a significant highlight for this show, for sure! Kind of abruptly into > Simple…

Simple: This one gets nice and introspective in the 7-minute range leaving about three minutes of very chill jamming. Wind is wreaking some havoc during this chill jam. The -> is incredible and unpredictable, did not see that coming.

TMWSIY: Gorgeous. You can here the wind kicking up throughout this.

Weekapaug: Good stuff, great pace, and intensity. Crowd eats it up. Standard yet very solid.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps: Good set closer.

Super solid first set – bodes well for set II. 1:13 in length.

First Tube: Powerhouse.

Limb By Limb: Straight ahead rager, no subtlety to it and with that in mind, belongs in the first set.

Dirt: I love this tune, but not in the three hole in a second set. No sir.

It’s Ice: Interesting jam that has length but if we are really being honest with each other – does it really do much of anything? For me, it doesn’t. I have listened to this a bunch over the years and given it every opportunity to grab me. Perhaps being in attendance and under the right circumstances it would have left a different impression. It is certainly a notable jam in the history of It’s Ice, that much is for sure.

Wading in the Velvet Sea: The segue out of It’s Ice into Wading is fantastic, a must hear for any Phish fan. Ethereal.

Sand: Loops start doing their thing in the late 4:00’s. Nicely adding some texture to a very spacey sounding jam. Very, very mellow. 5:45 cool, alien effects from Page. Fans are loving this. 9:20 Trey coming back to life and here we go with those signature 99 licks. Mellows back out at 12:20. This version of Sand is extremely tame.

Guyute: Placement sucks. Really sucks. Crowd goes bonkers for it though so what do I know. It’s all about energy per Trey. Folks go nuts for the ‘I hope this happens once again’ line just like at MPP. Cat is out of the bag and fans know hiatus looms and are trying to get everything out of every moment they possibly can.

BBFCFM: Set was doomed long before this. But again, what do I know as the crowd goes CRAZY for this one. Sounds like an absolute madhouse.

Drowned: Too little, too late. This is the only time Drowned has EVER closed out a second set as of the writing of this review 9.18.22. Don’t let the length listed fool you (11:25). It’s only 8:57. Like Limb by Limb – this Drowned is a straight ahead rager, no subtlety to it.

Cavern: Crowd is just going nuts during the encore break – a standalone Cavern? This had to be a major letdown. The beginning of this one is all weird too. Fans are confused and underwhelmed based on the lack of reaction. Place goes bonkers when they see the band is leaving the stage trying to pull a double encore out of them. They stand around and yell their heads off until the house lights come up. And when they do, are those scattered boos I hear?

Summary: First set > Second Set. First set doesn’t have any super crazy jams but is just solid as hell. Second set is basically just another first set that is not nearly as good as the real first set. Hope that all makes sense, lol. This show is pretty average, and I feel appropriately ranked at 3.74 out of 98 ratings. I will rate it a 4 as it is closer to a 4 than it is a 3.


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