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Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ Figured since today is 2/22/22 on Tuesday, I'd come back to the Baker's Dozen run to review Night 2. On paper, this is a pretty sweet (pun unintentional) setlist from top to bottom. I found the jams to be slightly more interesting in comparison to Coconut Donut N1 and thought the band was playing a bit more solidly.

Setlist Thoughts
- Strawberry Fields Forever is my favorite Beatles tune, so I was super excited to see this as the opener. How trippy is Phish gonna hit this psychedelic tune???...and then the vocals kicked in. Love this a cappella arrangement.
- Halley's Comet continues the appropriate strawberry vocal themes, but doesn't offer much in the way of jam material. Instead, the band decides to stretch out the Moma Dance with a version only four seconds shy of the record. The main jam segment turns dark around 9:30 and then fizzles to a calm, somewhat aimless groove for a few minutes. The band kicks back in the energy with a minute to spare and builds to a nice finish.
- I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Breath and Burning here. The song itself is not phenomenal, but I think this served the setlist very nicely with some easy listening dance jam, a lot of great Page, and plenty of bouncing bass from Mike.
- Funky Bitch gives Trey an easy underhand pitch platform to knock it out of the park, and he takes the bait. Lots of great soloing here, and Mike's vocals sound great this deep into 3.0. Mike continues to hold the spotlight with the rarity that is Mound.
- Foam is played slower than it was in its prime, but that's okay because the boys do pretty well through the complex composition. Page and Trey's solos don't build in energy as much as I'd like, but they play beautifully nonetheless.
- Roggae reaches an awesomely energetic level with several minutes still on the board, which makes for some awesome peaking across all four members of the band. Mike's bass is especially sweet on this one.
- Squirming Coil closes out Set 1 with Page really digging into the keys at moments. Fantastic alternating between what sounds like a carefully crafted score and something you might expect from the piano man at the blues bar.
- Down with Disease gets a nice long jam tied to its tail (to be revisited later), and the final peaks that Trey drives are pretty sweet. Surprised this one isn't on the jam charts, but I suppose its due to the lingering stretches of less compelling playing that make up a lot of the performance.
- TIL Strawberry Letter 23 was debuted at Baker's Dozen! Always thought this one went further back. Very glad to see it introduced to the repertoire here, as I think it's a great tune for this band. The inaugural performance is played pretty well considering they've worked it in during a 13-night-no-repeats run. The breakdown section into the synth-laden drone is done super well.
- Birds of a Feather gets a nice short Type I jam treatment. Fishman is great on the drums throughout Trey's solo, and Page keeps the energy alive on the piano very well.
- Perhaps an unpopular opinion among some crowds, but I love I Always Wanted It This Way as a jam vehicle. As one of the more unique 3.0 Phish tunes (thanks, Page), it inspires a new type of jamming from the band. Page's synth play is complemented with plenty of marimba lumina and percussion play from Trey/Fish. Admittedly a bit aimless, but I think it's a nice reprieve from the typical Phish jams.
- All of These Dreams is such a beautiful cooldown tune. No bathroom breaks from me. Page's piano solo is serenely patient and careful.
- I really dug this Split Open and Melt (though was surprised it wasn't included on jam-filled or boston creme night given the title's imagery). I tend to use the word "cacophony" (or its derivatives) a lot when describing SOaM jams, but that's just because that's what it is. Trey's pretty awesome at carrying that heavy, brooding energy with the reverse delay pedal on this one.
- Pretty surprised that Trey took this back to DwD considering the earlier performance's finality, but hey I'll take it. Really just a continued Type I jam that finishes the track. Then onto a standard Shine a Light to finish Set 2.
- The song choices in this encore makes it seems like they had a few leftover songs that vaguely related to donuts or desserts but didn't directly fit into any one night (no peach donuts, unfortunately). I'll take it though, as I love Peaches en Regalia a lot and thought that My Sweet One was played super well. I was surprised that Cities was reserved as a shorter encore tune given its usual status as a nice jam vehicle, but I suppose that's what happens when you play this many unique songs in one run.


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