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Review by s1177375

s1177375 The older these guys get not only will we know how old they get because of the song Grind but they’re going to start singing less songs about souls oceans happiness or Gamehendge and love and Mark my words more songs about death and being scared of death close clouded and covered and mast by a sarcasm and a bunch of lies really for example songs like thread a song about a church yard graveyard with just one epitaph one grave and obviously they’re talking about themselves you’re a long lot more songs about being alone about loneliness like mercury or mound mound is obviously where an old man died and was buried The song backwards down the number line anybody who believes in evolution usually celebrates birthdays instead of death days because a Christian loves the day he dies because he gets to see Jesus but a unbeliever celebrates the past and lives in the past because he remembers that life was better in the past hence backwards down the number line lyrics about friends that he’s lost or a sister that he’s lost and I love the song miss you don’t get me wrong I miss you as a great song as Christians can miss our family to we just have hope that will see them again I know I’m going to see my dad again who died at 52 of cancer in his neck and back but I don’t despair because I really believe that I will see him again so the closer I get to death the closer I get to see my friend who are used to go boogie boarding with fishing with hiking with and I can’t wait to see him again in heaven and do all those same things without sin anyway back to the songs about death obviously death don’t hurt very long which is A song about death either not hurting very much because you don’t have to experience the pain very long but the truth is there’s no middle ground it either hurts forever in hell or doesn’t hurt at all because of the hope you know you’re going to go to paradise and be with Jesus so that’s just straight up lie from Darwin that these for idiots believe as well as they believe in aliens and I’ll kinds of crazy shit I hate that my heroes are really morons OK next song doesn’t have any lyrics but what’s the use as a definite feel and all five of giving up not caring anymore apathy and ultimate nihilism Look at the lyrics from another trey song About missing his friend and the fact that he would have revenge but revenge is seen as a positive thing just like in Tarantino’s movies revenge is the Lords and we are not supposed to seek revenge we are supposed to forgive but forgiveness is something I never see in the fish community and I never see it in the secular world forgiveness is so rare like truth like the Billy Joel song says honesty is hardly ever seen and rarely ever heard how true the piano man was I never see honesty and authenticity and authentic expressions of passion are the only ones I want to see I don’t want to see songs about death and glorifying death like it’s this good thing it’s the same thing with drugs like glorify marijuana in Marky super police man or legalize it sure marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as other drugs and basically the only downside is it makes you lazy and gives you cancer if you smoke it but still you shouldn’t be glorifying something that has a downside it’s like glorifying prescription drugs I agree we do need to all come together like the Beatles song which is much better than this one by the way and that would be great but basically tray is talking about communism he’s basically talking about would John Lennon believe this utopia of the song imagine wouldn’t it be nice if we all sing coomb by Ya and get along and sing songs like soul planet problem is were sinners and until weAdmit the truth that they are not mistakes they are sin against the holy God who cannot send and cannot lie and loves us deeply until we admit there’s a personal God who hates most of the shit we do you can’t ever go from being the prodigal son to the son returning home I was saved in part because of tragedy mostly because of tragedy my wife had left me I was a drug attic and I had nowhere else to turn but get off the drugs get my life clean and God told me you’re supposed to love me more than your wife and it finally clicked and I cried all the way home from her old apartment where I couldn’t hear her dog screaming so I knew that she Musta left with her new boyfriend and I lost it and gave my life to Jesus the rest is history but I still love the band and two of them are Jews God hasn’t Given up on the Jewish race there his people and he never will look at Jews they are the prettiest people watch the episode of Conan on team Coco where he goes to Jerusalem they really are the prettiest people and it’s no wonder they are gods people they also are impossible to kill think about the holocaust or 911 when you’re fighting against God you cannot win unless you surrender and love him I hope my favorite band does that so that they can stop with all this foolish talk about death read the story of Lazarus or better yet read the story of Jesus the only man who knows how to beat my last enemy death and your last enemy death and the bands last enemy death death is terrible but until we realize that we are the cause of our own demise and stop blaming other people Or Darwin or the survival of the fittest we will never forgive others and we will never help as we are supposed to and Trey is write a life beyond the dream is possible but only as a Christian


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